🌞 Xavier – 5* Holy / Yellow from Contest of Elements

I figured these two are the most useless in your opinion. I’m not sure if Xavier’s even worse then them or not, with your take of him being a 0.1% conditional li xiu. As least those two ice bums have somewhat of a ‘unique’ design

Doxan and xandrella are the ones I want to sought out. I have a soft spot for DOTs, and I have chameleon to manipulate the board for the mindless attacks. Hoping for fated to drop salmon, he is a very good hero to compliment elemental heroes. Aconia’s nice, she would be perfect if she was released a few years ago when the meta was slower.


300% to all is conditionally as good as Li Xui from a higher attack stat?

Slightly conditional Li Xui is not a fair comparison when he’s literally twice as good…

I have Aconia, Doxan, and Griffex

Aconia- 2LB, with a HUGE use case, but I must agree that she is missing 1 mechanic that I havent yet figured out (maybe mana absorption per dagger fiend).

Doxan- I have him fully emblemed at level 85, and I love using this dude in events and war. The hit and burn to green even if that isnt a primary target is awesome.

Griffex- I pulled him during the solstice event, and though I was shocked, I was also hit with the sadness of knowing that Ill never level this discount Merlin. He needs a mana speed increase. I can do nothing with him at slow and NEVER struggle when going against him.

You are a savage for comparing him to Li Xiu :rofl:.

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Spot on - given cost of summon of CoE portal, players would expect better quality event heroes that are on par with those from Covenant portal. But in reality, majority of the CoE heroes are just so much less compelling and impactful.

Like you said, if SG wants to make this portal more attractive to players, they need to feature the top notch hero in each color.


If anyone raids this please report on how rubbish Xavier is. I’m interested to hear

Obviously this isn’t mine…

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No, I don’t think there are many heroes I’d consider worse than Zengar, and more especially Anzia… Xavier - despite being a boring ole 5* conditional Li Xiu - least can still have a purpose. His base attack stat is over 900, so at the end of the day, he’ll at least do some damage. Those two? Oof. My heart aches for those heroes’ owners… Anzia is just the worst thing to ever exist. :broken_heart:

& When I say he’s a 5* [conditional] Li Xiu, I’m not intentionally throwing shade… but legitimately - when simplified - that’s what he ends up being :sweat_smile:. That, or sometimes an average speed 5* Chao… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (when his conditions aren’t met, that is)

I’d love to see this too! I feel like his use-case defensively was non-existent - least, for most folks - but this actually looks like a solid setup for him… Two holies in the wing - so less danger for a stack - and they just happen to be the strongest holies for said wings :sweat_smile: As they’re AoE, fast speed, and freakin’ OP powerful. Now has me wondering if it’s possible (I’m still leaning no, but with a tish of reasonable doubt now)

I mean, we all know how well Li Xiu has faired as tank for 4*, and Guinevere with that mana cut for a 5*, so I could see this specific setup working. But both of those haven’t been meta in awhile, so is he enough to bring it back [ie: hold cups]?!.. Not to mention, even if fairs: is he any better for the job than anyone else? Not the tankiest of stats, and requires very specific subset of heroes to shine… but, theoretically, the mechanics are all there. Curious; can’t wait to see :sunglasses:


i really hope i can find you i would love to decimate your team

I would say that is close to the perfect setup for this guy. Maybe bastet instead of kad? Or maybe it could be Aramis tank and this guy flank?

Anyway, definitely a nasty defense, but I am also sure if you have these heroes you can find a better one in your roster somewhere. Be it C2 Leo or Anne or I don´t know any of a bunch of heroes are just as nasty or even nastier…

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I can imagine a yurple war defense with him tanking and it being a real PITA, he cuts mana from tank at average so should fire. Aramis at flank and another good dark tank/flank on the other side. Pick your favorites for wing, Rhys as a bard to heal and speed things up perhaps if you go conservatively, Jove and Ogima are terrifying although I cannot field them.

