Shorten Tavern of Legends in favor of restoring Atlantis Rises farming time (poll in post #2)

Does anyone need the full ToL time allotted? It’s not very WE intensive, you can’t replay completed stages, and you’re nearly limited to 1 try per stage.

With the calendar being so tight, why have they allotted so much time for this event?

My suggestion is to shorten the Tavern by at least a day in favor of extending Atlantis Rises back to its previous length.

Please vote in the following post!

Edit: @Petri @KiraSG What do you think? We’ve made a pretty strong case :slight_smile:

Should the duration of the Tavern of Legends (ToL) be shortened in favor of extending the farming time of Atlantis Rises (AR)?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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@Petri @KiraSG


There’s an older thread with some posters asking the same thing…

Edit: Specifically…

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I see no mention of shortening the Tavern in that OP


Yes, please. A longer Atlantis Rises would be beneficial for everyone, especially for the newer players. And a shorter Tavern of Legends duration would mean that players who want to get past HoTMs would only have a shorter time to decide whether to summon or not. This would potentially concentrate their spending on those ToL days, which could actually translate to revenue for the game developers. A win-win situation, isn’t it?


yes…yes…yes sure more yes


I for one am in favor of this proposal. I did not understand why SG extended the duration of Tavern without giving players more ways to get free coins in the first place.


To give more time to those undecided buyers decide to buy. Or to allow players who are chasing an old HOTM the possibility to buy more offers (more days more offers to display).

On the other hand Atlantis seems that is not longer a revenue for sg/zynga at least not at TOL level.
SG doesnt do an effort to add more atlantis offers either. There are only two compared to others portals. I dont know but i suspect it has to do with Atlantis being an old portal(so the big spenders could not see it so attractive as other new portals) its an assuption nothing clear


I don’t get it, to be honest. The two calendar events do not butt up against each other. There’s no reason for one to shorten one in favour of the other. Both start on a Thursday. Neither runs until the next Wednesday. They aren’t even in adjacent weeks, with AR in the first week, and ToL in the third.

Now, I do note that when SGG shifted to the weekly pattern instead of every x days, Atlantis was shortened to 2.5 days instead of 4 days like the other three events (Challenge, ToL, Valhalla). Annoying, yes, but not a conflict.

So what’s with the non-trade-off?


Very much agree. I typically finish the quest the first day and then there’s nothing left to do.

It seems odd that it lasts as long as a challenge event (which has 45 levels that can be replayed).


True, the events are not adjacent. However, the issue is just in available calendar time within the month, as there are many existing quests to stuff in. Atlantis Rises was shortened to create space in the month, so shortening ToL could free up space in the calendar to allocate to AR.

I hope that clears up any confusion as to my rationale with this request :vulcan_salute:t2:


You’re right—it’s totally nonsensical! However, that wasted time could be an absolute luxury during AR.

So… there’s already space? There are no special quests immediately after AR already? Freeing up a day two weekends from now does not free up today also? Seems… roundabout.

ALSO, I’m sure the choice to shorten AR isn’t accidental. With two new events on the horizon (Ninjas and Mythics), I would imagine some of that space is already spoken for. Aren’t you at all curious about why it’s like that?


Lol no. You’re fixating on the wrong thing. Take a day out of ToL, add a day to AR. Boom. Done. Simple.


Totally aggree with that.

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I can see the attraction of extending Atlantis for some but for me I’m near broken farming the daylights out of it as it stands.

Extending it won’t make me farm slower…I’d just try to farm it even more.

So whilst I agree Tavern can be shorter I’m not really in favour of another day of Atlantis any more.


Great call Mr.Spock. 24hrs too long!!

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Happy to extend rises by an extra day (I am normally done with it by that stage though. Only so long can sit with phone on auto play without having other things to do). However, dont see the need to take away a day from ToL it doesn’t impact AR in anyway. Also for some people they might not get a chance to start on ToL till the weekend anyway.

Would vote yes if it was just extend AR but not as it includes reducing the other

It took for me about half an hour to complete the Tavern of Legends. All the rest of the time - summon which suck :slight_smile: 17x summons - 14x 3* and 3x 4*. S1 of course

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Well, to clarify, my stance is not that this farming time would be mandatory for all :wink: