WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

New introductions ruffle the status-quo & challenge new innovations / styles to emerge… main reason I like it, despite being at the losing end many times…

Current main COMPLAINT in the forum is about LBs. I am not in beta & have read “80%” were against LBs being written very regularly. While I know that 80% against is a false number when I take the over all 1.5 million player base into consideration, it also made me wonder, why are players against specifically Limit-Breakers…

While there is a good number on this forum that has some kind sentiments about SG being all the time after money-grab, I am unable to see any sense in, bcoz, SG & the game is a commercial enterprise, & no one is forcing anyone to spend.
I will go straight to a simple point of understanding based on my practical game play experience & how I see these on-the-way- Limit-Breakers :grinning:

Since I reached 4200 TP (8 months back) I have regularly faced defence teams with 20-emblemed 5* heroes, in the War teams for sure & most of the raid defences.
Today my defence is 4550 TP.
These last 8 months my plays has been TOUGH, bcoz, dealing constantly with high emblemed heroes with my less or non emblemed heroes makes things tough. Add to that the high troops, which is the reality with high emblemed defences.

So, without LBs, myself & everyone on this forum has been playing against all kinds of defence teams with HIGH - emblems & troops. Win-loss / happy-frustrated / excited-bored, etc… has been an experience that everyone has had, me included.

I have played & had absolute FUN using many different teams / hero combos which I didn’t use earlier… I actively use more heroes today… “Its about, what I can do with my roster / inventory”… & not what I don’t have… that drives my fun / association with this game !!

Sometime back SG improved the emblem drop-rates in the game so more players have it = use it & complaints about emblems isn’t so prominent … NOW !!

Taking a cue from above, how is hero enhancement anything new…
How is the Limit-Breakers issue any different?
It is an enhancer for 3-4-5* heroes, as each player would like to use… That’s it !!

Contrary to all doomsday “for / of” the game theories, it will take time for LBs to take off & player styles to play - tackle LBs will emerge…

As simplistic as it sounds, how are LBs any different from emblems, when one sees it from a player perspective who doesn’t have them, as I am even today embleming my heroes strategically & very few above +10 emblem nodes.
I don’t complain about emblem power rampant out there
hence don’t complain about LBs, which have yet to start & will take a good amount of time to develop into teams…

Practical aspects of life / game are different from theories being spread. The 80% against figure had me :grinning:

Finally, LBs are just another innovative introduction to see how meta plays out, instead of ONLY focussing on LB will create POWER imbalance & a hyper level hatred for P2P players getting some kind of imaginary advantage…

All those spender youtuber videos clearly show, they still struggle to win & regularly innovate play style more often than just paid purchase dependency to WIN in the game…

Finally, ever wondered, despite all this noise about LBs, why has SG team overlooked it all. Not bcoz, they don’t care as they have mentioned in the Q&A, they do read forum view.
However, they also have to work on game longevity, innovations to create challenge based excitements & player involvement,
while maintaining a fine-balance between pleasing old / experienced & new players.

Also, SG making money isn’t so bad, which I am sure all of us in the forum also enjoy earning / spending :grinning:

I have found both SG games to be a fair play meta for all types : F2P, C2P, P2P… the grind & speed will be different…as is case with everything / everywhere…

As players of this cool game, while we have every right to be a force with our views, feedback about the game we like, we also have to be reasonable with new things / changes, which are part of the game meta, & keep coming… no matter if few want or not…!!

Look forward to a healthy discussion with some logic, possibly practical experience
not an urgency-demand to merge… :grinning:

Good day !!
(pls excuse any spelling-mistalkes)


I think that this post should be merged I’m sure that we’ve talked so much about this, but apparently not enough :joy:

The most important and the only thing that you can’t buy in this game are heroes.

By introducing LB, they are basically saying, now every single 3*/4*/5* that you’ve maxed it’s “incomplete”.

They are also making you to choose, between those that you’ve maxed, which ones do you think are worth being LB+.

