Tourneys are a joke

…I entered the 2* star hero tourney. Here is my defence 5 level 2 training heroes and it was my offence as well. Never changed attackers around or anything. Simply, used attacks to fill raid chests. Note: paid the 75 gems to continue once. I avoid farming and choose to raid for the ham and to fill chests so the 75 gems is cheaper then a raid flask. The sad part is I scored top ten % ( note I’ve done this before and usually make top 5%). Let’s just flipping admit the “Tourney is Broken”. Those who leveled and emblemed 2* heroes your probably _________. The 90% that I beat… your horrible at this game!!! Lol

@zephyr1dont you dare merge this. I want discussion on fixing these tourneys!!!

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@zephyr1 …20

2 strong 4 me and my 5 unleveled Aifes. I is ascarded :grimacing:

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The big things that are screwed up right now:

  • matchmaking. Often find I get attacked only one or two times in first two days while I make ten attacks. Why? And also if you do well you get matched with progressively harder enemies until you’re sure to lose, and then when you do you don’t drop quickly enough to get back to where you can win
  • loot. It was too good, but now it’s so crap it looks like a monster chest
  • length. Making it five days was just a gem grab, combined with the matchmaking you almost always get to four strikes about day three or first few flags on day four, so then you have to use gems to continue, to get up to any kind of reliable loot tier
  • very fast. This rule set is almost completely determined by the opening board, there is not much skill in it

The two star tourney was kind of fun, working out how to stack tanks with unlevelled feeders, but really, as someone said amusingly in another thread “don’t play with your food”. And again, my defense hasn’t been attacked once

I like the idea of using three and four stars, but the way this delivered is just so disappointing right now. I’m usually in their corner (SGG that is) but on this one they have dropped the ball


I can’t understand why anyone would pay 75 gems to continue. Ever.

I never do this. For me, the tournament ends at four strikes. Simple.

I also never pay to continue on other events or quests.

People must be rich, and rolling in gems…


That is the point- you pay the 75 gems you get a decent loot tier… it’s what they have set up. Honestly if I put 5 unleveled heroes ( rainbow) which would be the “worst” team I could field but was 16-9 on offence… you have to ask how is that possible because even if I faced the same unleveled teams I should win 50% “at best” if it’s totally random. But nope- I filled 2 raid chests with the 16 wins got top 10% loot which will be rng so could be as good as top tier.

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Biggest joke is I haven’t been attacked yet. D team is 4 Sharons and Brand tank.


Neither I had payed the 75 gems to continue but I think that the ones who are paying them want to have better chances to:

  • get the reset token
  • get epic troop & hero tokens
  • get the juicy 30 emblems

It’s not like you don’t get some of these at 5% but 1% loot tier is much better and it could be a good gems’ usage if you wouldn’t even get 5% loot without the continue.

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Same here, no one has been attacked me.

It’s $0.75… I am not sure players need to be “rich” for that…


It’s because a bunch of people aren’t playing this one and many put in 1*s so as not to lose their 2star feeders

The 2star set up is and may remain skewed for a while - because people won’t devote roster spots to hold leveled 2stars - but those that do will reap the rewards, such as they are.

3star and above tourneys seem mostly sorted most of the time for most players. We all still get the “not attacked on D” or just one or two hits against us - but I think once that is sorted. It will improve.

I’d rather the match making be entirely random for a day or two, the have broad tiers so yo may fight teams weaker or stronger than you by a lot - a true lottery tourney will result is more/different players getting to the top.

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2* tourneys ARE a joke, but your accomplishment is due to 2 main reasons.

  1. You paid the 75 gems that most new players prob can’t afford and that the experienced players don’t see the cost incentive. Simply means you’re prob the 10 percent that did pay

  2. There is no diversity in the 2 * roster to offer any real strategy as opposed to higher * heroes, meaning it’s a tourney that comes down to basically board state aka RNG

As a side, you bragging and putting down the other players doesn’t really make your accomplishment all that great. So grats?

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Why does this thread about fixing the tournament need to be separate from the other threads about fixing the tournament?


So everyone can know how good a player he is lol

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Not sure if you noticed there pal but it’s not just the 2* tourney that’s broken. I use to do the same with the 3* tourney. Putting in unlevelled 3* in and it was the same result. The tourney is set up just like raiding so you face roughly the same tp the whole way through ( the sarcasm about beaten the 90% was about the people using emblems thinking there gaining… when it doesn’t matter). And yeah point 2. Is pay the 75 gems and get the loot-

Again pal. You miss the point. How can the worst team possible be fielded. Totally unleveled training heroes with no real special have a winning record? It’s not like for 5 days every match was against the same thing… this tourney isn’t real, it’s not rng it’s designed for you to choose pay 75 gems and fill chests get some better loot or don’t and get poor loot… it doesn’t matter if your good or not.

So broken tourney is a separate issue from broken tourney. Cool.

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Well Im not really the type that feels rambling 2000 posts on a broad subject solves anything. I’ll make it clear for you without the sarcasm what question I’d like addressed. Does it matter if you have 5 untrained heroes or 5 fully noded heroes when everyone gets the same loot?

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Training heros are automatically max level so you are NOT fielding the worst team. Read point 2 again. Theres no diversity at all in this tournament so chances are ppl are playing the same heros over and over. In fact, I was thinking of buying the trainer pack to field exactly the same thing but didnt cuz it wasnt worth it. Your winning with that team is attributed to luck which I already pointed out. I wasnt disagreeing with you about the tournaments not being fixed. Merely pointing out WHY you’re in top 10 percent. So guess you missed that point pal.

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