Which Red is next?

I am about to get Natalya #2 to 70. Not going to give either the rings. Santa would be nice as I lack a tanky hero in general.

So after Nat unless Santa comes along I need some help. This would be mainly for wars and maybe to stack on titans.

Here is what I got:

|G. Falcon|4-70|Red|
|Sir Lancelot|3-60|Red|
|Colen |3-60|Red|

With an unleveled Gormek and Scarlett.

I am leaning Sumitomo but wanted to get some help.


I would level none of them and send red feeders into other heroes I want to level. But thats just my way of doing it. Many dont like offcolor feeding:/


I use off color some of the time. I prefer on color but if the special is already up then it is fine by me.

I know you have played for quite some time. Would you level a 2nd Wu? If not I can use yellow feeders as well as off color.

I mostly level 2 heroes at a time. One colorwise (the guy with less priority) and the other gets 4 colors (high prio). A second Wu for war will for sure be usefull. Preferably I‘d level 5* but that‘s because I have 20 maxed 4* and dont plan on maxing any duplicates. If there is no 5* to level I‘d go Wu or Bt if you plan on leveling dupes for war.

Another option is to just stockpile feeders until you get a hero you really want to level

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Agreed, if you’re unsure, I would stockpile and hope for Santa. You already have all of the important heroes leveled, so not a whole lot of other [good] options. I’m not a huge fan of Sumi. Although, if you love playing him, then I would go for it. You should always do what you enjoy :grin:

If you did want to ascend one of those options, I would personally do Lancelot for the high attack stat and buff (and for something new). Or I’d do BT for another buff and heal for war; even though you already one leveled, BT is super awesome and worth it.

I like saving my mats though when I’m unsure. Totally your call though :blush:


Thanks guys!

Maybe I will stockpile feeders although I don’t have a lot of room and still need them for some heros.

I will have to think about it but off color may be an option. Just sit on what I have for red now since I am ok with what I have.

The only must level I have coming up is in purple. Finish Proteus and get Victor to 70.

I’d level Sir Lancelot and not think twice. I don’t have him, but I wish I did. He frequently appears in event winning red teams.

I would take Lancelot to 70 and then Gormek. I don’t like duplicates, there are some wars I haven’t even used Boldtusk so a second one is not for me. That depends on whether you spend or not though and if you plan to raise 2-4 5* of every color later though.

Thanks guys. Lance was a thought. Maybe I will have to think harder on him. Guess I didn’t give him the credit he deserved.

I keep dupes of some. I am not tight for space right now so have probably kept more than I should.

BT is mainly for titans and wars now. I keep the second because of his heal and attack buff for wars.

Im surprised Lancelot wasnt maxed…he is a really good 4 *

Right, I like him too, but he gets out-shined by the many other amazing reds. His buff and attack stat are amazing for Titans and pretty solid for events too. He’s just super squishy, and that’s my only issue with him. Otherwise, he was my second red 4* I worked on :blush: Still use him for Titans.

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I would second the recommendation to max out both Lancelot and Gormek. For green titans they are a great combo with Boldy & Falcon (and Wu of course)

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Looks like Lance gets the nod followed by Gormek.

That is unless I draw Santa along the way.

With Wilbur, I would honestly pass on Gormek for now, but that’s just me. I never use Gormek now that I have Wilbur; maybe for war? Lancelot brings something new and awesome, so definitely worthy :blush:


To be honest Wilbur is the only Red I use consistently. All the rest are titan stacking or wars.

Sry guys but Gormek is redundant. Once you got Wilbur you won‘t use Gormek and as you can see he has Wbur maxed.


Yeah Gormek really only see wars these days. I pulled him quite late so he didn’t see the front lines at all.

You stockpile finished feeder heroes that you don’t collect from your training camps. (Works as long as you keep adding recruits to keep the queue from getting empty) You can store hundreds or potentially thousands that way. Without spending an insane number of gems, you probably won’t have room for more than a few dozen feeders in your roster, and you need to keep eating the ones you get farming the map, etc.

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This makes sense I just need to get in the habit. I am used to waking up every morning and clearing my camps.

Cleaning them out is normally the right thing to do.

If you don’t have good heroes you want to feed … or you are absolutely food broke, and can’t afford the food to eat those heroes, then it works, sometimes for a day or two, sometimes for a few weeks.

I was (mostly) offline for two weeks this last summer, so ahead of that, I farmed for recruits, and loaded up all my training camps with 14 days queue of TC11. (And while I was pre-loading them, my backpacks, swords, and rugged clothes that I got farming the recruits piled up in inventory.)

I came back and had something like 700 finished heroes in my camps. It took me a few days of spending all the food I had eating those heroes, and once I got one empty, I was able to queue up a week straight of backpacks, and then able to burn through my rugged clothes. It took a while to get enough food to accomplish this!

Three months later, I still haven’t gone through all my surplus swords from that time, but my limiting factor on that is recruits, not food now.


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