Raid tournament defense loophole needs to be closed

Since the power of people who attack your defense are based off your defense team power, and the only thing that mattwrs is win %, it encourages sand bagging.

For example, your best tank, weaker but effective flanks, and garbage wings. I have a defense for the tournament at 2635 power. It WILL win over 50%. My best full 4 star defense is over 3500. It may or may not win over 50%.

There-in lies the problem. I’m effectively making it harder for weaker rosters to score because it benefits me.

Here’s my rough draft solution:

Calculate the max defense for a given ruleset. Ballpark it. Doesn’t matter. Top 20% of the possible defense points gets a +50 or +100 points per day added to defense. The next 30% get +25 or +50 added to defense points daily. Bottom 50% remain unchanged.

This would encourage players to put their best defense forward instead of trying to play the system. But as long as the loophole exists, expect people to exploit it, and those it’s really hurting is the developing player who runs into a defense like mine.


seems like it has been addressed :slight_smile:


Thank goodness! I don’t understand what was wrong with that approach in the first place, I remember the first 3* raid tournament that rule was in effect and I got attacked a fair amount with a fair grade.

All the following tournaments I just got 1 - 3 losses and sat at E grade. That was disappointing considering the first time around it seemed ok.

I don’t even know sandbagging was a problem, there was none in the top 100 chart.

But i’m ok, as long as it works i’m fine with everything.

You are wrong. You can check the picture (it was in the top 50 last tournament) in this thread I made about matchmaking.