What do you love and hate about the game?

Answering your question, how many Banes the game wants to give you. Obviously too many is not enough.


This game is great. I wish 4* ascension mats came more frequently. I’m happy with my heroes, i just need them at 4/80

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When i get really lucky - Love getting 5* heroes

Hate that i cant get the 4* AM to ascend them.

I love the game concept and gameplay, it’s fantastic!
I hate the summons and terrible drop rates for 5 stars, and the fact you can’t fit the heroes you want without paying for more space to have them. When I am ready to move on to a new game, that’ll be what does it for me.

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I hate the addition of Telly to the game. It has ruined raiding for me in upper diamond…its so boring facing the same tank and usually the same exact team over and over and over and over…

Like the costume chamber… it is nice to revitalize heros that I didnt use anymore but now do…hate that the odds are so atrocious.


Small Giant has become useless. 4 star mats are as rare as they can get. They can not release a decent hero. It’s either Telluria which ruined the game or its Noor which is completely worthless. They never take responsibility for their errors. Its always look over here don’t pay attention to that. They get told repeatedly by the players that things are bad but they never address them. The raid tournament loot is a complete joke. The events are set up to make money nothing else. They are as bad as an event on a mobile game can be. To be able to play the game non stop until your in the top 100 is ridiculous. Every level in the event should be 3 tries. After that it should use your best of 3. Of course they’ll never do the right thing because of the ridiculous amount of money events bring in. I could go on but I’m just getting sick of it just typing this.


Haha! One is enough for me.

But I swear I’ve pulled a whole army of them. :smile:

Not just you, believe me. If there’s any sort of counter track. Many of us bypass the 3 digits, I’m sure

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-Nice character design.
-Good graphics and effect.
-Many different tasks and events.
-Very detailed classification on hero ability and family, which is adding fun on strategy making.
-Telent grid.

-Strange raids pairing that always pair up with strong opponents.
-incredible high opponent’s damaging power, even you are on hero color advantage.
-Sometime color stacking is a joke, the game is keep offering color stone that my team is missing.
-Very low summon ratio for 5* hero.
-Rare ascension materials are very difficult to get.
-RNG… Is that really RNG ? I don’t think so…

Lastly, IMHO this game is not real RPG, yes it has storyline, battling, leveling, resource hunting…etc. But in fact is, you can’t freely traveling around the game world to complete task and getting infos, which is usually raised by some character in the game, but there is nobody in the game world that you can talk with (well… except your alliance member in chat room). Storyline is fixed you just like watching TV drama, battle scenes are fixed too just base on stage to stage format… So what’s the so called RPG stand for ? I would say that is more close to AVG (adventage) game, relatively fixed story line, follow the pre-set procedure, pass thought different checkpoint one by one, and reach the ending (although AVG game even has different side story and good or bad ending, which are base on player’s progression).

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I can’t log in to my account. Please help!

love the community, hate the pulls


We need a “punch the developer in the face” event for all the rigged boards and garbage pulls.

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