Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

I did a lot of summoning in July in pursuit of Devanna, so I am working on a bunch of the ones I got:

cSabina, Clarissa, cRigard (second), Domitia
I want some extra healers, so that’s why I’ve got them going. I also lack tabards; I also have a 3/70 Killhare and Sartanna waiting.

Devanna, Sif, cDawa. I’ve got 11 darts, so right now I’m waiting on orbs to get Dev and Sif up from 2/60. My Hero Academy is upgrading to lev 10; once it’s done I want to get going on trainer heroes to level my LB Guardian Jackal

Sonya (2nd), Misandra. I find Sonya incredible useful, so I want a second of her for wars and towers. Misandra will be fun to play with, I think, and I’ll probably start leveling her once I get a final telescope.

second Melador, second cKashrek

2nd Boldtusk

I’ve also go a fair number of 3* costumes to level after these ones.

I’m kind of on a summoning embargo right now - plenty to level up, and more heroes that I like to paly with than I can use in wars.


Devana (4/60). Afterwards limit-break Gullinbursti, then Candy. If nothing else comes, Kailani and costume are next…
Ingolf (4/60). Afterwards Dr. Moreau, for obvious reasons.
Vollermork (3/40). Probably get Yang Mai up to 3/70 then decide if she gets maxed.
Milena (2/25), for obvious reasons. I’ve got Zila Lei, Valeria, Helo lined up for later.
Elena (4/50), for obvious reasons. After that, I could do Elkanen + costume, but will probably finish off 3* / costumes.


I haven’t pulled a long time, and I won’t for some time. I collect coins and gems, but I don’t know what for. I’m speculating on the Christmas event and some presents. :wink: I’ll pull S4 when all areas are available. Until then, I hardly have anything useful to level up (maybe some dupes?).

:purple_circle:Finished Quintus, nearly finished Tib’s costume. Next I will level some 4*, which are actually not important to me (or dupes?), just to level something. Or I don’t level at all.
:yellow_circle:Malosi. Have some 5* at 3/70 but not enough materials for all of them and Malosi’s my best. No idea what’s next.
:large_blue_circle:Finished Kiril’s and Grimm’s costumes, started Skadi. She’s my only blue non S1 and my only blue unleveled non dupe 5*.
:green_circle:Buddy’s finished, now Caedmon’s costume. Next some 3*?
:red_circle:Khagan’s finished, now Sumle. No idea what’s next.


Recently got the King and Queen of Crime, so I am currently levelling those 2 up. Also, now that I have Victor’s costume, I have reason to dust off the many tabbards in my closet, so he’s getting the level up treatment as well. Just waiting on Mt. Umber and POV to ascend Vanda to 4/80.


Red - Russell, I just got Nemo to 3/70. Have 5 rings. Next will bring Baldur to 3/70 then decide which of the 3 gets to be ascended.

Green - I have Margaret, Bertilla, Gregorian and 2 Elradir sat at 3/70 have the mats to ascend 3 of them but testing them out at 3/70 first till I decide who. In the meantime maxing melendor.

Blue - Got Zila Lei a few days ago which was good timing as had just finished costume side of Sonya, She is something different as I’m already strong at blue 4* with maxed out Kiril(+C), Sapphire, Grimm, Jott and Sonya (+C) Kiril and Sapphire are both limit broken and the only one not fully emblemed is Sonya at +12

Yellow - D’Andre, another pick up in what has been a good week of pulls. Another good 4* option at yellow for me where I am quite strong already.

Purple - Rigard, this one had been the one I’d been using just costume side for but now have saved up the needed emblems to bring straight to +19 am quickly before starting on Maeve.


Cillian - will emblem and limit break. have the aether handy. I have Aodhan and Orla emblemed and LB and feel this will be an fun trio to use in events and raids. I haven’t tested Cillian much, but the other two alone have convinced me he will be worth it. Next project will be to finish of Boldtusks costume and then move onto Colen costume.

