🦸‍♂️ Uwe - 5* Dark / Purple from Return to Sanctuary

oh really, is that because your enemies have good deep rosters though? on a more casual alliance and enemies, would he be better?

7000-7400k enemies… yes. But my defences are holding better with Darkfeather . On more casual alliance I think he will hold very well and he is pretty good on the offence. But not even remotely OP. Just a good average hero to me.


Did you run him at tank?

The comparison to Darkfeather seems to suggest so.

If so, I think that may have been the issue. Given his conditional damage, tank seems like a suboptimal spot for him since you want him to go off after the enemy has taken a fair bit of damage. I think that means his ideal spot is in the right wing, not tank like Darkfeather.


I dont see this hero as a defensive hero. His shining moment will only come when certain conditions are met. That means you cant rely on the AI to show this heroes full capacity. I see this hero as a very good finisher for heroes like nautica or toon vivica who hang on by just a thread to heal everybody back up to full health. You have to fire at below 50% health if you want to take full advantage of everything he has to offer. Very much like lemonwood on defense ( who i also have) He can either destroy a whole team or you get a single hard whack. Conditional heroes are best used when you control who and when they hit. You cant just say a hero isn’t that good when you don’t use them to their best ability ( just my thoughts) This hero is better used on offense where you can control who he hits and when. I have him at 4:80 with 11 emblems and he is very good under the right conditions. I can’t imagine with 20 emblems and 2 lb what he’d be capable of.


i thought he may work with rochefort but reading his skill again, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

i don’t have him to confirm

Why are we having this event 2 months in a row?

I maxed and 2LB him…not impressed yet


I was impressed when he fired at my Ekanite who were charged and fired before… :smiley:

How are you not impressed, he does what a sniper should do

And then gets the soft skin

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Agreed, he is Fenrir+ hehe :wolf:

Well, considering all the hype I was expecting a litte more bang

I think he’s incredible, I love it when he takes out a toon or another beast

I have yet to see that…maybe we’re just going up against different opposition. I am happy you are pleased with him though, but for me just another overhyped benchwarmer. Enjoy

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I rly do not understand all the hype this hero get. Slow mana which require to down other heroes down to -50% health to do more than damage to one opponents. Otherwise he is just a snpier. Maybe with Toon Quintus and Nautica in the attack team he will be deadly. But without specific team he is just avarage hero.

I’m not sure about different opposition I’m pretty sure I’m playing at the very highest level of the game.

Same as you from what I can see with the summons you get.

I will enjoy him and hopefully you’ll get the same satisfaction eventually.

But if people want to say he’s not that great I will always take a buff for him to make him even better than he already is.


Who would you level up first? (Note, I have family members for both heroes)

  • Ramona
  • Uwe
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One free pull and out pops this dude