Krampus with C vs Lord Loki

I have enough Aethers for LB. Who should I LB? Both of them are often used for offense only.

My blue crew:
Mr. Pengi

  • Krampus C
  • Lord Loki
  • Wait for next blue

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Krampus because you probably use him both on off and def and have Pengi too

Lord Loki no hesitation

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So I see you also have Glenda and Iris as hit 3 :smiley: What are exactly the heroes that you want and big bad SG is not giving them to you :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Lol true but he/she was talking about 4* blue

I know, but what are actually the 4* Ice hit 3 heroes except for Grimm and Sapphire charge 2? In the other post he was writing like a noob and in this one we can see that he definitely is not one :slight_smile:

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I don’t know but everyone has their own game plan. :man_shrugging:

And for some is trolling. Which I don’t necessarily mind, but I’d prefer to be more clear in order not to confuse them with the ones who need genuine support

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Question for you, would you lb Ilmarinen? I’ve got the mats but not sure to wait for another red or see if he gets a buff (he definitely won’t get a nerf), my only other red is Tahir but Zagrog seems better and he’s already maxed out.

Haha, you found both of my posts. Mission accomplished


I don’t have him but he seems to be better option for me.

Which one is better option @gcheng668?

@Jack_oKent Not sure if the question is addressed to me or to the OP :slight_smile: , but one extra opinion usually does not hurt. I usually lb the heroes that I use most and for which there are not so many alternatives. Ilmarinen is for me kind of niche. Between Tahir and Zagrog I would do Zagrog (I had decided to max Zagrog over Tahir just before I got C Gefjon, but now it will be C Gefjon)

@gcheng668 Good that you had your fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate it was for both of you, I’m going to create a poll.

Big Zag is already LB I really like him.

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I am not a big fan of sniper, so Zag!

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Nice to hear that you’re so happy with Zagrog. Between Tahir and Ilmarinen I would probably lb Tahir based on my play style, unless you plan to use Ilmarinen as a tank.

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Thanks mate, you think he’d be good as a tank?

I won’t use llmarinen as a tank. His special on mana reduction is not so useful for a slow mana hero. Direct damage is more relevant imo or health regeneration plus mana cut.

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Wow, you managed to defeat him without a hit-3 4* Ice hero :stuck_out_tongue: ?

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Thanks sorry for sabotaging your thread.

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