Which structures to replace with advanced buildings (Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, etc.)?

Here’s a question for the advanced players: where are you putting your advanced buildings - Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab, and (soon) Hero Academy?

I have my Watchtower Stronghold at level 23 and have built the Alchemy Lab, but was having trouble deciding where to put it. I’ve already converted 1 forge to Barracks and another to the Hunter’s Lodge, so I only have 2 left (lvls 20 and 17), which I want to keep. I also want to keep all 4 of my Training Camps (currently 20, 20, 17, 11).

I ultimately decided to replace one of my farms with the Alchemy Lab. I then discovered that I need to upgrade my food storage a lot before I can start research on the Alchemy Lab, though, so I changed it back to a farm again. But I’ll need a solution eventually.

I’d prefer to substitute a house for the Alchemy Lab, but the game won’t let me (I have an advanced house at lvl2 and 3 others at lvls 10, 11, and 14, respectively). Does anyone know why it isn’t possible? I don’t want to reduce my food or (especially) iron generation, either, but it seems the game is leaving me with no other choice.

This will only intensify when the next Watchtower Stronghold upgrades are enabled and I need to find a place for the Hero Academy.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

EDITED: Sorry about the stronghold/watchtower mixup.


You have your Stronghold at level 23, not the Watchtower.

And all the advanced buildings should be placed upon forges. All of them. One forge lvl20 it is enough. And when HA will be released, you also use the forge. And any time you want to use a forge, you convert it back in 10 seconds for free. HA, AL or the barracks. Because you don’t use barracks every single day.

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Most players seem to be using Forges, then converting them back when they need more items.

No building that has storage capacity (and that includes houses) can be converted. Think about it this way: let’s say you had a max capacity of 300 recruits and it was full. You attempt to convert a house to Alchemy Lab. What happens? Do you lose recruits? Are you allowed to temporarily exceed the maximum (the way you can with hero summons)?

Another common piece of advice will be to NOT build the Alchemy Lab. If you don’t know why, you should definitely at least skim this thread. The feature is widely panned, including by a player who built it to level 10 and accumulated 10,000 alkashards.


Okay, so the general consensus is
a) Forget about the Alchemy Lab
b) Use a Forge for the Hero Academy when it arrives.

Thanks to both of you for your input. Sorry about the noob watchtower/stronghold mixup.

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Yes, and

c) The poor design of the Alchemy Lab has made many worry that the Hero Academy will also be worthless (sadly).


Yeah, I did a double-take when I heard that gems were needed for the upper levels. Sounds like a big cash grab to me. Can’t wait to see how expensive the Hero Academy will be.

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