What kind of alliance do you prefer

Hello community, I show you some categories of alliances …which do you like? In what alliance do you want to play? What alliance is more comfortable and sociable for you? Choose number
p.s.The purpose of this mission is to see which of the categories is more attractive to the community

  1. Top alliance with total discipline and strict rules… all players are donators with a large set of legendary characters. a minimum of failures and losses, but a complex schedule of titans and wars

  1. Averаge power alliance with high level performance in war and titans, also high requirements in battles, most of the players sometimes donate and try to improve alliance characteristic in the war and mific titans. Failures and losses sometimes happen. Playing it is quite comfortable if you spend 2 hours a day

  1. Very sociable and friendly alliance opened for all players… No strict rules but teaches small levels in war and gives advice on defense, titans are not of high level and it is easy to beat them, alliance quests are either difficult to complete or the legendary level is completely closed… the main success of the alliance depends entirely on you and you are the level leader.

  1. The alliance is closed there is a small but reliable team, the requirements are minimal both on the titans and in the war … no one kicks anyone out for absence but communication should be polite and correct … you share leadership with two or three members of the alliance … do not strive for heights … people gather to demolish rare titan.

  1. Absolutly free from rules big alliance… everyone screams and swears with each other … it’s never boring … but often you lose because of unmerged flags in the war … only half the team beats the titan … conversations with jokes and anecdotes on various topics …

  1. Friendly and polite alliance with the young members of all sorts and levels. Minimum sucsess in the war and titans are very hard. Chat is non stop and you can see the rapid progress of defence and attack. But almost all power you need to give for the win. No Donaters

  1. Other
  • 1 - Top Tier
  • 2 - Avg Power / High Performance
  • 3 - Very sociable
  • 4 - Small closed
  • 5 - Free for all big alliance
  • 6 - Young growth
  • 7 - Other

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Heya! I’ve built a simple poll for you :heart:

For me, I suppose I would actually fall into the “Other” category! That’s because my current alliance (Champions of Archangels :wink: ) is a very open and willing alliance of 25-28 of us, and we only ask that you absolutely use your war flags, and try to at least hit the titan - whatever the damage. We are generally hovering around 10* (Killed with Ease) and 11* (Doable, but might take some resources).

It’s not very sociable, but I find the ingame chat function very clunky, and I can opt in to compete heavily and contribute if needed, or if I need to hold back and relax, I can do that too and it’s no big deal.

Honestly, blown away with how perfect the fit is for me :smiley:

EDIT: I see what the poster below says about war being “always 50%” and honestly, the wars is the one thing that really brings us together - regardless of if it is a fixed outcome or not - we always enjoy talking about how “good/bad our boards were” or, talking about new heroes/defences that we’re testing!


I prefer an alliance that always kills 12* titans, always kills rare titans and sometimes kills stronger titans.
I don’t care, and don’t understand why others care, about what my alliance mates do in war. This is so since unless you are in a top alliance you’ll win 50% of the wars, no matter what you do.
I want the alliance to be relatively full, let’s say above 25 members, since otherwise I feel it is an unattractive place that people leave.
I want some level of chat, so that I can feel my alliance members are my friends.
I also like that a nice portion of the alliance members tend to buy alliance gifts when applicable.


Bothers me that you refer to spending as “donation”… but I can get over it. I don’t think I fit in any of the catagorys provided, but 3 is close. I like the learning/teaching/discussion alliances. The outcome isn’t the goal… it’s learning the process. New members are great. Old timers too. But the focus is on improving what ever it is you do.

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Option 2

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I wonder where “average power alliance” falls in. Chaining 14 star titans has become a must for me. Is that average power?
This also creates a number of people requirement in a sense where you have the folks to take down a 14 star titan.

Rules are a must. They don’t have to be overly complex or difficult.


When I said average alliance I was thinking about the rating not included in 100 alliances but not lower than 1000

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#2 is spot on for my alliance.

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i play with 2 account.

the main one is in an alliance #2 type.
we have 14* titans, a minimum damage has to be dealt.
in war many of us have a defined role: we have people who go for oneshots and others who know their deck is weaker and go for leftovers.
we also have a chat group on Line for news, tips and some free chatting.

the second account is in an alliance #3 type.
titans is not even that important, the only rule is to use all the war flags.
we also have a whatsapp just for spam :rofl:

I’m in my own tiny Alliance right now (just left my original Alliance not long ago, as I was not growing fast enough compared to the majority there.) but I think I am in between 3) and 4) :slightly_smiling_face: Fun to see the results and hear people’s view. :100:


Our only rule is to use all war flags. There’s an expectation to hit the titan & contribute. 22-23 members & we take 12* titans with ease. Old-timers with low chatter, except on discord.

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#2 is what we have in our alliance.

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My fam doesn’t fit into any of those categories so I guess it would be other? Old school players occasionally top 100 stopped thriving for it with absolutely no chat filters …basically no rules and we are rude crude and obscene but use all war Flags and 14-star Titans so I guess we’re other?


I prefer mercing . No need for folks telling others how to play.


I enjoy mercing too. It’s a shame the loot was nerfed but I suppose the Rare-hunters put paid to the good old days. If I find a sociable bunch I stay a while. Nothing worse than joining somewhere and nobody says anything or has a laugh at all :+1:


A good alliance is one that is very clear with members about their expectations of them . Of titans are a priority let members know that. If war is a priority tell them . Being open and honest of expectations is a great way to gather like minded players . I prefer an alliance where the team is working to achieve common goals . Accountability is a must in such alliances . It’s awesome when random folks can get together to achieve goals . It lends itself to very friendly tight alliances . Good topic thanks for posting


I picked #2.
“Hardcore casual.”
All war flags must be used, and they usually are.
Titan participation required.
Demerit system.
Our alliance rank is 3500.
Name: Equator West Immortals.
No $$$ required, make the best of your team.
12 star titan average.
No drama.

I do not want the pressure of a top alliance and we are ok being a little under full. We have a great discord as part of a family of alliances.

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I used to be in type 2 alliances but now am on my own. So I chose 7.

I prefer freedom to do my own thing without having to consider others’ preferences or needs.

Currently “studying” opening war boards with a rainbow attack team, that will never activate. War score = 0

And also seeing how low my war score can drop. :rofl::joy:


Closest to mine is probably 4 except we are open and you are only kicked for extended absence (so far). No rules just suggestions. Some actively chat others never do. So, I guess 7.

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