Titan - Which Battle Items?

Hi All,

Which Battle Items are your favorites in Titan battles?
Is it depending from the Titan?

Would you say there are “no goes”?

I always have the feeling that with the right items I could possibly do more damage…

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It depends from the color, the star, and even your own heroes.
From color perspective:

  • Red: have DoT, bring for sure green potions
  • Blue: defence reducer, overwrite it with a turtle banner
  • Green: attack reducer, use a bear banner or pump with mana your buffer
  • Yellow: blind, green potions for sure
  • Purple: DoT, again green potions

From a star perspective:

1-7* - Titans hits are quite manageable, arrows are somewhat still effective and you can survive quite easy with 4* heroes.
Always have mana potions and you can bring with you arrows and banners.

8*-10* - Titans hits are quite harder, arrow blind occur very rare and 4* heroes start to have some trouble.
Must have mana potions (always) bomb/axe, turtle/dragon banners, big potions or go all out (if you can) with tornado and timestops.
If you take timestops, you can most likely choose to leave at home green potions and heal potions.

Finally, it depends on your own team:

  • If you use Boldusk/Kiril, you don’t need banners but most likely mana potions
  • If you use Rigard, you don’t need green potions but again mana
  • If you use two healers, you most likely don’t need potion at all
  • If you use Joon/Justice/Hu tao you don’t need arrows.
  • If you use Hell/LittleJohn/Natalya/Merlin you can postpone the special attack and choose to leave at home green potions

Combine all of that to decide what bring in battle.


My go to items are:
Antidotes, arrows, health potions and tornadoes

Wow, at first… @Elpis thank you very much for this detailed info.

I see, i’ve failt a bit on this for now :frowning: And i hoped there is a “allround” item composition.
But so I have to change them for all Titans, thanks.

Btw. at the moment we are fighting 5-7* Titans

My Heros:
Blue: Sonya 60/3 / Boril 60/3
Red: Kelile 60/3 / Gormek 60/3
Green: Skittle 60/3 / Caedmon 70/4
Yellow: Wu 70/4 / Hu Tao 60/3
Purple: Cyprian 60/3 / Tiburtus 70/4

(Yes, I’m playing since > 6 Month and no Healer and no 5* yet…praying every day to get some from TC20 <.< )

Teams on Titans:

Blue: Wu / Tiburtus / Caedmon / Sonya / Skittle
→ Items (now): Dragon Banner, Arrow, Blue Pot, Red Pot

Red: Wu / Tiburtus / Sonya / Kelile / Boril
→ Items (now): Green Pot, Arrow, Blue Pot, Red Pot

Green: Wu / Tiburtus / Caedmon / Kelile / Gormek
→ Items (now): Bear Banner, Arrow, Blue Pot, Red Pot

Yellow: Wu / Tiburtus / Caedmon / Kelile / Sonya (Hate to fight Yellow)
→ Items (now): Green Pot, Bear Banner, Blue Pot, Red Pot

Purple: Wu / Hu Tao / Caedmon / Gormek / Sonya
→ Items (now): Green Pot, Arrow, Blue Pot, Red Pot

So I got a lack of Atk dmg, cause i cant use bear / dragon banners for Purple, Green and Red Titans, till I got some Healers.
Or going for timestops and banner instead of Green and Red… hmm…

Btw. are you using the small or the big greens?

Do you have any tips / comments?

Using big antidote is a waste, cause you need them pretty much for remove the negative status effect, and small are very easy to farm. In beta it was tested to nerf them, but all the people just arise against the empire, lol.
Right now, no doubt small are the best choice.

Your teams are pretty good, only change i’ll do is Sonya - Cyprian on Yellow (even if he has low attack stat, strong color is always better and riposte sometimes come in handy)

Right now you lack the last ascension on the majority of your heroes and don’t have a healer, so you are forced to take with you health potions.
Once you get a healer (I pray for you for a Boldtusk) and some of your heroes reach lv70, you can drop the heal potions and take banners instead or axe, if you want to stay safety all the battle.

