Tournament matchmaking suggestion


I have given this idea in a couple of tournament feedback posts, but I guess it belongs here.

I think the current matchmaking for tournaments could greatly improve if done this way:

  • when you are attacking, the average TP of your best 30 heroes that can participate in that given tournament will determine who your opponent is.

The two methods used so far are clearly flawed:

  • if you take into account the TP of your defense team, sandbagging will clearly happen, since having a 5x Aife defense will match you against really easy opponents if you actually have some 3* or 4* heroes or whatever.
  • using the TP of you 5 best heroes is again a problem. If, for instance, you have only five maxed 5* and the matchmaking only takes into account those 5 heroes, you will be matched against 5* maxed defenses who aren’t that easily fought if you can’t stack or have to rely on unmaxed 4* or 3rd ascension 5*.

Using the suggestion I gave, you would start fighting against enemies that are maybe a mixture of 4* and unmaxed 5* in the given example. If you are winning, obviously the difficulty will go up as it’s happening right now and you will end up fighting maxed 5* teams.

Somebody else mentioned that this idea could also be used for defense teams to prevent sandbagging. If the people who attack your defense team are people whose 30 best heroes are averagely similar to your best 30 heroes (instead of only looking at the TP of the war defense), we won’t see something like this in the top 50 anymore.

Making people use 5 heroes in their defenses is not enough, since if you add 2 Aifes in the corners of that given defense you will be attacked by people who are looking for around 2600 TP teams and they won’t ever beat that team…

Thanks for reading,


Matchmaking is an issue I agree. When you first posted this I lead with my best team and did okay on defense. Next time it auto filled the same and did well also. This time I have defended with an offense team 2,1,1,1 that is radically different and more powerful. I look forward to the matchups I guess

PS. Getting a C because of only 1 defense in the last 4 days because the PNG (programmed number generator) made it so is annoying.