Version 58 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

i think health will be 700/700 +100 boosted health;
it’s very effective on normal healers

**When you want to Nerf an entire line of characters but are too chicken to say that.
*** Max health reduction effects are now more effective against boosted health

  • When a target with boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by N, the Special Skill will now first remove boosted health by N (same value) and THEN reduce max health by N. Boosted health removal only applies to boosted health and cannot affect original max health.
  • EXAMPLE: If a target with 1000 original max health and 200 boosted health is hit by a Special Skill that reduces max health by 300, the target will become 700/700 (boosted health removal will apply first and take away the 200 boosted health — then max health reduction will apply and take away 300 max health).
    This reeks of a double dipping special. First I reduce your health, then I reduce your health again. So characters like Baldur, Celidana, Gullinbursti, etc. are now rendered moot. Particularly since a lot of the health reduction characters have a special that is undispellable.

Her passive blocks HR


You are right. I forgot her passive. It only renders moot the overhealers without that passive ability.

This kind of allows her to have a slight edge over other overhealers

I get people are annoyed at the Covenant increase to 9-10 but genuinely I autoplayed both…so I do get the need to make sure lazy people with big rosters can’t do that as much

But yes it hurts everyone else who has less roster depth…

It’s hard to land these right at times…I’d always prefer easier as lazy is better but you can’t fault them for wanting to challenge us more…

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It’s the one thing that’s bizarre when accounting for all the other things.

The “quality of life” within the game is an issue. Morale is at an all-time low. This change is the insult added to the many injuries. It’s a psychological thing.


How does auto-playing vs. AI constitute a “need” for changing the difficulty? Does it affect the gameplay experience for other players?

There are too many problems in the game for SG to worry about things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

…and just like you pointed out, a minority of players can autoplay. What this update really does is put that extra summon out of reach for most of the playerbase.


They don’t like it when players aren’t playing in my experience. Think the towers where we could just infinity loop it…they stopped it.

Like I said, it’s a fine line making content challenging for the upper levels but accessible to those lower. I don’t envy them that challenge as it’s never going to be perfect

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Had to just double check to see if I was remembering what covenant was correctly.

I completed it since my return and using only 4stars in content (none with 2lb) so I can understand how some players with large rosters might not feel it is a challenge. Therefore wanting an increase in difficulty. There should be a challenge for all players, and I’ve always been fine with not every roster being able to complete everything. I would have preferred it in the way of an additional couple of levels on top of what is, but don’t have any issues with them increasing difficulties in a range of areas.

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Still urge Hanitra buff with healing as her 1st skill

Wow. Posted this years ago and it only gets worse…


I have a roster that can rival many. I skip the Magic and Ninja Towers altogether. They’re so difficult. They require so many expensive materials and resources and give back poor-to-mediocre rewards.

Nah, I’m good.

No auto-play there. Least amount of fun to be had in the game right now. Are they “fixing” that?

I guarantee you NO player of any roster size begged SG for that.

They slid past a lot of broken stuff to fix something that isn’t broken.


They don’t really listen anyways. They watch the metrics. If a lot of us just hit the autoplay they will know that. You’d be amazed at the sort of data they can get. A mate of mine works in the field and there’s companies that create and sell software that monitors every user play.

If a level is too hard and people are struggling to get past it the software would identify that and let them know. They want engagement and by engagement they want eyes on screens. Autoplay is there to allow farming…when we don’t need to look at the screen for premium content I imagine they know it and don’t like it. Our opinions are not wanted really, metric overrule that.


Good to know that there is another quest I can skip from now on :slight_smile: didn’t like the gamble with mono and a decent board before and now it is an autoskip for me.


Yes, we know this from beta. Opinions are just to keep the players engaged to generate more metrics, and then filed away.

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I’d say you’re spot on with that. Reminded me of this:

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It’s most definitely a thing…my mate was involved in something to do with the new Netflix games. Eyes on screen is literally everything to them. If you are doing something to do with Netflix, you aren’t doing something with a rival. And it’s very monitored…

I’m willing to bet EVERY aspect of the game is monitored, right down to choices players make in deciding what to pick in the Goblin Balloon. Hate to say this, but they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t utilize all that data.