WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

Look at my calculation, 4* (200 DoT, 800 HP) is clearly less than 5* (300 DoT, 1000 HP) but the end result is:

Oh. I was off.

0.19 gain for the 4*
0.10 gain for the 5

That’s a difference of 0.09%

665 x 0.09% = 0.59 damage advantage for the 4*.

Yeah. I still disagree

When limit broken 5* defenses saturate war and raid defenses. This whole conversation will be moot anyway.

Until then… you got some time to shine!

When that day comes, you can’t get your aether back :disappointed:

I will create it more drasctic so that it get swallowed-up insanely:

4* 》 200 DoT; 800 HP
5* 》 600 DoT; 2400 HP

4* LB increase 8%
5* LB increase 7%

DoT increase:
4* 》 16
5* 》 42

HP increase:
4* 》 64
5* 》 168

But how does that translated in battle?

Before LB:
4* DoT against 5* HP: 200 / 2400 = 8.33% HP taken
5* DoT against 4* HP: 600 / 800 = 75% HP taken

After LB:
4* DoT against 5* HP: 216 / 2568 = 8.41% HP taken
5* DoT against 4* HP: 642 / 864 = 74.31% HP taken

So after LB, 4* damage actually take more portion of 5* HP (increase from 8.33% to 8.41%) while 5* damage take less portion of 4* HP (decrease from 75% to 74.31%).

It means 4* get more benefit.

I get what your saying.


Your still looking at 8% damage
Vs 74% damage
I’ll still take the latter!

Over an advantage / percentage difference that doesn’t translate to a whole point of damage in some cases.

Yes, obviously 5* is still better than 4* despite the very slightly reduced gap. Even then, that very tiny benefit is only for players who still depend on 4*. For those who fully depend on 5*, LB is purely another long grind.


A. What purpose / benefit does this micro analysis of decimal points & % serve…. ?!

B. What, how much is it’s impact on playing experience!?

C. If one doesn’t know the decimal points & %…… will the game become any different !?

These questions cropped up, seeing some of the last 30 odd comments….

It’s just so that someone can laugh at your LB 4*.

While all the analysis might give some clarity about numbers, the actual gaming process isn’t so modular & slow-paced to use these micro numbers into daily / all time play.

My decision is based on heroes I want to use more & since I don’t have emblems for all, LBs become a useful tool to enhance them.

Eg1 : Event teams : 3* ICE, 4* Fire

Eg2 : key 4s healers I want to use more & hence save mats for non healer 5s in the immediate.

Eg3 : first phase : one 5* in each colour that is important for my offensive play : Frigg, Gazelle, Gefjon, Onyx, LoLo or Cobalt.

I am not spending time to do decimal % Analytics for the above
Simply, collecting requisite Aethers for LBing my identified heroes & planning the prioritised roll-out based on what I get from the quest & other 2 avenues.

Hence, I asked, what is the benefit of all these numbers….
I m knocking out many LB ICE heroes in defences I face….
While the LB heroes in offence is more handy…

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Since it costs much less to LB 4* vs 5*, is it not true that LB 4* instead of 5* offers more return for the cost?

This has probably been answered already in another LB thread, but there are too many of them.

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If you heavily lean on 4* then absolutely

Your War defense will still have to be dealt with repeatedly. How long will you be behind that curve?

I still use red 4* on Green titans. And briefly debated an LB there. But I manage otherwise so… still going with my 5’s on that too.

I will say this about the game direction:
When someone has a new release fully leveled and blemmed-up 30 minutes after release, there is more than eye candy there… remember Telly? 3 weeks after and the top 100 was green. 2 months in and diamond and war was green. All other tanks got wiped. People caught up…

The meta is a moving wave. And the big spenders get to surf it. Everyone else is playing catch-up.

