Version 67 Release Notes & Status


2024-05-06T10:45:00Z: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes

Return to Sanctuary

May 16, 07:00 UTC – May 20, 07:00 UTC

New Gargoyle Family Heroes with softskin passive:

  • Legendary
    • Uwe
    • Mena
    • Hilda
  • Epic
    • Grumbl
  • Rare
    • Betty

The softskin passive has been improved. This also applies to the existing Heroes, Pophit and Garten.

This new Challenge Event includes:

  • Magical Fluff level property
  • Rare enemies

Monster Island

May 24, 07:00 UTC – May 27, 07:00 UTC

Monster Island now has its own Summon including Event Heroes from the following Families:

  • Plains Hunter
  • Jungle Hunter
  • Abyss Hunter

The Monster Island Summon also includes a bonus chest!

Beach Party seasonal event

Jun. 3, 07:00 UTC – Jul. 15, 07:00 UTC

Beach Party is back! The Summon, which includes Beach Party and Sand Empire Heroes, now also features the Perfect Ten bonus.

Master Talents

Enabled May 14

  • Addition of 5 new Talent nodes for each class
  • New nodes require Master Class Emblems to unlock
  • 25th node unlocks Master Talent (for Classic Heroes, Superior Master Talent)
  • New effects or boosts to all existing class talents
  • Reduced the emblem costs on some existing Talent nodes for 5* Heroes:
    • 250 → 125 emblems
    • 125 → 80 emblems
  • Similarly to Golden Emblems, Master Class Emblems will not be returned when the Talent Grid is reset

Master Class Trials

First time May 17

  • All-new recurring weekly Quest
  • Only teams of a single Class allowed in each trial
  • Fight the Master of each Class to earn Class Emblems and Master Class Emblems!



  • Offers are now available in the Featured tab of the Shop
  • Changed wording of Moonflower’s Special Skill
  • Improvement to Legendary Troop conversion. If an Epic Troop assigned to a team is converted, it will be replaced by an available troop that best matches the rarity requirement
  • Adjusted the status effect icon for Ukkonen’s heal over time status effect, which refreshes its duration if hit by damage from a special skill
  • Added an info box for safe dispel/cleanse effects that ignore certain secondary effects to better communicate the function
  • Events with rarity requirements will now allow Legendary Troops to be used with Legendary Heroes


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Event Hero Bonus description being duplicated
  • Fixed Epic Hero Tokens reward sources duplicated text
  • Fixed some display issues with the secret summon preview
  • Fixed an issue where an epic troop could not be converted into a legendary troop during the signup and preparation phases of a tournament if it was still in an attack team from a previous tournament
  • Meg Giry and Carta now correctly reallocate ailments to one or more enemies
  • Fixed an issue with the Path of Valor Event Challenges sometimes getting overlapped by the Daily Challenges if there were two event challenges running at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with the Monster Island Apex Monsters dropping several keys if they were defeated by several players at the same time

The new Summon has been postponed and will not be included in June’s Hero League yet.


Master Talents launch date adjusted.


This Hero League has been postponed. Some technical issues were identified that may need a fix before this event can be run again.