What do you love and hate about the game?

I personally love the idea of an RPG card game, the 3 match puzzle is what makes it random to activate the mana, but the idea is fabulous and this is what got me hooked, so many cards with many different concepts and great art!

I hate the summon % and think it is quite unrealistic and very punishing, this is what kills the game in my opinion, to have a hero featured at 0.1% is a JOKE, and to have 2-5 heroes at 1.2% or even at 2% is just nonsense, Many have gone through more than 100 pulls without a legendary or featured hero. This is really outrageous but has been there all along, so it gives reason to drop the game as many have done it.

I just found out about a few friends who have abandoned the game and this made me think about my own endeavor here. It sucks to hear them saying they are leaving because of money issues, because drops rates are unfair.

If and only if the game was more balanced, or if there wasn’t the Telluria fiasco, maybe then just maybe we would have not lost so many long time players.
I think @Petri SG needs to reconnect to their player base, this model is not made to last.

As many other have said, getting a specific hero has become unreachable and unattainable unless you drop thousands of dollars and please, this is insane, no one is going down that road.

remind yourself of why you play the game, what do u love about it? What do you hate about it?

Will they ever change anything about it?
Maybe in the next years we will find out! Will there be players for many more years to come? Is this model made to last? More questions unanswered :slight_smile:
Great gaming fellow forum amigos


I love that the game is very dinamic and has lots of events.
I hate pulling season 1 heroes in every event, dont win atlantis coins in chest or titan loot.


This is my pet hate of the game too. Season 2 portals should be primarily season 2 heroes. Season 3 portals should be primarily season 3 heroes.

I have every season 1 4* and every season 1 5* except one. I am nowhere near close to every season 2 4* or 5* (I have exactly three 4* and one 5*) and likely never will.

I do love the game concept and the playing mechanism. Collecting cards and playing match 3 to use them is for me fun and aggravating in equal measure.


Love that after year of playing, there is still many things i wanna go for, love beeing in friendly alliance, and mostly the fact, that game aint heavy time eater, if you dont wanna follow that path. Not having problem giving it one hour in a day, which can make you easily super active by the end of the day.

What do i hate?
RNG mostly. Coz in the end RNG means…anything is possible, literally.
Sure it can be fun, when you at your lucky strike, but not getting single 5* hero out of TC20, out of 130 pulls, havent got single five star since i made my TC20… c’mon, thats simply too cruel and it breaks every odds.


I personally like everything except the pulling system as I have a terrible luck with pulling 5* heroes for a while now. Also the fact that there is Telluria almost everywhere over 2600+ cups range, but I do have a solid win rate against her, not the greatest, but definitely could be worse.
I play over 2 years and 7 months with some short breaks, so that means something I guess :slight_smile:.


What I love the most is playing with my alliance. I have been in the same alliance for almost a year now and it was and is a lot of fun seeing it grow and evolve. We might not be one of the top alliances, win every war, or kill every Titan, but we have great people and usually have lots of fun.
What I love about the game itself is the strategic aspects in which heroes to choose, figuring out the best synergies when building a team. That has become more important the more my roster grew. I like having heroes with very specific abilities and trying to utilize them as best as I can. It reminds me of some of my favorite board games - there’s almost always an element of chance as well as a strategic aspect to them, too.
What I dislike most is how rare ascension items are. I don’t have a problem with the summon percentages being low, I still was able to get a decent hero every now and then. But it bothers me that a lot of those heroes sit around in my roster because I don’t have the materials to level them up. The chance to get 4* ascension items through chests, titans or war loot seems way lower than the chance to get a 5* hero out of the summoning portals.


I’m probably alone here but I love the pulling system and the low odds. It gives me such a thrill when I finally do get lucky and pull that awesome hero, something I wont experience when it’s very easy to pull 5 stars.

On the other hand, doing tons of pulls make you feel deflated when not getting anything. But still I enjoy the ride.

Things I hate is saving tokens and gems up for months, then when that moment comes to spend it all, only getting junk.

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I love the quests, events, titans and wars. Recently, I find the 3* raid tournaments exciting.

I hate all the summon portals.

I think Chat needs improvement.


I love having competition in my alliance f.e. I have a “battle” now with one of my mates who reaches lvl 50 first (I’m going to loose :rofl:) or who gets the A+ on the titan. I’m also thrilled by the summons even if they normally ■■■■ me off like hell but sometimes you get lucky and you are happy all week. Hated only to put money into the game, but since a few weeks I’m C2P and much happier now playing it.

