Urgent Message/ question for small Giant

So today was the release of the new Ninjas and troops each of the five star ninjas are almost at 800 power without a single emblem put on them these are crazy powered Heroes and I love the change of the dynamic but I have a legitimate concern players like myself anchor Nittany Lion Roar and others many many others who have played this game for 4 or 5 or 6 years and have sunk thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars into this game are we going to be receiving any of these new Heroes by default? Because we have committed all this time and money into building are heroes bases and alliances and with this new release of these Heroes and troops people can start playing today sync a bunch of money into the game receive these Heroes and troops and build them all the way up and literally clean house with us veteran players that have committed our time and money to this game are we going to be allowed some kind of leniency with maybe a ninja or two and or a troop or two of ninja status? I like this idea I would love to see this workout but it does seem a little unfair if we are not going to be given some what is a grandfather in status like receiving a couple ninjas in a couple ninja troops maybe like 2 each? I would revrally like a response from small Giant on this this is a legitimate concern and question thank you Jason Davis leader of Trixin Ain’t Eazy…

01/01/2021~~~ Yep i got it. I was blindsided by the ninja towers. Had i been up to date withe the calenders and signed on here more often i wouldn’t have lost my kool. My apologies to everyone! I was airing out my thoughts on the matter as we’re encouraged to do here, but mine was made with pure anger. Happy New Year everybody and may the board gos be ever in y’alls fa~~

I am sad I have but one vote to give…

/eh, never gonna happen


Is this serious post or…


C’mon guys.



As this gentleman says, this is a legitimate concern! Have you no heart, good sir!?


I have a heart, but am at a loss for words…

And when TGW is at a loss for words…

That means that… there are no words.


Empires and Puzzles is only a little over 3 years old.


Also at a loss for words (and lost IN the words).


few things…

as @Ultra mentioned, game has only been out since 2017, at least for global release afaik. idk when the limited release came about before that.

second thing, @NittanyLionRoar and @Anchor

idk either player very well but from what I’ve read and watched they typically seem like sensible logical guys. I find it hard to believe they would expect free heroes and troops with each new additional release or even one additional release or whatever the case may be.

another thing, i find it hard to believe all 3 of you have played for the same amount of time

last thing is SG is one of the greediest development teams I’ve ever come across, probly only to be 1upped by the ones who own their :peach:es which is Zynga…

they give away stuff sometimes but never guaranteed heroes or troops as far as i know. they don’t even like replacing heroes players have accidentally did away with or lost somehow. they don’t even want to replace the heroes players have that SG has flat out said they will dwindle down to unusable if players don’t stop using them.

There’s no way in hell anyone is getting guaranteed ninja heroes or troops for free. only way is to roll the dice in summons portal like everyone else.

think that pretty much covers everything



Yes this is a very serious post actually speaking as somebody who has spent a lot of money on this game to get to where I am yeah and I feel as though I am speaking for a good amount of us after talking to quite a few veteran players so yes this is a very serious topic thank you


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Okay well I have been playing since 2017 and I’m sorry that I wasn’t exactly sure when it was created I know that I started playing in 2017 and it is now almost 2021 so sorry for the accidental exaggeration but either way it has been 4 years and you all have the right to your opinion as I have the right to mine I have put a lot of money into this game and a lot of time and it has actually been a source of therapy in a lot of different ways for me and a few other players so once again sorry for the accidental exaggeration thank you for pointing out the non-relevant but now to the topic of people who have spent a lot of time money resources and concentration on this game do you think we could address that now


I find it odd that your claim playing this game for at least four years, yet your troops are not that greatly leveled. I have played since May 2018 and yet most of my troops are already at level 25 and leveled and acquired them using epic troops token as I refuse to pay gems just to get them ideal and feeder troops. Can you show proof that you have played for at least 4 years already? You can do this by tapping Options and then tap the medal icon (Achievements) on the left of the Sign Out button on the bottom of the page.

EDIT: Sorry. I posted this without reading the immediate preceding post. You don’t need to apologize, @TrixTer. We all make mistakes.

