Who is worthy for Druid emblems

Asking for a friend


  • Ranvir
  • BossWolf
  • Chakkoszrot

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I’d say none of those. I would save for a better hero. Also, that’s a Druid class, not Cleric.


While waiting,… maybe also check epic heroes like Gullinbursti, Caedmon, Melendor, Ferant, Sergei, Mielikki, and Gadeirus (if we have the costume) good assets for War in Rush Rule.

It is Druid class, not Cleric.

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His other druids full emblemed are kadilen, gullin, melandor (without costume) and brienne.
for me I have no idea what he should waitin’ for… Maybe horghall :rofl:

He has enough reset tokens to undo if he get lucky enough to get another good hero…

My vote would go for ranvir. because of the purple tank meta and the fact that he hasn’t miki or beowulf for the titans… but on the other hand… chakko is a good tank for rush and usable in general…

In all honesty I suppose it’s depends on what you focus on within the game.
But none of these heroes are game changers.
So perhaps wait for a better “Druid” five star or give some emblems to your 4* / 3*
Good luck

I voted Chakko,
his buff prevention is good if you you have no costumed Sabina, and he is a valid tank in rush.

Happy gaming

None of these are clerics, but definitely chakkoszrot for this selection

I’ve updated the thread title to reflect this