What happened to Elemental chest loot?


Hooray, maybe they fixed the loot :slight_smile:


Today…3xsilver token, telescope, hidden blade and 40 diax (holy). Not so bad at all.


Not sure “fixed” just yet


Oh… Just a vain hope then :expressionless:


My Purple chest…


Fire chest just now. Got a shield from the rare titan too. RNGesus doesn’t like me :frowning:


Well, it’s not too terrible… Aside from the disgraceful trio of Silver Tokens. You did end up getting some Atlantis Coins… I do have a feeling if these are randomly given out in chests as loots and as completion for map levels in S2 and if what I heard is true (e.g. collect 100 of these to exchange for a S2 summon), most people are probably going to end up getting Atlantis’s equivalent of a Renfeld (don’t know if such a character exists) or something like that.


Worse yet, you can actually get Renfeld. The Atlantis summons includes (all? most?) of the existing heroes mixed in among the Season 2 heroes, just like the Avalon summons does. The Atlantis heroes are drawn disproportionately but not exclusively.



ice chest :smile:


20 gems boots and scabbard, a real slap in the face for a “rare” chest :confused:
Some are brilliant but some are just crap!
I wished all elemental chests gave ‘guaranteed unfarmable ascention materials’. But boots, battle manual and scabbard are just a waste of items to be included on rare chests.


The only good part were the 50 gems and maybe the flask. I’m not amused.

Show me your rewards

Couldn’t upload the video so I screenshotted this