🌑 Xiaotu - 5* Fire / Red from Lunar New Year

Homa mini doesn’t have any 5s so not much choice there :smiley:
Now homa2… I could get rid of some part or full levelled 5s to hit the 15 mark… seriously considering it. I far prefer a 5
with a unique skill or ability than other 5*s that can more or less copy and paste.

These are the options… I’m thinking:
Richard, Khagan unlevelled, Eklanen unlevelled, Baldur, Frida, Uthragan x 2, Neema, Gladius, Anoushka, Eklanen 2 part levelled (I have the toon costume, but figure will get a new Elkanen somewhere down the line).

That leaves 3 more - max C2 Khagan, part levelled Onatel, part levelled Xnol, unlevelled Timothy, Maxed Mica, Maxed Areax that I would consider.

Another 5* in the next 2 days is super unlikely to drop


I’d go for it personally - getting to the point now I don’t care much about the game so I’ll dump any subpar 5* I don’t use if something good comes out… Like Cleo next time, hopefully :grin:

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I put this account on hold while working on the new account but I have a few days so I can earn a few EHTs from the springvale levels with my 10 WE flasks. Will also run a couple of TC20s, so there is a chance a new 5* will drop. I actually like the list from which I will have to choose 3 more 5s (apart from Timothy - I share your sentiments on him more or less - but I do feel that he will get a buff. Plus despite him being underwhelming he is an instant overhealer, and those are rare and generally useful for my playstyle).
Will make the final decision in 2 days’ time but the minion immunity is very tempting


it is really tough choice and i agree that all s1 even with costumes can be discard and will come back soon.

However considering lots of non-s1, If i were in your shoes, I may not exchange it personally to save some variety of non-s1 rosters and wait for next SE where another Lunar may also appear

  • To me XiaoTu has 3 utilities

(1) the OP passive, but half of the time, Grimble + Kvasir could be enough

(2) hit super hard where i have envied you so much when i see your Bonecrusher year ago, but this mean you already have this skill

(3) punish heal, which my CPerceus also has and help me win many times so i really like this skill albiet it is cleansible for XiaoTu

So Xiaotu max utilities is around half with regard to your rosters

  • i love card collection and i am casual (not get non s1-5* often) so i am a bit bias to saving

But all the best to whatever decision you take!!


I plan to take Xiaotu from the SE. Now I just got Grimble from super elemental summon. So… do I still need Xiaotu.

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If you plan on using both for attack, yes. Xiaotu’s passive will always be in effect as long as she’s alive. So if the opponent launches minions, especially the debilitating mana sucking, counterattacking type, she will keep them silent until Grimble dissolves them.

However, if you also have on another SE hero, then that would be totally up to you. I love my Xiaotu, as I got her when the Lunar Portal opened last year. And I was happy when I pulled a duplicate of her. Now I have some war depth.


Yes, I use them together if there are multiple minion summoners in the defense. The minions become meat shields and food for Grimble to charge your heroes.

Today’s first match in the tournament.

Note: Xiaotu doesn’t affect Madhammer’s Mega Minion, but Grimble removes half its hp


Thank you for helping me with my decision, 1 hero can be used to sub 4 heros? sold.


Does her passive works against Luna minions?

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luna do not spawn minions if you talk about luna that make buff with mana cuts

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does the passive stop gargoyle stone skin?

I bit the bullet and got him. Had to sacrifice onatel xnol areax as well as the costumed s1 heroes. Its a hit, hopefully it will end up being worth it


So nothing spectacle here in my opinion. Better heroes will come in next SE.

no,he killed me easily but owls damage wasnt even close ro damage of rest of team ,i was surprised that sobbeck did a looot more damage compared to timius that was i guesd cutted at 1500

So 6 pulled Hotms, 3 FSs and 1 S4 were sacrificed.

I read your priority on flagship team compared to depth, and really admired your determination and decisiveness

In contrast, i look like just a card collector and super casual player :joy:

I wish this exchange pay off well and let me know more when Xiao is doing great since we are the same bunny family after all

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What’s the best emblem path for ladybunny? Def-health to guarantee she stays alive the longest?

As she does really high damage, It is a shame if I ignored her attack. but I also want her to stay alive as long as possible. so… I went attack-def path.

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