Bobo - Lucky challenge token this last Starfall. had no intention of really trying to get anyone…just use a few tokens. Will bring him to 3/70 for now. Ill test him out on titans there and see how he holds up. Would be nice to have him maxed for rush eventually too. Zila is at 3/60 and will go up after

Griffin - seems fun to use. Hard hitter at fast speed and avoids the nasty stuff. Maybe 2nd gullin or mist next.

Orla - LOVE her. Will bring her to 75. Next will be Almur who is a recent addition.

Hannah - Tabbards evade me like the plague, but finally got her started on the final ascension. Exicted to get her maxed.


Mine main focus is on Healers!
Cause healers are never enough, especially if you play mono on wars

:yellow_circle: Director Zuri - An impressive healer that hopefully will save my team many times!
Next will be Costume Vivica.

:large_blue_circle: Costume Kiril - Although a 4* his costume has great synergy with regular Kiril.
Next will be Alexandrine.

:purple_circle: Xnolpod - With that 20% mana boost is a game changer and a life saver to a mono dark team! Next will be Sergei - since I don’t have either a Guardian Panther or a Miki!

:red_circle: Nadezhda - My first reviver healer! The only drawback is that she is not reliable in defence cause it’s random the x1 or x2 option of her skill. Next will be Octros or Russel.

:green_circle: Lianna - For obvious reasons - a pure old time shooter!

Next I’ll level some 3* cause the Rare Quests and Events have become very tough!
Nordi, Grevle, Noril, Dolgoon, Rudolph and Shrubbear


Looks like I’ll be working on Devana, now that I’ve got enough darts to ascend her to the 4th tier. Then maybe work in Anton since I found him to be a bit of an annoyance in a raid.


I have lined up these heroes to work on next. Just not sure yet if I should max Vivica and give her emblems. Is she too old?


Vivian is still good and relevant. Especially if you lack 5* or holy healers.


I’ve had a solid string of luck. Got Costume Joon from HA. Joon was already my top Holy hero, so I immediately leveled his costume. I’ll need to reemblem him for fighter at some point. But now I have a dupe Joon to level. I’ll get him to 4/80. I see him getting some use against dark tanks in war.

A couple of weeks later I got my first Magni from HA. Horghall is the only season 1 hero I haven’t gotten now. I’ve been wanting one for a while. Can always use fast snipers right? I’m not sure exactly how I’ll use him since I won’t be embleming him any time soon (only have ~100 fighter emblems).

I’ve been saving tokens since January for Halloween. Use a bunch and got Frank, Victor, and Vanda. Three years and still no Valeria. Victor and Vanda are getting leveled immediately. If I wasn’t also working on Joon and Magni, I would be power leveling them. When I get Victor leveled, I’ll strip Sartana of emblems and add them to Victor. That will make my dark emblemed heroes: Lepiota, Freya, Victor, and Obakan. Will costume victor defense down + Obakan be decent?
I don’t have any more sorcer emblems and certainly won’t take them off of Lepiota. Do I strip Uraeus? Uraeus gets some usage in minion wars, but I’m not sure it ever makes the difference. I probably will as I know status prevention will come in handy.

I leveled and used frank in minion war. Thought he might be too slow and not strong enough to make a difference, but he did the job well.

On deck: Rokkamush, duplicate frank, and duplicate Poppy. Poppy I’ll definitely use in challenge events as well as 3 star tournaments. If I add emblems I’ll start using the duplicate over Bane. Duplicate Frank is mostly for Mythic Titan and Ninja Tower (regular version for -44% defense). After that, we’ll have to see what Christmas brings me.

Shale will continue to sit unleveled for the foreseeable. If I don’t get anything else, I’ll start bringing some duplicates to 3/70 (probably Isarnia for Mythic Titan depth).


First time posting here…

I use a slightly different approach to leveling. Typically I work on 10 heroes at the same time, 2 in each color.

  • Category A: feed 10 same color feeder to until special skills maximized
  • Category B: Special skill already maximized and will be fed all the way to 3/50, 4/70 or 3/70.

