When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

sigh this is VERY disappointing. The original loot tiers were awesome and gave us a reason to really care about how we finished. The current loot tiers don’t. I’ve only re-joined once and that was because I was flush with gems from the friend offer you had today. I can guarantee you that I won’t be spending any more gems on tournaments going forward.


I made a table comparing the original and current loot when it was updated at the end of May:

Obviously it turned out that my expectation/hope was not fulfilled.


Honestly, this isn’t a surprise. It still stinks though. E&P repeatedly has said they wanted to increase availability of Emblems and AM’s and repeatedly done almost nothing to provide these. They continue to tout new feature, which tend to be expensive versions of old features providing little benefit other than allowing people to use all the ham and iron. The fact that it’s going to take 3+ years to fully emblem a team of 5 star heroes is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve encountered in all my years of gaming.


I would be very surprised if someone spends gems to get back to the tournament.


I’m afraid there will be plenty… otherwise they wouldn’t be so shameless.


I personally think that SG initially thought that the raid tournaments were going to be a big money maker for them (initially 100 gem entrance fee, then 75 gem continuation fee). But when the money never planned out, they see no reason to give us better rewards for the tournament than compare to other events.

I mean the look at the monthly challenge events, only the top few people who send a ton of resources/money get great rewards, the rest get a little bit. If they can’t make money of it, they not going to reward us with large quantities of emblems, 4* acension items, tokens …


Looking on does drop rates from first tournament this now is a joke. Like somebody is kidding with us. SG tricked us as they told they will temporarily give this small lots until they fix some bug and they never returned it back.

You can’t tell all of us now that you didn’t say something you will do and never done it and just run some random bug fix talking something changed we are not stupid people. And you are not holding to your word.

This costumes are a joke, another way to spend money and valuable resources to get bit funny looking new heroes that we need to level.

Wow, this is very disappointing. I don’t comment on the boards often, but felt compelled to do so on this. I have followed this feature with great interest and have continued in the tournaments on a few occasions really to get a feel for what it would take to place highly. I won’t anymore. I feel mislead at best, though flat out lied to is probably more accurate. I’ve spent a good deal on the game because I enjoy the playing and believe in the proposition that developers should be supported, but now I see that’s only a one-way street and that support (or at least honesty) to players is not returned. I’ll be adjusting accordingly.


right move, SG.
lol at people’s greed wanting the original loot with how broken the tournament is. there are still huge problems with matching! some players are attacked once throughout the whole tournament, some attacked more than 30 times on the 3rd day. this means some unlucky players get stuck with grade E defense for the whole tournament - that is -500 points daily. then as I have often noticed, you keep winning but you are offered opponents for fewer points than the previous one! or you lose and your next opponent is yet stronger than the one you just lost too.
the outcome of this tournament is luck based, more luck than the usual luck of the board.


Very disappointed with that decision. You screwed up BIG time with the initial loot if this is what you consider correct loot for the tournament. It is a MAJOR failure showing us very nice rewards, then tunning them down THEORETICALLY WHILE YOU WERE FIXING THINGS, then saying this is the final loot…


@Petri just a remainder that people know what temporary mean.

This was April now it is July and you now say you made them better from June compered to first for sure NO, from all other most definitely YES. This is a big fail from SG. We remember, don’t smoke weed and do drugs so definitely have good memory.

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I disagree. I think estimated value difference between say Top1% and Top5% - “converted” into gems - is far more than 75. Plenty players will pay the continuation cost if there’s a good chance to go up a loot tier or two. And you also have to take the extra raid chests into consideration that you are able to open with the extra attacks.

While I’m happy loot is not returned to what it was in the beginning (imo way too high and ruining the balance between the different aspects of the game), I’m also disappointed by this announcement. Especially 1 Year of Top1% for ONE 4* mat truly is ridiculous. I would’ve hoped for a slight increase now that the mechanics seem tobe running smoother and smoother.


This. I’m disappointed too.


I do want to point out that, maybe, it is better to finally work on the already existing “exciting features which will bring new ways to gain rewards” (released more than 6 months ago…), which are currently neither exciting nor rewarding.


First loot was cool and there was a chance for weaker players to rank.

Then loot got nerfed, matchmaking changed and a 5th battle day was added.

Tournaments became much more difficult, were less rewarded and more continues wanted to be purchased.

At least one (if not all) of those 3 disadvantages for the players should be turned back into an advantage, since tournaments are the most time consuming aspect of the whole game.

Fill your pockets, but also stay player friendly. Thx in advance…


If it is so broken, they should fix it instead of working on releasing new bugs.

Maybe, since the tournament is still too much bugged (after 6 months!) for giving the original loot, they can remove the 75 gems fee…
( Yes, yes… I know… that’s really a funny joke! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)


I made the choice about 4 months ago to become F2P. Decisions like this from SGG makes me SUPER happy about becoming F2P. I will continue to enjoy the game in a free manner since they will continue to give us crap loot.


raiding has been around for way longer, and matching is still… I wouldnt say broken, but I would improve it.
wars have been around also longer than the tournament, and matching there is still out of whack. so I guess they decided to acknowledge their inability to fix it and just moved on!



My family is sadly disappointed in your head devs decisions. :flushed::imp::flushed:

I’m not so disappointed by raid tournament loot.
I mean… it is what i would expect from it.
I didn’t expect how it was before.

I still prefer much more to see war loot and war chest improvement rather then this.

I’ve won something like more then 30 wars, one every 2 days (or more) and all i got is one trap tool and one shield.

It is the worse loot by far.


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