Wonderland event monsters have higher hp?

Does anyone else feel that the 1st 2 waves of monsters in wonderland have higher hp compared to previous events?

In epic stage 10, 5 arrows 5 axes and 5 bombs couldn’t clear the first 2 waves. A sliver of hp was left in the 2nd wave. In previous events, those items would have cleared the first 2 waves.

Anyone else has this problem?

You could try tapping and holding on a Chest to check its HP if you get one, and see how it compares to these past numbers:

That would at least be a starting point to see if it varies across events.

I think we found that the HP of the monsters can be a bit variable between different ones and different events — I think that’s why Mariamne deleted the log of all of them.


Thanks zephyr!

I am using items to clear monsters to get higher score. But it doesn’t work now.

Do u hv by idea how to get higher score?