He would also play well with C-Guin and Neith for plenty of mana cutting. C-Guin could play best at tank for the dark reflect with Xavier and Neith flanking for a holy trinity in the middle, C-Guin’s LB2 stats are bulky enough to consider it. Plenty of mana cutting, healing, blinding, and then choose the wings…

Although he should be better as an elemental hero, I am talking myself into being (very) happy to have him. Will be two months before he is maxed but that is a different issue.


Amen! I remember that feeling when I felt so lucky to pull Anzia and then saw her ability and felt so disappointed. Speechless :rofl:

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That’s really good feedback, the mana cut should scale up as well. He’ll be on par with Enimgo, super rare but no real ability to match.

He’s better than Meresankh though who I unfortunately took to 4-85. She’s on my reset list.

considering his rarity, I agree most of the elemental heroes should offer more, a couple of them are what insanely rare heroes should be and beastly but for the most part these portals have been a disappointment as the elemental heroes fail to live up to their concept.


I’m thinking of ways to use him on defence. And he could be used very effectively if you have certain heroes. These are just scenarios that might work
Of course the one hero he needs to be paired with is Jequn. Jequn is one of the only heroes you can stack holy on defence and have him bait dark mono consistently
I’m thinking of a W formation, you have Jequn and Xavier on the flanks. So it’s like a pick your poison scenario if you use a dark mono, do you want to be blinded or do you want to received the 20% mana cut. Also it is noted that Xavier is rogue, which has pure defence/ health path. As much as I would want to give him the attack path, he works way better with more defence
Then for tank, I figured guin/ c guin. Once c guin fires, it pretty much seals the fate of that dark mono. Or normal guin to keep cutting mana and heal the defensive holy core
Or if you have Erlang Shen, you can punish the dark mono if they even want to cleanse away the blind
For the Wings, I will put in 2 greens to bait red as well, most likely a reviver. As Jequn can AD red enemies, it makes its harder to kill the greens,

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I didn’t even realise this hero’s raw stats with no blems and lb is this sky high. Imo you don’t even need to LB him, he is very sturdy with just +20.
And that mana cut, honestly I think it’s one of most classiest skills out there. A simple mana cut can indeed make a difference.
I may have changed my opinions about him. The compounded qualities he gets do justify a 0.1% pull rate.
High raw stats
Good defensive class
Simple and effective skills
Allows for unique team building
Zappy tiles
The only thing he needs is a little bit more skill damage and he would be more than decent
And to think I hated him a few days ago lol

I believe one fun change on him would be the “count” of yellows to upgrade his skill be “allies and enemies”!

This would make him fun on defence near a purple one, that way the opponent would need to think twice before going mono yellow!

And still, 300% to all would not be OP for average.

What do you guys think?

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If he would to increase mana cut to enemies the more dark enemies there are on the field…
Let’s say 2 darks- 30% mana cut to all enemies
3 darks or more- 40% mana cut to all enemies
Would also be an interesting mechanic to play with
Damage should have been around 350% to all at max damage

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He actually should be great fun to place on defense, must have him with two holy companions, I like the idea of 3-2 purple, not having Jequn I can’t use his amazing special but nevertheless, Xavier will easily be a PITA.

C-Guin, Xavier both cutting mana, going red with a mana stealer like Xenda would work, or third holy could be Onatel for pretty ugly mana denial. Xenda hits harder and has the DoT but is the “wrong” color.

He’d really go well with a Ludwig to absolutely spam out damage and mana cuts. The rezzing holy hero would also be a pain. Many excellent options that deviate from the classic structure but make them “fun”.

I have several newer heroes being leveled up, some only a few weeks apart in release with gaping stat differentials. Xaviers are astonishing.

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Jinxed myself

While certainly having a similiar mechanic to Li Xiu, this mofo in this formation pissed me tf off.

Whoever this player is…count your days

Anyone with Lunar family hero would just destroy this one

Not really, you’re just blocking one small part of this team