Urgent Message/ question for small Giant

Yep i got it. I was blindsided by the ninja towers. Had i been up to date withe the calendors and signed on here more often i wouldnt have lost my kool. My apologies to eveveryone!


Hey trixter can u update ur ninja heroes collection? Did u get some from summon?

Hold a seance? Ouija boards, idk?

Do b you know how to request a support ticket?

Hi @TrIxTeR

In the future, if you wish to contact SG, here are the instructions:

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

I wish you all the best. I too am chasing ninjas. May you get yours first. :wink::+1:

If this thread is complete, just let me know and I will close it.


Really you couldn’t have done this

He’s right! I also feel like SG should give me at least 3 x 5* ninjas and 4* ninja rainbow troops for free and asap! GOD! How did I miss this so far?! This must be the most ridiculous thread on this forum… we should vote…

Is this the most ridiculous thread you ever read on the E&P official forum?
  • Yes, this is the most ridiculous thread
  • No, I’ve seen worst

0 voters

If anyone votes “No, I’ve seen worst” please share the link…

Rebalancing Telluria and Vela
20 x rebalancing

I’ll grant you it was possibly most “annoying” but certainly not “most ridiculous”!

Yes annoying
Buy yes also lots and lots of ridiculous posts

Due to compulsive/obsessive merging and thread renaming, I can’t find my favourite.

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