A crazy but funny idea!

Like I said in this post lets change our fillertext at the end of short posts

Of course mods can use the phrase without the word not :smile:


As I did.

I am not a moderator

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You are such a crazy guy @Grendoline. Nice that you talk to members :kissing_smiling_eyes:

more than 20 characters but i am still no moderator :laughing:

Nice idea! “I’m not a moderator”

More like.

I’m not a moderator

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Here is the thread.

As i AM moderator (it’s called motorator over there), but not here, but on a Dutch site with over 500 members. (http://www.vfroc.nl) … must i mention:

I am a moderator, but elswhere

Or can i use the i am not a moderator sentence :smiley:

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You can use both!

I’m not a moderator

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