Who to LB - c Krampus vs Pengi

Hello everyone.
Kinda not sure, who to LB out of two.
Both are part of my def team - double, cKrampus as left tank, running cMN - cKrampus - Wolfgang - Dr Moreau - Pengi.
Obvious move would be boost cKrampus even more, but my guts telling me, that Pengi can profit out of LB even more, coz of simple fact, its attacker. And i use Pengi at war equalizer aswell, unlike cKrampus.
Who would you pick up?

  • Costumed Krampus
  • Mr. Pengi

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I’d do Krampus. I find him to be great on his own, he doesn’t need other heroes to improve him. Pengi needs other minion makers to get the most out of the skills. Cheers!


Not even a real choice, CKrampus is far more dominant in either form than pengi

Pengis fun as hell in a minion meta but hes in a sea of strong blue attackers

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Thnx guys, cKrampus it is.

One more vote for C. Krampus :raising_hand_man:

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I know it’s late, but I’ll add another vote for cKrampus.

I would also argue that it should likely be cKrampus over any and all other blues, especially hitters. With cKrampus attk buff it’s extremely easy to get your hitters up to +100% attk, so at that point why waste aethers on anyone else.

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