WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

But how many big spenders have actually retired? Is it possible that past a certain point, the sunk cost fallacy really starts to kick in and hard?

Which isn’t to say they don’t also enjoy the game while they’re at it, but it makes one wonder. :thinking:

Plenty have retired from top 100 alliances. These would include some of the biggest spenders. It is possible they are a drop in the bucket for SG though.

Definitely sunk cost fallacy can apply.

True but how many red 4*s are you gonna break?

Govner posted several examples. I’m not sure where they are but there are examples

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I think I’ll LB BK first. Then C-Scarlett is a possibility, for titans and challenge events.

I doubt I’d LB a 5* first in each element for war defence. For example, I think I’d rather LB Jackal first, instead of my C-Joon or Sir Roostley.


Well, we knew they couldn’t resist it was just a matter of when.

Now you can buy Aether, what a shock.

Now everything we spoke of will start to unfold.

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Time will tell. We will see if the sky actually falls

Which is what…,…?

TBH, I really haven’t seen a huge impact as far as raids, wars and 5* events. Where I see a significant impact is with the 3* tournaments! In the past, I could do 3* tournaments with unemblemed heros and finish in the Top 1% or 5%. Now post-LB, I have to work really hard to finish Top 5%!

Oh well! I still will not be putting emblems on my 3* heros anytime soon! :wink:


For me LB impact is the maximum in 3* tournaments & 5* raids in 2600+ Cup range, where upto 4 LB heroes I face.

For 3* tournaments, I have LB : 3 Blues (Nordri, Ulmer. C & Gunnar. C). They come handy for events also with improved time = scores = rankings.

4* LB is : Colen. C for tournaments / events. He survives more & is simply amazing power.

For 5* play - Wars / Raid, I have LB : FriGG & Gazelle have improved my results dealing with raid defences upto 4 LB heroes. They both survive longer, especially Gazelle which helps my team wipe out most raid defences, including ones with 3-4 LB heroes. IT IS FUN !!

While I also don’t put lots of emblems on 3* heroes, I do activate the class to get that benefit for every hero is chose to use, else feed away + tournaments good place to collect Aethers, so worth the investment, if one wants that 1% !

The gap that Aether was meant to fill but, much like Emblems, greed took precedence.

So in a year we’ll be here again making the whole concept pointless and useless.

No entirely true…

Any enhancement that comes will get used as per player-roster & LBs are doing exactly that…

Would the game be better without LBs… Now the answer is a clear “NO”.
LB+5 levels have enhanced hero stats considerably & ACTIVATED key heroes across 3-4-5 stars that can be used for better play - impact.

Some 4 star heroes can be used in a 5 star play… which we all use / see in wars / raids.

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The current cap is 5-85 and 4-75

And the "gap" between them remains.
The added 1.02% is nearly lost by the other half of the equation: the lower stats of the 4 star
The net result equates to a minute gain.
Some comparisons leave the 4* with a minute loss. Those are less common,
…for now…
LB is really just a push. The percentage difference offsets the stat discrepancy between the 2. Nothing more.

(“in a year”) the next tier of LB should have arrived: making 5-90
and 4-80 possible

The "gap" maybe filled eventually

Once you can LB a 5* to 5-100
Which is essentially…a 7* hero without any emblems applied yet…

A 4* such as Mist, will compound the added 1.02% to 4.08%

Then… the aether rarity will really mean something! Whether you can buy them or not… certainly 4-90 will be more prevalent!

But… the way things are going…
They will probably have a reset for LB.
Which will obliterate the possible gain and allow them to materialize a full team
of 5-100’s within hours…

Oh well
It was good thought for about 3 seconds

I tried…

You are exactly right! And btw, 5000 team power is already here. I see a couple each war now. :frowning:

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Firstly, I am pretty sure this topic is about the reasons why people like LBs. There is nothing in your post that talks about why you like them, so technically off-topic. Plenty of other posts where you can talk about the “non-positive” aspects of LBs. I am not going to flag it, but it won’t surprise me if someone else ends up doing so.

