Want a competitive alliance? 9/10* Titans, top 100, 12-1 AW record

Xtreme Panda has been a top 100 alliance for a little more than a month and we need two members. When two members left it dropped us back out of the top 100, so when you join us, our cup count will push us back into the top 100.

We are looking for you if you have an itch to be competitive and are able to: (1) commit to hitting every titan, (2) use all of your flags in alliance wars, and (3) progress your game to become a stronger player. You will fit in if your team power is 3,400+, are level 28 or higher, and at least have a fully-leveled rainbow team along with a bench you’re leveling. Players who tend to do best in our alliance originally came from mid-level alliances where they were the near the top but were frustrated by other players not hitting the titan, getting stuck on 7/8* titans, or whose coordination in AW was not effective.

What to expect: We are a very positive, friendly, and encouraging alliance and will help you progress. We are not the type of alliance that will boot you for “not being good enough.” If we accept your invitation, we think you are good enough–just follow the three items above. We take down every 9-star titan we face and most 10-star titans. We are exceptionally good at communicating and coordinating in Alliance Wars, for which we have a 12-1 record.

Feel free to reach out to us on discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/cUgw4aC

I would be glad to answer any questions you have.

Okay, the spots are filled for now. I will reopen this if anything changes.