When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

Reads @Petri 's post

Wait, did that just say what I thought it said?

*Reads post again"

Well it’s not April Fool’s Day… but that was surely a joke. Right? Right? Anyone?

Is this how it always is with this game?

Man, I expected to be let down, but I’m still so disappointed.

These rewards are ridiculously stingy for a 5-day event. I don’t understand it.

That first tournament week was glorious. It was so fun to compete for great rewards and actually have a chance of getting them.

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I just reset all my 3*s that had emblems, tell the devs or your bosses or whoever made this decision that they just took away any incentives to pursue, level up, and/or emblem 3 stars.

Great job on ruining the best reason to maximize a player’s roster.


And like that they lost me. I was expecting them to make this formal announcement months ago, when it really mattered. I’m dissapointed that it took them this long to be honest about tourneys’ final loot.

I’m also dissapointed that all these ‘exciting new features’ are becoming more of the same thing. I know how it goes: Yet another 2% chance to get 4* ascension materials but in a different chest. There’s nothing new or exciting about that.

I’ll stop participating in tourneys from now on. The odds of getting 4* mats from those are ridiculously low anyway, and I don’t care for EHTs or ETTs. I can get tokens faster from all other chests. Emblems? Ofc I need those. I have to recover from the ■■■■ up that was embleming my 3* heroes for tourneys. But I’d rather spend those 75 gems for a continue on skipping monster chests. Elemental chests are the only rewards that matter.


This is of little surprise. SG promised huge loot from the tournaments to start but likely knew there would be issues initially. I’m not saying they created the problems intentionally as an excuse to nerf loot; they just likely knew the tournament rollout was almost certain to experience hiccups, as all new features do. This allowed them to promote the first tournament with the inflated loot tables while knowing they could use the inevitable issues to permanently downgrade that loot soon after.

Pretty disappointing but hardly shocking.

I’m so glad I went F2P. Every day the same disappointments, stuck progress, board manipulation, not a single positive to make one want to carry one. I guess for those of us who reached the top and sit with unusable heroes this signals the end after months of waiting. We are tired and bored running into brick walls. There is no satisfaction or something to look forward to. Just a constant feeling of being sucked dry. Now costumes and blah blah blah, can’t even ascend our new heroes, never mind ones we bought a year ago. Crazy


personally i think Loots are fair enough , mostly my true aim is Reset Token & Emblem & EHT , i think by 2 or 3 EHT every Weeks is huge alrdy.

in 1 month you able to get approx 30-120 Emblem , 8-10 EHT , 4 Reset Token for Free which is worth more than 3k-5k Gem. lets be fair , change happens everytime and let them work.

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I have 1 question…
why do you keep playing?
With so many complaints and if everything is wrong why do you keep pushing?
I understand all the frustration we all have that feeling at sometime in this game… but i havent seen 1 contructive comment from you so far.
My point is. Is this game so bad/manipulated/unfair that deserves the time your spending on it?
Or this is a great game but there are many wtong things so what can i do or say to help it to become even better…
Just saying everything is wrong and manipulated and yet spending time with this comments i realky dont see how it can become better!
Relax and enjoy the game … point whats wrong and what could help solving the problems!

Money already invested, nothing else. One would think at some stage you can enjoy your investment and not sit with 50 pictures of 1/1 five star heroes

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imo , Game is not investment , you should play for Fun and spend to increase your “Fun” in term of competitive and boosts your progress. it not for invest and it wont give you any return , if you think game as investment then you totally did it wrong.

you wont play this game or any game forever , there is point where you will be bored then stop and retire then find & play new game. all of what you “invest” will be gone and nothing.


In all honesty, I feel that many of the recent decisions made by the development team (raid tournament loot, exorbitant costume costs, gems for alchemy lab, etc.) have been downright insulting to players. If one were to finish top 1% every week, then at the end of a year that person would expect to have gained only 1 4* ascension item and about 96 emblems per class. Seriously? For 52 top 1% finishes?


For a F2P the tournament feature is as good as dead now. Not only the gem continuation fee is not worth it for the stingy loot, but now that you guys have added a 5th day, it’s way more taxing and time consuming. So bye bye tournament. This could have been a good thing for F2P players to compete in but I was so wrong. Guess this is how the world works, hard work and skills are only secondary, if someone wants to move ahead they just need to spend money. That’s how it will be I guess.