Secondly, in practice what you are talking about is not applicable. This is because the LB benefits on an offensive team are much more impactful than they are in defense - because you have more control about your specials and the opponent specials than the opponent has on yours. If in each matchup you both traded blows and everyone fired their specials then possibly the stats will have a net effect of zero or close to it. But that is not how it happens because you are manipulating tiles and specials to prevent the oppoent from firing all of their specials at once. I have faced many teams of 5K TP+, 3 or 4 LB’d 5* heroes and guess what - there is almost zero difference in the difficulty of those matchups vs where the defenses are not LB’d. On the flip side having LB’d D’Andre, Gullinbursiti, C Mel, and SHRUBBEAR - who is now absolutely competitive vs those 5K+ defense - my offensive power and consequently my offensive effectiveness/win rate have gone up. Having those 4*s with key specials survive slash attacks, minion pecks and 1 or 2 specials to be able to utilise those powers where otherwise they would have died is a HUGE advantage. LB’ing Proteus and C Sabina will again raise the effectiveness of my teams as those two heroes also have key specials.

I believe this trend has been observed by others, @Saros and @dansing being two examples.

It is now crystal clear to me that LBs give more of an advantage on offense, and more of an advantage to 3s and 4s than to 5*s.

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Yes. LB 4* have a “huge advantage” over regular 4*
Never an argument from me about that

Flag me lol

And a lot of other posts in here!!

Although, if they don’t provide a reset,
Then I think I was fairly positive :yum:

A team with which includes LB’d 4s facing a team with all LB’d 5s has a huge advantage over the same team with non LB’d 4s vs the same team with non LB’d 5s. LBs give a net positive advantage to the offense, and a net positive advantage to 4s over 5s

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:point_up_2:0 math
But I have already shown where the 5*'s higher stats drain the 1.02% gain.
In some comparisons, the 4* results with a net loss! Do the math on non-costumed Sabina compared to Ludwig and show me the…


I’ve done the math on too many comparisons where the 4* has 1 extra def and 4 extra hp. But the 5* does 30 extra damage. And sometimes the 4* does 2 extra damage but the 5* has 30 extra hp.

It depends on the comparison.
For the most part…
It’s a straight push…

Now multiply times 5 for your net.

For offense currently. You do have a slightly higher net.
…for now…
I wouldn’t call that a huge advantage, but splitting hairs with anyone isn’t worth my time…
And you got about 6 weeks left before that net is gone.

And the gap… is not even

The paying costumers can do more 3 and 4* LB than I can…
let alone 5’s…

Anyway… so long as there is no reset
Once they pile on the tiers. You get another sliver of def! And an extension for time as well!!
That’s a positive thing!


@Pompitous : No interest in flagging you, but it would be real FUN if you took your points to the appropriate thread,
you are enjoying-getting some attention here which ain’t happening elsewhere, then enjoy pal…
bcoz, reading your scrappy data, which mentions decimal differences is of no consequence to me or most players. LBs have benefited is a thing, any player who knows how to play → KNOWS !

@Homaclese : Wasting time to convince a player who can calculate / argue using decimals shows to me that he already knows the benefits of LBs bcoz of the effort taken to do - look at it all so minutely. His points are irrelevant after that.

LBs benefit being higher due to controllability in offence is accurate, as I have LB - FriGG & Gazelle my key offensive heroes. Gazelle survives an extra turn, during which she self heals most times & FriGG taken on anyone fiercely… Await 5th A5 for LoLo / Elizabeth or Gefjon / Onyx… (the LB priority keeps changing a bit :rofl: )

LBed defences, I am able to pop fairly well so realise the importance of giving LBs to offence…

Good to read your shares about heroes you have prioritised - limit broken. Cheers !

You do NOT need to calculate for:
It make your 5* much stronger!
Your Gazelle can survive longer and heal more! This is a “huge advantage” vs regular gazelle.

They have this same effect for 3 and 4* too!

There is a separate conversation that happens in this thread that I might address as it continues to deliver misinformation.

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