🌑 Xiaotu - 5* Fire / Red from Lunar New Year

I just love seeing the word “SILENCED” when LotL, Waterpipe or any other minion tries to do their thing.


How does the passive work in general? Is that perk permanently active if the hero has one?

Yes. From the start of the battle and as long as the Lunar New Year hero is alive, minions on the other side do nothing. They just lie there as a meat shield.

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Was expecting a stat buff! Compared to the new lunar heroes, there’s about a 500 decrease in HP!


Does this hero debuff resist boosted healing as well?

The card sais it puts a debuff that reesiats hesling but i am wondering if this applies to boosted healing as well?

Any type of healing received is replaced with 250 damage. Boosted healing is also healing


I did a 10 pull today and boy am I happy!


Wow! Time to play the lottery. That’s incredible luck. Congrats.