What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Looks pretty good.

Apart from 4* mats, mine looks top notch today

Excited to see a costume key in my chest loot. I wonder what the drop rates are.

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If you wonder that, contributing to my data project (a few comments above) will help!
Thanks anyway

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The blue chest i had this morning gave me 3 keys:


Havent gotten many chest over the last few months but the feeling has been disappointing. ETH, Titan Flask and 4* Mats is what I’m after. So I know my expectations are high. Just having them be so rare should count for something.

Blue chest on my alt today, I’m not amused. 3 keys…ok. So 4 for today :smiley: (1 from MV)


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Loot from the chest of monsters and titanium

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I am always told that is a myth, they never have changed at all??

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I had the same for the last 2 months , no 4* items … it was one of the rare Hope’s to get something decent.

Good ones do happen!


Guys please do not forget to add your data to the elemental project!!
Google form for elemental chest project

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I got nothing special today… Fire chest. The only thing that is ok imo is damast blade


I’m filling a Fire chest right now in place of a Monster Chest. I’ll make sure to include what I can, @ierazo, on that survey when I know what the loot is.

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Excellent, thanks @Mothra!! (note that filling how many raid, monster and titan chests you had in between is voluntary)

I would have to start now after this one. I can’t remember how many there were.

that is fine, as I told you it is voluntary. Thanks again!

gota ice chest today


Hi, have you submitted your data to the elemental project? This is the link Elemental project and basically you only must fill up a google form, it takes 1 minute to fill (just the mandatory questions). It would be really helpful if you do!

To all the interested, new results of the elemental project have been posted.
Look in the first comment

I’ve never seen “Alliance Energy Flask”… only World, Titan and Raid.

I have submitted my data.

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