In fairness, the only difference from yesterday is you now have an official announcement.

I’ve gotten into the top 100 on the 5 day format without spending on continues, and the 3* and 4* tournaments are easily competitive for F2P/C2P. If anything, this announcement makes them easier to compete in because there will be fewer emblemed enemies rather than more.

I’m disappointed too, but I find all the doom and gloom a bit mystifying.


I understand what you are saying… Even I agree that the 3 and 4 star tournaments are better for players like me, but still I think rewards could have been better, even if not like the first tournament. I finish in the top 1% fairly often but I find the rewards to be very basic. But all this time I used to play it thinking that this is good practice for someday whrn the loot will be better. But now my only motivation to play the tournament would be to fill my raid chest. I just feel that the tournament had a lot of potential but sadly it just turns to be another daily grind/chore in the world of EnP. There is already enough grind in the game, I feel that we don’t need even more of that.


Knowing SG’s history, I must say that I am not surprise by this turn of events. So unlike some of the more emotional posts here, I am not very disappointed because my expectations were already low to begin with. (kinda like hoping for a Seshat but pretty sure of getting a Renfeld. SG has “trained” my lizard brain well lol)

BUT I must say that I am disappointed with how SG handled the PR part of it. Pretty sure SG has already decided very early on (maybe even after the first tourney) of nerfing the loots. But instead of being honest and upfront about it, they left it hanging for months and only kinda admitted to it after lots of nagging from the players. I think people would have felt better if they were honest and upfront - admit screw up, gift us a couple of EHT/ETT etc and just move on.


i understand what you say… for me it was different: when i started playing alliance wars, raiding and everything was there so i don’t know the history. For me Raid Tournaments was the first new big thing. And i was amazed about what they promized and advertised about it. Now that i see what was promised / advertised and what as delivered i’m quite dissapointed… but i’ll take my lesson. We have a saying here: “Wer einmal lügt dem glaubt man nicht” - meaning roughly if someone lies in his 1st statement why should you beleive the following statements. Now i have doubts about the new exciting features they advertise and promise now… . Better to have no or low expectations for those imho…


I think a lot of people keep playing the game even though they’re very unhappy with it because of the, time effort and money that they have invested in it plus their alliance teammates and that’s a lot to give up.
People also comment on their complaints in the (probably forlorn) hope that their feedback will be taken on board.
The developers are a very small group and I feel that is negatively affecting the future of the game because they’re overstretched and they seem to have a bunker mentality of ploughing on with very poor loot/returns for players.
If the point is why don’t unhappy players just stop playing then how long do you think that this game will survive for?

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I think the doom and gloom is from people feeling very mislead.
For maybe the 1st time there was a new feature that promised great loot (wars never promised good loot) which was such a break from the norm that it lessened a lot of frustration for people.
Then the loot was nerfed almost immediately “temporarily” and then we had months of almost no communication from staff concerning it.

For maybe most players Petri’s post has ripped all optimism about the future of this game and players feel that their views should be taken on board because this game is nothing without the players.

Raid tournaments could be a great feature that could really improve the playing experience. 3* and slow heroes became relevant and even desirable again but now that the incentive for doing well in tournaments is now officially permanently low players are wondering why did they bother with them.

I’m beginning to ramble on so I’ll finish by saying that the doom and gloom shouldn’t be mystifying. Players understandably have no trust in the future of the game being less of a grind and more rewarding. They know that the developers are working on new features that currently just seem like blatant money grabs (alchemy lab in its current form, skins etc) and they feel that they have no interest in improving the current game features.


I agree, but I’ve seen posts indicating people are buying the continues. So I’m not surprised that the days were extended and the loot was left where it is.

I just set up a team and play through for a bit. It’s mildly entertaining but I don’t expect miracles from the loot. I also think that the wide variance in defs is a big downside.

Lucky you. I’ve had 2-3 EHT in a couple of months. Where are all these magical tokens raining from? ETT I see oftenish but the hero tokens are few and far between these days.


I think it is fine as it is now, all of that would just suffer inflation and everyone would have dozens fully emblemed heros all over in just months… This is a marathon instead of sprint. Good work SG!

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