Valhalla Rising - Please give us better loot than AR

I see in the calendar. We will be getting “Valhalla Rising?” It gives me some thoughts and meh feelings.

The past 1 year. I have been grinding Valhalla. It is heavy on costs. Instead I could have farmed during AR and/or at 3 WE costs for a much better troop and resource loot output. I am worried. Because I am not that kind of high spender, who has so many WE bottles that never gets used. Every AR I use all bottles except for 2 I keep for emergency. However I am that paying mid spender groupie. Who buys a lot of 200 gems/$ or better deals.

If the VR loot will be similar to AR loot. It means I will have lost loot and especially feeder troops. For what reason? Because I have been a diligent farmer? No way I would take that easy. I do hope SG realizes this factor. And the VR loot will be considerably better than the AR loot.

I do know quite a few players. When they start they don’t use their mats. Then they learn to use their mats. When they run out of mats. They stop or take a break from the game. The game is not fun when we run out of Mana ingredients, don’t have enough feeder troops, don’t have enough food for Mana/troops etc. Fx I am currently taking a break from 14s Titans. And will probably do. Until I have enough food to intelligently consider doing 100% Mana Potions.

So SG. Please don’t make me feel like a fool. When/if you release VR. It might take hard on me and others who feels similar to me. Please give us better loot. With all your events. With all the new events you have released the past one year. The current loot output is not sufficient to stay competitive. The diligent and misspending paying farmer. Should have the option. To play in top level in top alliances and never run out of mats/resources/feeders etc.

(Troop output is an interesting side topic. Which should be considered coming into here as well.)

Errr… I don’t see it fancy calling it Valhalla Rising as coined by our Calendar contributors. “Rising” is more applicable on Season 2 since it is by myth that Atlantis was swallowed by the sea but the civilization there continue to flourish.

And since this is about the Norse lore, the term “Ragnarok” comes to mind. I dunno what they would call it, but I find it much catchy if it would be “Ragnarok Descends” or “Ragnarok Now” or simply “Ragnarok” as a Season 3 version of Season 2’s Atlantis Rising.

I believe Small Giant may also lean on the path they previously did with Season 2, that is, to set a monthly schedule where there is a boost of loot drops, decrease of WE requirement on maps, and perhaps a special monster dropping Valhalla coins. I have already finished all available normal and hard stages there and waiting for the last 3 provinces (assuming they are the last ones, unless SG has a secret province on top of the tree itself) for me to get 240 more Valhalla coins. That would also provide me with an additional 300 coins from the missions. I plan to finish the avatar mission quests when the AR-like event is available for S3 since WE flags is too wasteful just for the avatars alone.

But this remains yet to be seen.

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I don’t care what they call it. This is about the loot. If I am a person who spends all my WE bottles every month. The Valhalla coins lose their intrinsic value. And I will have lost tons of feeder troops, and other loot as well. Due to having grinded Valhalla the past one year at high costs. Simple as that. Not ok with me.


Simple fix. If there is no AR-like event for S3, then remain in Atlantis Rising.

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It will be very exciting to get better loots throw Valhlla ! Hope SG respond to it !


Both yes and no. Totally removing AR would not be popular. And it wouldn’t change the intrinsic value either. And it still wouldn’t solve the issues with increasing number of events and advanced buildings taking up more resources than before. Both making those buildings and using them. Drains resources way too much.


What’s yes and no?

I never said it. All I said that if there is no AR-like event for S3, then we remain at S2’s Atlantis Rising.

What intrinsic value are you referring to?

More events and more contents are good IMHO. If you don’t have the time, then be selective which event a player wants to participate. As far as buildings are concerned, I have all maxed and patiently awaiting for the new update to allow me to upgrade old buildings to their advanced versions.

It should. Why not? Lest you forget, all players underwent this, from the early stages until when they get maxed after the last update allowing upgrades to structures. I sure did. So what’s the issue there?

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Just like in atlantis rises loot is doubled so im pretty sure valhalla forever will have increased loot as well


I get where you are coming from, but everyone who is progressing on S3 is in the same/similar boat.

I am in an alliance chaining 14* titans. They are item heavy, but I choose to be there. Taking a break from 14* sounds what’s best for you atm. I might do the same some time.

Where are you using 100% mana potions? I don’t really use them. :sweat_smile: I mostly use small mana on titans, and challenge events.

To be clear, I don’t disagree with your opinion. Just trying to see what you can possibly do, rather than relying on the game to change (it might not happen).


Perhaps I’m a tad dense or just enough of a spender that whatever SG decides to do won’t bother me one way or the other. It would be nice if they institute an AR-esque monthly Valhalla. Not only am I all caught up with S3 provinces for both normal & hard levels, I’m also all caught up on all the available S3 missions. SG will do what SG will do.

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There are a lot of posts noting how AR isn’t long enough. Lots of players are feeling the game inbalance with resources.

The main point of OP seems to be the game has created more to play, but resource management (ie farming) is an issue. This affects quality of life…, gameplay sucks if it’s just constant grinding.


In beta, it’s called Valhalla Forever :slight_smile:


I know. But that is not a point raised by OP. Based on what I read, he only wants the so-called “Valhalla Rising” to provide better loot for him to farm for crafting materials.

LOL. Every player at a certain stage (or in several stages) will feel the imbalance, not only with resources, but with everything else. It already occurred in the year the game officially launched, it kept occurring in May 2018 when I first played this game, and it still is occurring now. I see no different in the future. I think the game devs designed it to be as such. This game is indeed a grind, so what’s new? If we fail to recognize and remember that, and raise our complaints here, then maybe we are on the wrong game. Google Play Store and iOS App Store is not bereft with mobile games that does not require grinding.

LOL. I hope you still remember back then in 2018, prior to the release of Season II, players were complaining of less content and features. Back then, there was no war and no raid tourney. Players were content farming on Season I maps and dared to fight the last boss using 3 or so heroes. It was a challenge back then. Now that SG has given more content and features in the game throughout the years, and the complaint now is that we have too much of everything at almost the same time.

It is wise advise that not all events need to be participated. We are here to play the game as a distraction, not make it a full time job or chore without compensation or remuneration. If a player has the time and energy to do everything, good for him. If a player prioritizes real life than the pixel life he has, then good for him. And if a player wants to mix everything, real life and game life, and balance it and want to be competitive, all I can say is that such player is a good juggler or a good time manager.

Eh? Forever? Too cheeky. There’s no forever. How can there be one when it would be limited to several days? Devs should do better than that. LMAO

Oh boy, do i have some bad news for you OP …

Let’s just say that currently AR>>>>>>>>>VF.

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why do you say that?

Well. From what I heard there won’t be 50% material boost and there will be a daily limit for special coins :upside_down_face:
So… no longer worth farming.

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It’s only just been released into Beta. Should we not hang on till see the live version before grabbing the pitchforks?