ℹ Treevil – 3* Dark/Purple from Knights of Avalon

I did drop to B overnight but then had 3 back to back wins this morning to bounce back to A. None of the players that are losing to this are short of heroes to beat it. Multiple Alfrike/Hel/Miki on them. It’s just showing how horrible they are if they get going. 6 turns of that nasty debuff is soul destroying I’m sure.

Happily not faced a tree yet…but it’s coming I’m sure

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I’ve been running Treevil/Noril this week for my defense too. Currently won 6 of 8 attacks (and doing far better than I ended up doing on attack). Here’s my defense:


Second round rush war results

Challenged 13 times (1 OS, 12 times denied victory)


Ok, replying to first post with the tournament team.

Took quite a few losses yesterday, defense now at 8 / 13… Barely at the A ranking but still a very solid performance including 2 3* heroes.

Creeping back up again. Now at 68%

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Ok this defense really got bad towards then end of the tournament, ended 9/19 at C grade… it did give me 3 days of A, 1 day at B, and final at C.

I’ve ended at 69.2%

2 trees in my 5* defence and I’ve been A rated all week.

I haven’t faced a tree myself but clearly they’ve been trouble to handle. And that shouldn’t be a thing.


ended up at 10/12 (83.3%) in defense)


If they are A-material on 5* torunaments go figure how many chances 3* attackers would get :man_shrugging:

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Just finished my second Treevil to 50. The only hero I’ve ever done a second copy of.


I wish didn’t have my extra trees eaten to level up my only treevil lol

Treevil tank did well for me this tourney ACCAA


@littleKAF Care to give your view on the little tree hit? Did he overly influence it?


Treevil is a joke.
And a highly predictable one :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Didn’t notice @littleKAF there, would love to hear your opinion

Were you the treevil I lost too? Dang that was frustrating.

First, I’m not the best at vf. Tournaments are better than wars. Wars, they are a pain.

I didn’t give treevil the respect he deserved. I just went hard at it. Had I gotten the tiles, I’m sure he’d have died. But I didn’t. And he went off. I think he went off two, if not three times.

I just looked. I got 128 off you so I killed one hero. I didn’t record it. But I recall treevil did give me a problem.

He was the only treevil I hit. I believe I used this team as I switched minimally. But I don’t recall anymore. Again - I saw treevil and just went. Didn’t bother adjusting. That’s a dispell team, not a cleanse team.

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This summed up my feelings when I put him in.

He is my best purple rush option, even as a 3*, and so rolled with dice (all credit to @DBC )

Thanks for the feedback!

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I told you not to blame me! :rofl:

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Same for me treevil tank did an awesome job!

I never thought it would be possible, but I ended up top 1% with my ragged crew of 3 and 4 star heroes lol.
Defense: got a straight A with 13/14 wins

Offense: Same as Defense, except Grimm+20 instead of LittleJohn. Got through with only 3 losses: 1 horribly bad board, 1 Mother North in top shape and 1 Alfrike faster than my treevil.

My teampower around 3.9k I also got lucky and didn´t face too many defenses above 4.6k or so and also some without Alfrikes :slight_smile:

So I would blame my success at least partially on luck:
Not many bad boards against teams where I couldn´t come back from a bad start, I managed to come back from all but 1 bad starting board.
Not too many Alfrike teams
Not many really “good” defense teams, mostly what i faced were defenses based on heavy hitters +healers which I have little trouble with.

On defense I guess it worked because generally my team would be underestimated by everybody, people don´t even look at a team with 3.7 or 3.8k TP, they just click the fight button lol. If the attackers doesn´t bring both dispel and cleanse they´ll be in trouble.

Anyway it was big fun playing a 5 star tourney without 5 star heroes :smiley:


Let’s be honest.
Your defense fielded two of the most broken heroes in the game in Treevil and Ferant.

I kinda remember about someone speaking against both quite some time ago.
Ah, yeah, me.

Then luck, certainly, but luck favours the break.

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