War healing after defeat / enemies healing after your team is dead

I don’t understand how in a war battle and I am defeated, is the enemy team allowed to use their healing powers after all my guys are dead. It completely takes away all of the damage I’ve dealt and gives me no points. In any other battle, when the enemy is done the special attacks are not able to be used. Is this a new glitch? I haven’t had this issue before today…

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The same thing actually happens in Raids, it just doesn’t matter.

Fleeing can be an effective strategy in War when you know you’re about to lose, and a healer or Field Aid is primed to fire.


This has been the way for healing in AW since day 1
I know its frustrating but its to give advantage to the defender

An advise: if you know you gonna die and cant kill any one or make massive damage, and the healer will use their skill, just FLEE the battle you will get the points


Ok thanks. I guess I never considered fleeing, but in cases like that I can see the advantage. :blush:


Didnt even notice that you replied before me :see_no_evil:


The attacker has the first turn and the defender the last one. That’s why every charged enemy will fire, even when you’re already dead.

Fleeing will cause an immediate end of the battle. That’s why wars offer the only meaningful use of this function to save some points on a defeat.


True, although this seems to be more a complaint about both sides being allowed to fully complete their turn, rather than an issue with boosted healing in general.


I’m glad the game has helped you find a second hobby as well! :laughing:


I’m often accused of being too accepting so this makes me more “human” :rofl:


Probably worth noting: this post isn’t about Field Aid at all.

It was about a healer firing after the battle ended.


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Heal aid will fire as well as charged heroes after your death, if it became ready and may annoyingly decrease your points on a defeat.

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When attacking in war and you’re down to your last hero and the opposing player has several remaining heros left that are fully charged. If the opposing 1st charged hero kills the last of your heros the battle should stop and not continue with the remaining opposing heros to use their specails especially heal. I dont think that is fair.

It is “fair” because that same situation happen to both you and your opponent.
Both side when attacking has this “problem”.

Logic? Yes, not really logic. But that’s how they want it.

Suggest: if you sniff you probably deal not much damage and see healers (or healing rule) almost to shoot… just flee.

You’re gonna lose anyway, better preserve the damage dealt.


I understand that you dislike the way that the game is designed in this way.

Allow me to say that I like this design decision. I think it adds a layered strategic decision that the player is ACTUALLY in control of. That’s kinda rare in this game.

So I’m very much in favor of leaving this as is.

Sometimes fleeing is the best choice in a war raid. Learning when to flee and when to stay in fight is something that’s valuable to an alliance, and makes me feel like a better strategist.

I hope you’ll try to view this feature that way :slight_smile: if not that’s okay, but I do hope this stays as is