It was brought up actually on one of their Pages where I asked and it was discussed not saying they showed favoritism towards either way but it was agreed that with such a huge release that it has the potential of people just coming into the game scoring these Heroes and potentially being a lot stronger than people who have been playing this game since the beginning and have built their roster to the best of their ability so the one thing it was agreed upon was it is a legitimate question so everybody can knock it but as you can also read other people are wondering the same thing and think it is a very legitimate question

Yes and as I explained I wasn’t quite sure when the game came out I am sure that I have been playing since 2017 I’ve been with the same Alliance bad 555 more days because I did quit on the 555 day when I went to try to recruit another team I’m a guy and I have not sunk I’m sure as much money into this game as anchor or Nittany Lion raw I am not speaking for them I’m saying it was the topic of conversation I’m expressing solely my opinion and when the conversation persisted other people’s concerns also so I figured I would ask the question so is this is going to turn into me being that pick the part I’m sure small giant could find out exactly when I began playing this game and that was in 2017 as I have Google Play receipts going back that far and I also explained I wasn’t sure how long the game was out before then I assumed years because they were very good players back then when I was just starting so if we’re all done tearing me apart I am just wondering as it seemed like it was other people’s concerns to and it was a topic of conversation and I decided I would like to ask if this is a possibility or not or you can just continue to tear me apart that’s your prerogative but I’m still going to investigate this further because it seems like a very legitimate conversation and concern. Nor am I comparing myself to any of these other gentleman who I agree have very sensible a knowledgeable experience with this game and watch their YouTube shows and take their advice also so do you think we might be able to get back to the question at hand or did you want to slander me some more so I’m not as powerful as these other guys but as you can see I have put in the time and money I was with the Raven’s Nest before this team was handed to me and I changed it and I left it at the 555 Daymark to try to recruit another small Alliance and change the name of the alliance. So once again I am not voice thing anybody else’s concern I am asking a legitimate question that came up in conversation and if that’s not what this forum is for then maybe somebody should explain the rules to me because I thought coming on here with these kinds of questions was encouraged

The only default hero we received in our entire playtime here is Bane. The rest, you need to summon at the advertised odds at the portals like any one else.

To be fair, on the devs’ and capitalists’ view of view, they invest money on creating a a game and/or its new content with the anticipation of having a return of investment. Creating new heroes and troops in the hope that some moneyed players will spend money for gems to be used for summoning. And the power creep is there to lure such players to spend. Sound reasonable to me. As long as nobody is forcing anyone to spend, it is up to the player to be responsible financially and wise enough to recognize that getting those prized pixels is not an assured endeavor, regardless of the amount of real money spent. If you spend money and rant because you failed to get the hero you want, the blame is on you.


Okay, in that case, thank you for clarifying.

Though as a 2 year long, very low spender myself, I am having a hard time feeling sympathy for you.

You say some on your team have been playing for 6 years.

Oooookay then.

Yeah and I was born in 500 B.C.

Continuing on…

People on your team have all spent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the game.

And I am supposed to feel sorry for you?



You have my deepest sympathies.

Many, many sympathies.

So many that I cannot even begin to express them all…


Have small giant check the date since I’ve been playing it’s not that hard I’m glad this topic is gotten this far off yeah I have slacked on my troops it took me awhile to figure out Mana troops and critical tropes as you can see I was building critikal troops and have recently stopped and focused on Mana troops. Super simple dude check the dates been playing since 2017 like I said if it’s that big of a deal and you want to get that far off subject I could start digging into Google Play receipts if you would like Jesus Christ how about the topic at hand

IMHO, when you state…


It suggests you are speaking on their behalf.

Absolutely! I’m sorry, What was your question?


Now I claim to be a veteran Elite player? Veteran player yes and actually would you like a screenshot where I made it to 86 global? Hold on I’ll throw that in there but no I never claimed to be a veteran Elite player so yeah maybe you should take a deep breath because obviously you you can’t even think for yourself obviously you put things together yourself because I never claimed to be a veteran Ali player a veteran player yes. Now how about that topic at hand

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