Top 30 alliance 7 DAYS HUNTING is recruiting! FULL now but WAITLIST available

7DH - Seven Days Hunting is a TOP 30 alliance
looking to interview dedicated players who also like to have fun. We merc every now and then, so our leaderboard placement is a bit misleading. Cups? Pffft! :rofl: (OK, Some of us may be a little possessive of our cups, we don’t judge:)

Our Other Minimum Requirements:
10+ maxed 80s
20+ maxed 70s
Use all war hits.
Maintain 90k (total) average on 12* titans
(some 11* when we break for a merc day)

Do not try to join without first speaking to RILF or LYGEIA, as we do not accept unknown suitors without a proper introduction. I said we’re fun, not easy :wink:

Discord is required for all 7D members, but may start off on Line app by reaching out to:


Either way, join our Discord server for kicks, and explore the many facets of the 7 Days Alliances family!

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