Training hero off the month 2017

When can we train the heroes off the month? Need some for the titan

You have to first summon one to be able to train him/her :smiley:

By “train”, do you mean in a training camp?

If so, never. HotM is a hero of the month once and if you do not get it in a summons during that one month you never get it.

Are you a moderator?

Gawd, no. Unreasonable, cranky, hard headed and generally rude means I will never challenge Rook for that position.


And on the flip side of the coin, all those traits mean you’re probably very representative of a large part of the population :smile:


I like this guy

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You are wrong. They will come back. But we don‘t know yet in which way.


Yes correct they have said they will return at some point but we have no idea when or how.
My guess is they will be hard to get and probably not cheap at that

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This is getting off topic.

Still not a moderator


While this is representative of the current factual situation, a staff member of Small Giant Games has said that old HoTM’s will find a way back into the game.

However, this was said quite some time ago and plans can change, so it’s not a given until it’s in game. And even if old HoTM’s are made available again somewhere in the future, I very much doubt it will be through training camps. But who knows?

Disclaimer: I’m not a moderator.

Hi Hi. It seems that he does not talk to normal members. so no need to leave my opinion here as I am also no moderator :joy:


I got a crazy idea! :joy:
Let as all try to make a new trend of using “I’m not a moderator” instead of “20 characters” if our reply is to short. xD :joy_cat:



I am not a moderator

20 characters.

I’m not a moderator


I am Spartacus

but still not a moderator

I’m not a moderator either.

You guys are too funny. :smile:

I’m not staff, but I am a moderator. I can confirm though, there are still current plans to re-release the old HoTM, but everything I’ve heard leans towards something like a special limited time summons event.


That‘s what I would expect. They will earn tons of cash with this kind of event.


recognized this already?

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