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Oyun hakkında; bulunduğum klandaki herşeyi seviyorum.Aile ortamı içerisinde ve saygı ,sevgi ve yardımlaşma içerisinde ağır ama sağlam adımlarla ilerliyoruz.
Oyun hakkında neyden nefret ediyorum:
Haksız hero çekimleri ki klandaki hiç kimseye artık doğru düzgün 4* bile hero gelmiyorken 5* rüyalarda…Ayrıca sandıklar,titan ödülleri,reklamlar bile doğru düzgün item vermiyorken nasıl ilerliyecegiz hickimse bilmiyor ve çoğu arkadaşım oyunu bırakma eşiğinde,bu durumdan nefret ediyorum.Genel itibariyle birçok kişi bu dertten muzdarip ve sistem bir çözüm bulamazsa çok fazla oyuncu kaybedilecege benziyor…

Moderator translation:

About the game; I love everything in the clan I am in. We move forward with heavy but firm steps in the family environment and in respect, love and solidarity.
What do I hate about the game:
Unfair hero shots that nobody in the clan is in a dream 5 * even when the hero is not coming properly anymore… Also, no one knows how to proceed when the chests, titan awards, even the ads are not giving the right item properly, and most of my friends hate this situation on the verge of quitting the game. It seems that if the person suffers from this problem and the system cannot find a solution, too many players will be lost…

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There are several things that could fall on either side of the love/hate list depending on the day.

Love the people… hate the drama
Love the heroes… hate the odds

blah blah…

At the end of the day, as long as the good outweighs the bad, I’ll continue to play.

Happy gaming to everyone!


My current alliance has shown me a lot of what I’ve been missing. Cool, welcoming people; great teamwork. The additional loot from fighting better Titans and winning more wars doesn’t hurt, either :wink:

and even if RNG gets us down… it gets us all down, we can commiserate :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like the RPG elements (collecting heroes). Getting the heroes is another thing… but farming is always still fun because I like to mix & match different hero combinations. And each is unique enough that I can ascribe personalities to them ((which makes for gold on threads like When Suddenly!


In general I do not like phone games, every time I tried one I played it for a week and then I forgot about it. This one I discovered when I was travelling by bus and I saw a man playing it on his phone. I thought “what a cool mechanic, match 3 puzzle combined with attacking monsters and dragons and graphic is so vivid and colorful”. This was the reason why I searched for it and downloaded it. Plus, I love RPG games (levelling heroes up, making them stronger when you progress and so on).

What I do not like…hm… I do not like that upgrading buildings takes so much time… One hour, 5 hours, 10 hours or even a day is OK, but 3 days? 7 days? Too much time. It makes me feel that my progress is sooooo slow that it isn’t worth it.



  • Supposedly random boards that always seen to hurt you when you are not using a rainbow team

  • Field Aid

  • Getting S1 cards from S2, S3, and special event portals

  • RNG is very streaky - seems like game uses a pretty lousy one.

  • Power creep - new heroes are often stronger than S1 forcing players to spend $ to try to stay competitive

  • War and raid matchmaking.

  • At times it feels like war and raids are rigged. Your team completely outclasses the other but you still lose due to a combo of crap boards and RNG


What do I love most about the game?
The people

What do I hate most?
The people


What do you love about the game?

What do you hate about the game?



I agree, in spirit, with your “hates” but quibble with their articulation.

Unfair implies that they favor me over you (or vice versa). I don’t think that’s the case. The drop rates are really, really low which stinks, but are the same low, stinky rates for everyone. It is a little unfair to the F2P and C2P among us who get very few pulls so we get from the summons only Carvers and Karils (versus P2W who also get Carvers and Karils but also get better heroes based on volume and not drop rate). The drop rates aren’t bad if you compare them to a casino, but not really player-friendly in light of this being a game, IMO.

Contradicting myself somewhat, what I like about the game is that it does involve strategy, specifically in making decisions: do I invest in troops or mana pots? do I level up a farm or the Hero Academy? do I level Freya or Domitia given that I have tons of rogue emblems and no druid emblems to spare. There’s also some thought behind how to best emblem a hero based upon your raiding style or defense needs, etc. as well as what team to I pit against GM-T-V this time.


I hate the portals. Every portal. For so many reasons I can’t tell them all.

I hTe the rng that’s not Real RNG. Mono color atack give me 4 tiles of my color, after cleaning about 20+ tiles with diamonds only apeers 2 or 3 more tiles that I’ve started… In 4 turns I’m dead. Without any chance. It’s a bit offensive to my roster.

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Major dislike…

Pulling hero’s that are not part of the event.

Just how many Bane’s do you wish to give me? :roll_eyes:

I’ve spent my tokens and gems just to consistently land with 3 star S1 heroes. I wish when it is the Atlantis Event, you can only pull those heroes. Or Valhalla…

What I love?

The awesome gamers I’ve met playing this game.
I don’t care if I don’t know you personally. We have a bigger bond than I do with my RL friends :laughing:


Amo el juego por que uno esta aprediendo constante mente sobre amar equipos de heroes, la comunidad de alianza el lazo de unir países y otros idiomas. Lo que mo me gusta es la demora de la edificaciones