What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Looks pretty good.

Apart from 4* mats, mine looks top notch today

Excited to see a costume key in my chest loot. I wonder what the drop rates are.

If you wonder that, contributing to my data project (a few comments above) will help!
Thanks anyway

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The blue chest i had this morning gave me 3 keys:


Havent gotten many chest over the last few months but the feeling has been disappointing. ETH, Titan Flask and 4* Mats is what I’m after. So I know my expectations are high. Just having them be so rare should count for something.

Blue chest on my alt today, I’m not amused. 3 keys…ok. So 4 for today :smiley: (1 from MV)


Loot from the chest of monsters and titanium

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