🌞 Xavier – 5* Holy / Yellow from Contest of Elements

Just finished Xavier’s LB1 and put up a S&Giggles yurple defense. Unless it does something amazingly good I’ll probably go back to basics but this just seems… fun/quirky.

Would love to have Meresekh or Neith but this’ll have to do. Onatel would also fit nicely, she would be in place of the Queen but I cannot field her (two mana cutters with a mana stealer would be tremendous mana denial).

Since I find a large % of the teams raiding me are mono, this won’t change it and it should sting if they don’t kill my two dark tanks.

Raiding with Xavier, he hits hard, firing QG, C G Gazelle and then Xavier often wipes a team (Queen Gouwang hits all for 330%, C G Gazelle clears the vengeance dealing an additional 525 damage to all opponents bypassing all defensive buffs and then Xavier hits for 300% to all benefitting from C G Gazelle’s attack buff).


Was going to max Xavier but then pulled Furdinand from Pets portal. Finally got my 6th dart and just looking for opinions on which to max first. Both seem useful. I’m good on offense and defense, just looking for thoughts on the superior hero.

I don’t have Furdinand but am concerned about many heroes since SG tipped their hand with the planned nerfs.

Assuming the heroes remain unchanged I will make the case for Xavier.

If you are happy running three yellow Xavier is brutal. Mana cut and 300% damage to all. Run with another mana cutter and a blocker and you roll serenely along if get any yellow tiles.

I am running a 3-2 yurple defense that is holding around 3,000 cups even though I thought it would be easily beaten. Running in double:

Queen Guowang LB1 - mana boost when enemy uses special, vengeance if dispelled
Guin - C LB2 (Mana cut, heal and Dark Reflect)
Louhi LB2 - Priority dispel and defense down, AoE
Aramis LB2 - Heal, ailment immunity
Xavier LB1

So Guin and Aramis are the “tanks” with Louhi also receiving a lot of tiles.

Xavier NEEDS two other holy heroes in his team. If you cannot do that he loses a lot of value. I love him with C Guin, also great with Li Xiu (C2 my favorite, the silence and Xavier can cut). Works very well with mana stealers such as Xenda and Onatel.

He hits hard so any defense down makes him dangerous.

I am happy with him, no regrets at all. He is on the short list for LB2 although not the first in line.

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Really felt sad to have pulled him from the Black Friday portal. I had saved 3000 gems over the last 2 months for the costume and spent it on this guy. He will remain in a corner with Boom and Fang, though i have mats for him.

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