×3 C.Obakan or Phorcys? Vote!

So I’m very close on having enough tabards to max on the last ascension one of this two purple monsters:Phorcys or Obakan C. x3

Who would you choose? I was waiting months to get the tabards to finish Phorcys cause I really like him and he will complement perfectly my teams, but now I also got this Obakan×3 monster which if totally maxed has crazy stats. But generally I m not crazy over Obakan if it wasn’t for the stats.

My other purple maxed heroes are Khepri (90lv), Luna (90lv), Sneferu (85lv). And I also have Vivica x3 maxed, which could team well with Obakan. Thalassa is also 3/70 waiting for one telescope and I also have Galapago at 4/80.

Tell me your opinions please or vote on the pole

  • Phorcys
  • Obakan x3
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two votes and its a draw! throw your votes people! :smiley:

I have both. If you said for Defense Oba is better in most situations. But Phorcys is a lot more useful overall and is certainly better in rush if you have the LB2 taunt when the match starts.

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