Version 58 Release Notes & Status - Discussion

20 characters of garbage

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I have the same understanding as you too… I think the example given is a bit confusing haha.

So without boosted health for example, one would be at 1000/0, with +200 boosted hp, will become 1000/200 and unfortunately, I was hit by -300 max hp reduction, I will be at 700/0.


You won’t believe it but in games there might be challenges that you can’t pass if your player isn’t developed enough…Like in life

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Possibly right, I’m the first to say that the developers working only on things that bring them more money and not on things that bring joy to players

But I see that too many players discussing it, like nothing else in the update to discuss

I thought finishing the quest got enough tokens for 3 pulls

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2 or 3, though lately, it often alternates between 1 or 2 if I have like 25 to 45 sitting in my inventory every month.

Only 2. 20 characters.

While Team Cost affect anyone other than those that have not progressed through the game? Is there a way to make a team higher than 130 cost?

I’ve another question regarding the hp thingy:

Lets say I have no boosted health at all. My base hp is 1000 and I suffered a hit and left 300hp. I got a max health reduction of 400. Will I die? or is it if I receive a max heal and I will only be at 600?

Hahaha… I guess we will wait till then to experiment and experience it ourselves.

The original mechanic is already in place for this even since boosted health/max health reduction is first introduced;

“Max health can’t get lower than 30% of the original max health”

I believe this should answer your question.


Oh yes thank you! I’ve forgotten about this!

The community: the last stages are really hard, we depend a lot on a lucky board

Zynga: we are always listening to our community and we’ve decided to increase the stats of the already OP heroes (non only) for this quest!


Zynga could be planning to adjust TC upwards for 2LB heroes. Across all tiers. This May cap the team composition for say War @ 130.

Then they can offer Advanced War for higher tiers at say 150 max TC.

Or they could impose TC limit on event tiers.

Example: Covenant Stage 7 max 130

Stage 8 to 10 max 150.

This would then reduce possibility of using the same rainbow 2LB team to auto play all 10 stages.

  • Griffex’s Special Skill no longer adds mana to other allied Griffex Heroes - Do I understand correctly that this is not a bug fix, but a Griffex nerf? Have you deleted the last line in the description of his skill? Explain it to me, please. :pray:
    @PlayForFun ?

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I have no idea how this looks in the game.
I can ask Staff about this.

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Re Covenant, my main issue with making the bosses of last stages harder was that - many players already complained it was not possible to beat without mono and a lucky board.

It’s not that it was hard, it’s that it was hard AND very luck based.

I don’t mind the difficulty in Tower events for example because there are ways to manage it that I can control (such as bringing the right items). Rather than praying RNG will be kind to me


That is an understandsble move: all with teams around ir above 5500 TP are breezing through all events, and the other please buy and summon more, the Zynga VP’s need all new lambos for company cars…

Happy gaming

I think Griffex won’t give mana to other Griffexs. Because they may get infinite mana. Other non Griffex allies will still get mana.


Oh, maybe you’re right and that’s how it should be understood. It’s hard for me to understand English. I don’t own it. Thanks for the explanation. :pray: :kissing_heart:


That’s my understanding too…but clarity needed….

Guess, we will find out ourselves :grinning::wink:

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