Category A: Colen costume, followed by Kelile costume
Category B: Santa to 3/70, followed by 2nd BT and costume to 4/70

Category A: Magni, followed by Grimm costume
Category B: Jott, followed by Zila Lei or Magni to 3/70

Category A: Gobbler (for minion heavy war opponent only), followed by 2nd Melendor
Category B: Phileas Fogg to 3/70, followed by 2nd Caedmon

Category A: G.Panther, followed by Xnolphod
Category B: 2nd Rigard, followed by G.Panther to 3/70 and then Xnolphod to 3/70

Category A: Leonidas and costume, followed by Motega
Category B: Devana to 3/70, followed by Leonidas and costume to 3/70

Assuming no new 5* heroes received until end of the year, next rainbow 5* to be fully maxed will be Santa/Athena/Phileas Fogg/G.Panther/C.Leonidas.

Am so short of tomes, and can only fully upgrade one rainbow 5* team every 6 months. Have 20+ in each of the other 4* material, except for tomes, which I have 7 only… Looks like I may have to start AL10B soon.


I am at a point in the game where i exclusively lvl 3 and 4* heros with 5* only occasionally get mats and i only lvl heroes that add something new to my roster. Heroes like Mack, while being valid sit around cause i have better heroes for buff booster. I have 42 5* at max and could max another 8 but out of those 42 i already have only 28 have emblem lvl 18+ so new 5* only get mats if i have emblems available for them. At least if i want to use them forwar/pvp. Titan-Heroes like Norns get Mats even though i lack emblems.


I usually work on one hero from the color at the time. This time I changed it a bit for Green

So for Green it’s:
Hansel already on the last ascension 50+ level and I want to finish him
Dölgöön also on the last ascension I want to use him the same way as Gunnar Costume in events and tournaments
Whacker just about to finish the first ascension

For Purple
Malicna on 3rd ascension. Probably will put her at 3/70 now as I’m really struggling with tomes and the next one is already reserved for Asterius. I don’t have a better 5* purple hero to work on

For Red
Russell due to possible synergy with JF and Asterius. Russell is on 2nd ascension, but as with Malicna will have to wait for more tomes when he reaches 3/70


Lady Woolverton I moved Gullinbursti to my first Holy Team along with Vivica and sometimes I need an additional Holy healer so will finish Sheep. 10 more levels for her to complete


Sapphire 3rd ascension now, probably won’t finish her before the tower but maybe I will use her on lower levels there

Basically, I have 27 finished 5* but due to lack of tomes right now 0 on 4th ascension and 6 waiting at 3/70, and another 5 that are close to it. I decided to give a pause for chasing new heroes. It’s frustrating not to get them from the portals (I’m on a dry spell now, only Russell this month and him along with Motega and Asterius for the last 3 months) but it’s maybe even more frustrating if you can’t get them on the last ascension due to lack of 4* materials. So I will either use only free coins next few months or even gather them and start to do more pulls next year. Maybe until that time, my hero queue will go down a bit


No meters how old she it’s, but if you need yellow healer I think it’s better to max some of 4* yellow healers, without costume she have the stats of 4* hero, just keep you 4* precious mats for some hero that deserves them.


Just completed.


Currently working on…

  • VC : He wants to hunt with Hannah very fast…
  • DZ : Well, she heal good :wink:
  • PL. : The 1st one heals well, so doing the 2nd :grinning:
  • DrM : He blinds !
  • RsL : GM needed a pal to play with.

@dansing … I have just completed Anastasia myself. But not played her yet.
Have you used her in anything? Is she any good? Not sure if I should give her emblems yet

She’s tricky…just like all the Magicians. I keep accidentally firing her special after the 1st charge. She is pretty good though. Prefer Aodhan though, as he does damage in addition to the fiend, but she can provide a meat shield if needed.

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Have tried her on map stages, its more of fun to be able to alternate between minions & Fiends… & start the DoT…
haven’t raided or anything serious.

Waiting for 4* tournaments to see how she plays out. I will however give her the first node of emblems to activate talent. Beyond that will depend on her usage…

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