And… You must choose carefully, because that can’t be undone(let’s hope for not yet another Telluria thing :pray:).

So congrats to you because it’s live now go enjoy the game :slight_smile:


@dbotelho +1 to your post

I am currently out of likes. That’s all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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They have always been doing that, ongoing ascension mats problems Emblem problems etc, i have many 4* heroes fully leveled but obsolete since i do not have any emblems for them.

I just want to be clear that i am not for limit breakers but neither am i against them, as the core of the game remains the same, if you do not get tiles you lose, all the extra power etc just makes the battle a quick death.

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Fun fact 82% of all statistics are made up. I have no idea if that statistic is made up or not :joy:


About the only thing I like about limit breakers are that you cant remove them. Very much a case of pick your poison. Not like emblems when the meta shifts that can just reset and put on the new bright and shiny.

Means you have to think carefully as to who will stay relevant if current meta shifts.


Yes, it should be merged somewhere, like here:

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Emblems added a new element to the game: talents. i started playing after they were already a thing, so i didn’t experience the same consternation that Limit Breakers currently are receiving, but LBs are just a mindless flex compared to the introduction of emblems.

the forum has a huge issue with these because what’s the point of them? what problem are they trying to solve with this addition to the game? what new thing do they add to this game? most players, in my experience, prioritize resources for heroes on their defense team (not how i play), so if people are already having issues with Frigg and Odin flanks, Bera tanks, Ninja family bonus shenanigans, Alfrike tanks in Rush, etc., Limit Breakers are just going to exacerbate those complaints.

it’s difficult to understand (or accept) that money does drive a lot of decisions in the game, but a lot of complaints about new things stem from the fact that so many different QoL improvements have been requested for so long that the company just seems tone-deaf when those issues go unaddressed, and then they decide to trot out a feature like Limit Breakers. often, complaints aren’t always about the things they do but about what they don’t do.

the recent Q&A mentioned that they can’t not devote a large portion of their time and resources toward new content, but even in the “new content” umbrella, this just seems pointless.






You are on FA-YERRR!! You’ve got 3 in my bingo book!!!

The thing is, OP seemed to forget, or chose to ignore, or wasn’t yet around when emblems were first introduced. At first, it was a very slow trickle of emblems available to everyone regardless of whether P2P or C2P or F2P, until the day comes when they were sold from the in-game Shop or sold as offers by the Magpies. It has been over a year or two (?) before SG improved emblem drops. Sad to say, the same formula may happen to aethers, until the day comes when it is sold in the Shop or from gem offers, and until SG improves their drop rates. Who do you think would benefit much with Limit Breakers? Of course the moneyed players, who mostly own those prized heroes we see on defense. If some players are struggling against the Bera/Freya/Onyx/Garnet/Cobalt/Alfrike/Frigg/Odin/Krampus/Black Knight/costumed Kadilen/etc on defense either on raids or in wars, imagine the frustration of these players when facing these heroes on defense with this L(otsa)B(S). Frustrations and disappointments further breed and infects more. That was what some players are trying to prevent as it ain’t helpful to the playing community, with all the bugs and glitches this game have and will continue to have. Ignoring the months and years of plea of having this or that kind of feature as a good QOL improvement only adds a freah lemon juice to the wound(s). It’s nasty.


When Emblems came out, there were only S1 and S2 heroes. While S2 heroes were generally slightly better, it wasn’t enough to make a huge imbalance between players of all levels. They probably helped S1 heroes because they added talent abilities.

However, as new season and event heroes were added, the power creep compounded…kinda like credit card interest. The more it grows…the more it grows. Today you are only going to find emblems on Costumed S1 heroes. …which are NOT upgrades to S1 heroes, but all new heroes with old S1 abilities. Only people with emblemed vanilla S1 heroes are those players with nothing better.

Money is not the real issue here. I would believe that most of us want SG to be very successful. However, we want long-term success and not cash grabs to make the next quarters numbers better. Those tactics are not sustainable and there are probably hundreds of dead games out there that took that route as proof. We dont want E&P to die…we want sustainable goals to keep it going as long as possible.