So… he gets C. Boldtusk. And it will survive longer and serve right now. I don’t know about you, but my luck… I would get that 5* red aether immediately after doing that :joy:

So now he waits longer. For that steroid shot extra damage to green. And then boosted steroid shot armor and attack afterwards!
At very fast speed…

Not to mention… something that can be placed defensively if chosen. But offensively… patience can be rewarded here. While this permanent resource that has no reset, will eventually sit unused on someone’s bench. Probably soon… with some of the stuff I’m seeing in these rare tournies

Just :hotdog: for :thought_balloon:

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Yes, war defence can be more important to me, simply because its performance impacts my alliance, rather just me. As you already know, your defence can be attacked multiple times. Unlike offence, where you can only use a hero to attack once per war…

I use multiple 4* on green titans also…

Yes, I remember Telly’s peak. I remember the Tell-Vela mess. :unamused:

At least there was no LB back then. :rofl: Now they have added something else for beta testers - who don’t get paid - to test for each new hero, eh? And who asked for LBs anyway (besides someone at SG/Zynga)? :rofl:

If my understanding is correct: Basically, the players who LB 4* first will eventually lose the advantage they would/have gained now. A short term gain, with long term disadvantage?

And those who LB 5* first can get caught out, depending on who they LB, and how the meta changes…

So, are there any real ‘winners’ with the current LBs? I think only SG/Zynga.

Sure, there will be big spenders who would be ok/even pleased to spend on LBs when they go on sale.

The current big spenders will eventually tire of spending heavily, just like the previous big spenders. Who will replace the current big spenders?

All of the above is just another reason why I feel strongly against LBs. I probably should stop reading, and replying to this thread. :rofl:


The word advantage / disadvantage has seriously muddied the water imo. This has been one of the most difficult topics to translate with thumbs. And that horse is definitely dog food now! The bottom line is…
you get 5 extra levels.
That have extremely negligible differences!
Which can vary…!!

If you want to focus on these minute differences then, I recommend you run the calculations case-by-case.
Sometimes the 5* is ever so slightly stronger after.
Sometimes the 4* is ever so slightly "buffed" more but still weaker than the 5*

The important caveat is that we work within the confines of our roster!


All our rosters are evolving!

If you only have a couple legendary then it makes sense to go nuts on your rare and epic. But then you pull C.Magni from the costume chamber! Hurray and boo-hoo at the same time :yum:


Player 1 believes he can’t achieve top 1% without max’d teams, and intends to only level rare and epic to get those rewards. He won’t touch his 5* until he has 10 of each lower rarity broken.

Player 2 knows he can achieve top 1% and intends to focus only on his legendary champions.

Both players receive a 5* aether from the same tournament.

Which will feel extremely elated?

And which will have very nice wall art in his inventory?

Just a bit more :hamburger: for :thinking:

As far as winners go… uh…
let it play out. 1 year from now ask again.
I doubt I’ll be here but… the answer about LB effects will become more clear over time

I don’t know for a “fact” lol
But my guess is… the patient players are going to have some silly defenses and there will be a flood of tears in the forum. A few extra dumpster fires. And even more players who just feel tired when they play


I am trying to see how things play out, but I can’t see myself still playing past this year, let alone July 2022.

Having written that, I do enjoy this community a lot, so I may hang around on the forum after retiring from the game. :crazy_face:


You are much less of a pain in the ■■■ than I am.
I’ve no doubt that would make some folks happy


This place will never be rid of me!!! Bring on the lb. Bring on new events. Bring it all on… While u are at it please bring on the rolaids and tylenol and booze and my credit card cuz lead me not to temptation… I found the shortcut :laughing:


As long as the game continues, surely the popcorn will continue too? :innocent:

Is it just me, or does your dragon symbolise a digital tattoo? :wink:

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@SamMe I have been branded and wear it with pride. :rofl: U should see the other brands I have… :popcorn: tats are next I’m sure :laughing: Bring it all on. :poop: I can take it!!! Roarrrrrr

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@Mistress_of_Shadows I’d say it goes both ways. :wink:

Perhaps you could be bestowed the title: ‘Tattoo of the Forum’. :thinking: Would you care to consider my suggestion @JonahTheBard?

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ok. No fair. Bringing other topics from different threads is a sure way to confuse this witch. U trying to get me off topic? :flushed: No flags for me. I was born at night not last nite. Bring on any challenge I love motivation, debates and any obstacles in my path. :tornado::poop: :heart:


I like calculation.

LB give me chance for calculating. :crazy_face:


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