Version 32 Release Notes & Status


2020-10-12T21:00:00Z: We have now released the update for both iOS and Android. Please update your game!

Release Notes

  • Ninja Tower Event added:
    • A new event where the goal is to climb as high as possible in the tower.
    • Blessings added.
      • Buffs that help the heroes in the Tower event.
      • Choose 1 out of 3 blessings every three Tower Floors.
      • Chosen Blessings will be active for all Heroes in all Floors of the Tower.
    • Oni Curses added.
      • In the Tower Heroes can be cursed.
      • After obtaining two Curses hero can’t be used in the Tower for the reminder of the event.
      • Heroes get Oni Curses if Oni Stones explode.
    • Oni Stone added.
      • A new type of shield that appears on the board in the Tower
      • Oni Stone will put a curse on a random hero when it appears.
      • Oni Stone will explode three turns after it has appeared.
      • If it’s matched before the timer runs out the curse is broken.
      • If the timer runs out before the Stone is matched the Curse becomes permanent.
    • New Ninja Summon & Ninja Troop Summon added, including exclusive Ninja Heroes & Troops.
    • Tower Coin added.
    • Small Tower Energy Flask added.
  • New War Rules added:
    • Undead Horde
    • War Equalizer
    • Rush Attack
  • Return to Morlovia Event updated:
    • New Easy difficulty added
    • Balance changes to Normal and Advanced difficulties
    • New Rewards
    • New Enemies
    • New Heroes
  • Quality of life improvements:
    • Go directly to select hero view when tapping your hero in the raids view.
  • Smaller fixes and changes:
    • Fixed an issue where Inari and her allies would dodge when Noor or Bera casts her special.
    • Fixed a visual issue where the manabar would appear darker after fighting with Hansel, Gretel or Pixie.
    • Fixed a visual issue where if Zocc fired at a hero with Onatels status ailment leeching 100% mana, the mana is gained only after turn has ended. Now Onatel will gain it immediately.
    • Edited Baldurs skill tool tip when active in battle: “Active as long as the caster (Baldur) has boosted health”. No changes to skill functionality.
    • Fixed game crashing or freezing when Baldur hit an enemy that was in ghost mode.
    • Fixed an issue where random damage from specials and status effects (eg. Baldur and Stonecleave) would attack heroes on the opposing team even though there is a taunt active, resulting to not do any damage and the text “protected” popping. Now they will prefer taunted targets.
    • Fixed a visual issue with Lady Lockes special skill animation while in a defense team.
    • Fixed a visual issue where Costume item icons didn’t have frames in recent activity view.
    • Fixed a visual bug where status effect icon was not visible on a hero if it was cast when the hero was in ghost mode (reviving).
    • Muggy’s chameleon mode is unremovable, only removed if the hero is defeated.
    • Daily Gems Offer cooldown is 24 hours instead of until UTC midnight. (After the change the first cooldown time is random but max 24 hours.)
    • We have updated the wording to be clearer to differentiate dispelling buffs and status ailments: “cleanse” when you remove status ailments, and “dispel” when you remove buffs.
    • New heroes or costumes will be labeled “NEW” in the summon when they are available for the first time.
    • Fixed an issue where Heimdall would revive heroes as grey and inactive, if the revived hero would get damaged due to counterattack while revive animation was happening.
    • Fixed an issue where enemy bosses had different values for their Special Skills in preview and battle.
    • Fixed an issue where Baldur in some cases could not find a target for their random attack and the game would crash.
    • Fixed an issue where invisible heroes would turn into a silhouette of themselves when they die in battle.

Release Notes have been amended to include the following information under the Ninja Tower Event:

  • New Ninja Summon & Ninja Troop Summon added, including exclusive Ninja Heroes & Troops.
  • Tower Coin added.

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