Trainingscamp Lvl 11 Droprates 1* & 2*

Have tried to find a topic in the forum, which is about that, but couldnt find one…

Does anybody have an Idea? is it 50/50 or 70/30 or less?
just be curious… because i think 1 get a lot more 1* then 2*
does anybody already made the effort to write his results down of TC11…

hopefully its clear what i am talking/asking , my english is sometimes quite confusing :smiley:

cheers guys

@Garanwyn has been tracking this for a while, and found that it’s 50/50 if you track enough drops for the RNG to average out.

Last I saw, he had data from around 700 TC11 drops, and another couple thousand data points for other TC levels, plus color tracking for all of them — so he might be able to share more insights and updated info.

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oh wow :slight_smile: thats amazing :slight_smile:
hope he can help me

and thanks for your responds and linking him

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Out of 1872 trainings, I got 945 1* and 927 2* (50.5% 1*). The 95% confidence bound on that is way larger than half a percent, so there is no reason to reject the null hypothesis of 50/50.


thank you very much for your respond :slight_smile:
i was wondering how many feeder i need from TC11 to bring a 5* hero to max
that helps me to “calculate” it(asuming that the droprate of each colour is arround 20%)
thanks a lot again :slight_smile:

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