To stay up and running, they have to bring in new players (money) while minimizing old player (money) loss. Adding taller hurdles like new costumes and LBs discourage new players and burn out the old. Ive lost 4 alliance members since the last patch …some that I have played with or 3 years…

Not mitigating the (compounding) power creep and ignoring improvements that could be made to existing game elements is going to take the game off line which will suck for us all.

Ohh…and be ready for 5000 TP defenses very soon


@Ultra What can I do to get just one in your bingo book please? :pray:

Also, thanks for supporting @dawnsempires post. I strongly agree with it.


A well reasoned post by the OP and makes some valid points, imo.

This part, however, I disagree with, in part. While “it is an enhancer…that’s it!” is true, as a feature it is tired old trope.

How many times will players put up with having to (and quoting from another thread) “unlock the potential of your hero”?

1st was AM
2nd was emblems
3rd was costume
4th is LB
5th will be (insert “new innovation”)

If repeating the same thing over and over is really what gets players excited then I guess SG have hit the nail on the head.


I’m not gonna merge as this is more a pro-LB.
As the other three are bascially not… sure there’s a few posts scattered that people like them.
Can give other people looking for answers a different view on the subject.
If any other mod wants to move I have no issue with that.


Because I am millionaire :slight_smile:


Why limit breakers are +ve.

  1. It’s friendly for bigginers who suffers a lot in map stages as well as events.
    Let them limit break their 3* , quite easy and let them have a decent finishing touch in rare , may be in epic stages of events as well.
    And for those who limit breaks 4*, legendary stage will not be a mess.

  2. Map stages replaying all the time not fun though. Let them complete 1 or 2 new stages in daily basis. We all know how precious world energy for bigginers.

This is y I like limit breakers.
It’s not that simple we can limit break 5* instantly.
But 3* and 4* can.

More of all after limit break, war match making machanism will be same (I think so).
There are no possibility , for example a top 500 clan match makes with top 10 clan.

And raids, how long we are holding all those trophies ???;

I play raids for open chests, don’t even bothers to change my offense team.
Whenever I need ham I go for it.

Cheers to all. Hope I didn’t heart anyones feeling.

Stay safe all. Tkcre. :blush:.


@Agl : That’s good rationale / perspective, bcoz, NOT all play is about PvP - raids / wars, which is where one “quickly” lands up in most scenarios, clearly missing out the other aspects of play like Map, Quests, etc.

I see your point : LBs helping new players get to levels to do the Rare Elemental Ascension Mats Quest faster & get those non-farmable 3 & 4* mats earlier.

Also competing in challenge events can be better earlier with stronger 3* heroes :+1:


@Ultra : I started to play after Christmas, 2019 = start of 2020… so the game was already quite advanced & S3 was round the corner. That is also a reason for me not having a lot of baggage of the past pains which I keep reading in the forum.

The emblem drop rate was low for me too & improved recently some 3-4 months back.

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Its hard to agree with the path of LBs being PvE friendly when 2 of the 3 sources of LBs are listed as coming from PvP. You have 1 PvE quest, and then Tournament and War winnings.

Of course, we don’t know how often the quest will pop up, but even if it is like the emblem quests (twice a week), it will more than likely be a very long grind for those who cant compete in PvP.

However, I should say that I am not 100% against LBs Its just they are a missed opportunity like costumes were. If they only applied to older heroes…say mid-S2 and older, it would have been great. A bonus to new and old players for having “veteran” heroes. Instead, it will widen the power between heroes and players as the new heroes will always be slightly better and the P2W players will get more of the resources to make them even stronger.


Also a missed opportunity to actually add more variation/strategy to the game. If LBs conferred something other than just stat boost, they’d at least be interesting.


So you admitt it’s already tough as it is. Well good luck when you will face 5 LB defense team fully emblems and level 30 mana troops 6 times in war with hero not fully emblemed and maybe 1 if not 0 hero LB per war offense team :roll_eyes:


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