Uraeus or Prof Lidenbrock?

My absolutely f2p alt has used up all my luck the last couple of months with a few good drops.

So now… with a great shortage of darts who do I max?

prof Lidenbrock or Uraeus? And is either OK at 3/70. I have plenty of orbs

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Yes. They are decently usable at that level.

Depends on what you need and want as a priority. As a yellow healing tank, the Professor may sound great even with a legion of dark killers developed by players due to the previous reign of Guinevere way back in 2018. If you want a solid sniper that summons minions and a good counter against minion summoners, Uraeus is the hero.


Prof. Easy decision.

If I were to think about the top healers in the game she is in that list (others include Garnet, Green revivers, Ariel). Uraeus is a decent hero, but no where near the same usefulness.

Professor is a hero you can build a team around. Uraeus, not so much.


I agree. You will ascend and enjoy Uraeus later… lindenbrock can immediately benefit any 4 heroes you bring out For attack, and has a use in defense.



I agree to. I think Lindenbrock is the better chose.

Lidenbrock is the best healer in the game IMO. She will keep your team alive in titan fights and with emblems has a decent attack stat too. In War/raid defence she will frustrate the opposition. In offensive play you’ll find yourself finishing tough battles with heroes on 2000+ HP.

With a level 5 mana troop (or node19+lvl1) she will charge first time in nine tiles. An amazing hero.


Yes, that 20% mana at start is a big, especially when combined with overheal (so it’s not wasted if your team is not damaged enough) and reset when negative ailment received (so when someone fires and inflicts something unpleasant you get some HP back). For me Uraeus and Lidenbrock are also two candidates for next ascension but Lidenbrock will be definitely first one and she’ll replace C-Vivica afterwards. Just need 3 more darts. And cleanse first heal later means Vampires will be hungry as well.

Also barring Raphael I believe she has highest heal of all heroes - 800HP, which is certainly nice.

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Yep, agree with all that. “Best healer in game” is always so subjective as it depends on style of play so it’s nice to have lots of choice. Lidenbrock is really the real deal for me and Viv is sulking on the back bench! Debating scopes to Raff atm, the minute I hand them over I’ll pull Cobalt, I just know it :laughing:

But if you don’t use them you won’t get Cobalt, so it’s a sacrifice worth making I reckon :wink:

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Haha good point, well made :grin:

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I have this exact same dilemma coming up.

After chatting it all through with the brains trust in our War chat I’ll be ascending the Prof as my yellow healer. Rush wars won out as she will be outstanding there.

I was dead set on Uraeus until the Prof came along.

I suppose I should be grateful to be spared that dilemma. Uraeus is nearly finished, and then there’s a couple of nice holy 4* to work on. If I had Prof L it would all be too confusing.


Interesting insight. I never thought of her as a titan hero. For me, the best antipurple titan is composed of Gazelle, costumed Viv, costumed Leo, and 2 more heroes that have insanely high attack stat (costumed Joon for the blind may be one). Unfortunately, I only have Gazelle and cJoon, with 2 highly emblemed Jackals filling the role of cLeo.

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I’ve always been weak against purple titans so I’m sure there are better attacking choices, but she’s been a revelation so far. I used to run with Viv+18 and now Prof+20 (790 atk even on shield path). I’m still stuck with the poxy blind centaur so a second Joon would be fab. Gazelle a distant dream :slight_smile:

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Wow. That’s high enough for a healer. Good for you to have her. For me, the Professor is just a distant dream, my version. I only summon using free coins, tokens and keys for over a year now.

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Got extremely lucky with an “oh go on then let’s join in the s4 launchday fun ten-pull”. A year’s worth of luck… makes sure I don’t moan too much on here for the next few months :laughing:

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Ahhh. Good for you. At least it didn’t cost you much getting the Professor. Some players may have spent a fortune but to no avail. I don’t have any epic or legendary S4 heroes yet. In S3, I only got Alfrike (maxed and fully emblemed attack path), 3/70 Ratatoskr (soon to be ascended) and 3/70 Fenrir (I am not inclined to ascend this wolf). I also don’t even have a 5* hero in Avalon, Wonderland, Villains. The Ninja legendary I got was Jade, still working her to 3/70, afterwards, I am to ascend the S3 squirrel. The pirate heroes I got are Locke and Kestrel using free coins via Censure’s Method early this year. Mother North also obtained after spending 40ish EHTs last January without using Censure. Also got recently Sir Roostley using some 20ish EHTs.

I really think that we can get all those heroes by luck or in due time. Moneyed players get them just very early due to the several more attempts in doing so than F2Ps.

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One more thing worth pointing out which I forgot, is that everyone’s boosted health under the Prof can’t exceed twice the HP value you started the battle with. It’s not on the card that this is the case, and to be honest I’ve not been paying attention so assume this is the case with all Overheal specials? I feel as if I’ve read it somewhere at some point but I’m not sure if this is very widely known.

Anyway, at +20 with a mana troop she maxes out at 3086 HP. Very useful for hard mode farming too.

P.S. Nice roster @Ultra, go f2p! :grin:

Thanks everyone. The prof it is. Just wish my main account had her! (Or Uraeus…:smile_cat: )

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Definitely do prof first. You know why? Knowledge is power!

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