When will raid tournament loot be returned to original loot? [Developer Response in Post #194] Answer = Never :-(

Loot was nerfed after first tournament when defense wasn’t working as planned. Developers said it was temporary, but did not give a specific time frame. Now that defenses are working properly, can we get the original loot restored?

Raid tournament loot restoration
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I’ll be floored if it ever returns to what it originally was.


There was a major bug this tournament where resurrections were functioning in some instances even though they weren’t supposed to.

Also, there are still plenty of reports of issues with matchmaking.

My guess is they’re going to wait until we have at least one or two correctly functioning tournaments before restoring the loot.


In addition to @Garanwyn’s helpful insights, I’ve also heard from Staff that they’re working on significant improvements to matchmaking that haven’t been tested yet — they’re hoping to have those in the next Tournament, last I heard.

I think it’s very unlikely they’ll return to normal loot until they have some confidence things are working properly.

So far each of the 3 Raid Tournaments has had notable issues, so I doubt the next Tournament will have normal loot again.


I think we’re close enough to balance that they should restore the full loot. SG isn’t helping anyone by reducing loot across the board. There may still be a few stray bugs, but the big problems that caused public outrage have been resolved.


My guess is there would have been a lot more outrage about the rez bug if the loot weren’t so crummy.


If they are planning major changes to match making, I think its best to wait until that rolls out. But I do think things have improved a lot.


I think we need to see what happens in 3* and 4* tournaments before saying the big problems are fixed. I think having access to 5* heroes is easier for matchmaking. We’ll see though.

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I’m leaning more toward Wharflord’s point of view where we should return to regular loot. However, if the developers are making major changes still and unsure of further significanct issues.

The only thing worse now would be return to the normal loot and them have then nerf it a second time, lol.


Some people were attacked 3 times. Others were attacked 30+ times. How is that fixed?


It would seem suspect to say that matchmaking is close enough considering the number of players who are reporting limited attacks against their defense resulting in poor scores if they lose and a meaningful decrease in defense points added to their score. Until every defense is getting hit enough times to be meaningful I am fine with reduced loot, which, by the way, is decent for content and everyone is all bent out of shape only because the original loot was so darn good.


I would question the statement that matchmaking is working properly.

First tournament I was attacked 5 times in 4 days. Every time my defense lost I was not attacked again that day. I was 1-4.

Second tournament, same thing but I was attacked 6 times and ended 2-4.

Third tournament same thing again, 5 attacks, 2-3. 0 attacks day 4.

I have been attacked fewer times over three tournaments than many players were in a single tournament. So overall I have seen no change in the defensive matchmaking at all.

On offense I have seen major improvement …


Matchmaking is still not working as it should, so not yet.

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But it was better matches for me were fair without healing it was up to the boards usually in the first 3 to 5 moves I knew if I was going to win !!
It’s amazing how much we rely on healer’s
Great learning experience thanks to the tournament this last war I took out a whole enemy team without healing :yum:
Quite simply stacking 2 really tough defensive hero’s with 3 high tile damage wiped out before arrow barrage could activate !!!

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The first tournament I was attacked zero times.

The second I wasn’t paying attention :grin:

The third, I was attacked about five times.

I don’t know that it’s fixed yet. Echoing @Richter, I’d hate for them to put regular loot back, only to have to nerf it again. Full fix please!


Agreed. It’s not the fairness or unfairness of the match-ups now, it’s the lack of parity in the number of attacks. I’m attacked once or twice a day while others get attacked 30+. It’s a tournament, after all, and defensive performance counts towards your points.


How about the fact that some people are only being attacked once or twice and others are getting attacked 50 times?? Sounds like a MAJOR bug to me. I was attacked like 50 times this tourney and held a 54% win rate. Other alliance members got attacked once with a loss and never again.


I am so glad that this thread is going - I had the same question(s). Lots of good points and it could definetly be argued either way about restoring “normal” loot vs. More testing etc. Personally I think a reasonable approach would be to split the difference and just give us better loot while the bugs become fewer and fewer (hoping there will eventually be none but also being realistic). The rewards for the top 1% are mediocre at best.

I will also take this opportunity to reiterate that it was clear that “the upcoming raid challenges (name subject to change) will be the best source of emblems” and that just has not been true. At the very least - emblem rewards should be adjusted.

Ending on a positive note, SG’s continued addition of content and support for the game is without question - awesome, even with the “growing pangs.” Thanks team!


I wonder when the raid torn loot will return? Maybe someone from dev can answer this question.

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I was attacked zero times on the first one, twice on the second one, and then over 30 times in the final tournament.

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