Where are you going ZYNGA?


Honestly, with each passing day I understand this game less. Can you talk to your bosses and ask them where they see the purpose for promoting this hero’s outfit?
Where is the advantage if the outfit makes the hero worse?
Please stop it!!!

Where are you going Zynga?

For you it’s normal @Petri ?


meaning: new skills will be given to new heroes and will be given to players a chance to pay for stats increase with minimal special skill changes each time a costume will be released.


And where do you see the increase? ?

I should be around here :skull:



Forgive me but I still don’t see the increase
You may see it the other way around.

I’ll tell you another way even if you’re not @Petri or represent ZYNGA.

If you had the hero and got the outfit as a high level player, would you upgrade the outfit?

Be sincere !!!

Here be the difference

Yes, I would but only for the costume bonus


Just if I wouldn’t have any other hero to level up.


But do you see that in the images of the hero in the portal you do not see that increase in statistics and instead it is seen the other way around? What is the increase without the outfit?
Or only I see it?

Look this

Thank you very much for your understanding, I thought I was crazy. :woozy_face:

As I understand it, the increase is already factored into the card stats. Here’s the description…

And what do I do with the hero that I have promoted to level 4/80? The statistics are very different from the new one, I feed it to Bane, I know you don’t care about Zynga, but I do.


Gonna be honest my dude, but it kind of sounds like you’re ranting and frustrated - and honestly, when costumes are this uninspired, then I get it.


This is exactly how costumes work, and how they have always worked right from when they got introduced.

A Costume does two things: 1) Gives an alternative special skill, and 2) Gives a stat boost WHEN both costume AND hero are levelled.

For each tier of level for both Hero AND costume, a new tier of bonuses is unlocked.

I’ve linked a couple of forum posts that would probably be helpful, but ranting and pinging for a staff member waiting for a response is not going to be helpful. If you really want to speak with a member of staff then I would recommend trying to go through Support, and asking to speak with someone.


Yes the costume isn’t great, but the stat boost is and it applies to the original hero too… I don’t understand the rant really and why it’s specific to rat, it’s always been this way. Sometimes costumes are better and other times it’s clearly just to give a stat boost - I agree that’s a lazy implementation of costumes but it’s what it is

regarding ratatoakr, the only rationale I can think of is that a high attack stat is good for titans along with the increase to green tiles which makes him a blue titan specialist. It’s not a great costume or hero that I would spend mats on but it’s not that crazy


Frustrated me? :joy::joy::joy::joy: no.
If you think I’m jumping for joy.
Tell me what I do with all these heroes if they come out again. ?
What I do ? I throw them in the trash ?

It doesn’t matter. I’ve already made up my mind with this game.

Good for you!

Both versions in the portal are shown with the costume bonus included in their stats, that’s why I posted my rat who doesn’t have it to show the difference. Is it worth summoning for? I would definitely not.

Most of the newer costumes are stupid/nothing new and the only good thing about them is the stat boost and +5% mana regen. If you get one, there’s no need to throw away the hero if you already have it. You’re saving time and resources and only need to level the costume. Once you level the it both versions will benefit and leveling costumes is comparatively cheap.

Not sure I get the problem here either

Edit: maybe I get it. You are upset because the rat in your roster is showing different stats than the one in the portal? You need to level and Max the costume to get the costume bonus. There are no different versions of the base hero

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Congratulations on all those heroes…? It’s literally always been the case, that whenever you pull a costume, you pull the base hero with it. Look at literally every costume chamber event. :person_shrugging:

All those Valhalla heroes all have costumes, and there’s nothing to say you couldn’t have pulled any one of those costumes before now.

But that doesn’t change that when you get a costume, you need to level the costume for it to be applied as I mentioned before.

Costumes level up much cheaper and quicker though, so it’s a nice little stat boost if you’re lucky enough to pull it.

But for the record, if you pull another one of those heroes, congraulations on getting their costume! You’ll level it up in no time, and at least the base hero is ready to go. As for the spare base hero? I don’t know, level it, soul exchange it, feed it :person_shrugging:

I’m not sure what you want to happen here, or what your issue is though i’m afraid…

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Actually, when costumes were first introduced, the costume chamber would give just the costume alone, meaning you could have a costume but no hero to wear it.

EDIT to add additional info…