Timestops are really an excellent titan item, but it is a pain to farm, you have a suboptimal team and it’s a waste to use them on minor titans.

Once you get on 8*+ and have a complete levelled team, you can think of use them sometimes.
If you use wisely two of them, you can even fight without the titan touch you, so you don’t need anything else.


Ok, I thought the faster usage make them worth

hmm, I will give it a try, but still hate yellow… cause it’s not possible to replace wu :frowning:

Yeah, I need more full ascension heros and I could up a whole rainbow team, blue twice to 70/4 (additionaly), but I’m not so happy with my Heroes, cause there are better 4* alternatives (don’t belive to get 5* xD) For example are Kiril / Grimm long way better than Boril or Sonya etc.

So Thanks again for your advice.

As a general rule will carry along banners, axes, antidotes, and either small or super mana potions. If antidotes are not needed, carry arrows.

I’ve been cranking out a few timestops, and a whole bunch of tornadoes for future use. I’ve never used either in the game yet, lol

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I have more or less a team like yours, 60s and 70s and fighting same star titan. I don’t use banners at all because they are a waste of materials because they use 2 metal ores and/or firestone. I will bring attack buffer (brienne/kiril) and opt for axe and I pretty much can survive the entire battle against 6*. I have Joon, so save arrows. On the high, I can score 30k against 6* with brienne/grimm/joon/kelile/blank (suboptimal because no wu). My go to is mana pot, small mana,health pot,axe. sub small mana pot with antidotes if titan cast spell. However, I need to revise team once we get to 7* regularly maybe more of kiril than brienne. We’d face only 3 7* so far.

Edit: I’ve been playing for about 2 month and a strict F2P, so lucky pull/training.


That’s pretty darn good for only two months! :+1:


Yeeeeaah, I’m still trying to figure out which items to use, cuz I don’t think I’m dealing enough damage for my team power, compared to my other clan members… Team is: Zocc 80/4 ascension 6, Colen 70/4 ascension 20, Fenrir 66/4, Sabina 70/4 ascension 20, Chao 70/4 ascension 19… Yet still, on 6+ star Titans I’m lucky if I can pull 20k a battle, 30k if the board decided to grace me with combos

Welcome Wik3d

That sounds like a rainbow team, don’t you stack colours for the titan.?
Tiles do the most damage so stacking the same colours will get you a higher score, plus defence down, attack up etc

And battle items I use small mana pots for my 3/70 Miki, antidotes and sometimes tornadoes

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Against titans, you may be bringing in your best and strongest heroes, but the ones you have mentioned do not really net you a higher score.

To be brief, since titan damage is greater when strong tiles are directed to it (especially at the weak spot that randomly changes position every 3 turns) than your heroes’ damaging skills, most of the heroes you need to bring are the heroes of the strong element against the titan. If it is a red titan, bring blue heroes. If it is a green titan, bring red heroes. If it is a blue titan, bring green heroes. If it is a purple titan, bring yellow heroes. If it is a yellow titan, bring purple heroes.

Now, each element or color has a corresponding hero that deals the following: (1) Attack booster (blue Miki, green Tarlak, and yellow Guardian Gazelle or Ranvir or Wu Kong; unfortunately, no purple and red attack booster heroes yet released in the game, but you can generally use any of them with Miki as the most ideal and Wu Kong as the least ideal one, exception is when the titan reflect blue, green or yellow tiles so you need to chose which attack booster hero on the titan being fought; another exception is against blue titans where Tarlak edges Miki due to green being strong against blue, but only by a little), (2) defense debuff (blue: costumed Gunnar, Grimm, Frank, costumed Magni, Isarnia and Athena; green: costumed Brienne, Buddy and Frigg; red: Gormek, Wilbur and Santa Claus; purple: Tiburtus plain or costume, Cheshire Cat and Kunchen; and yellow: White Rabbit and costumed Vivica), and (3) elemental defense debuff (blue: Nordri, Frida and King Arthur; green: Almur and Evelyn; red: Guardian Falcon and soon, costumed Marjana; purple: Guardian Panther; and yellow: Guardian Jackal and soon costumed Leonidas).

Once you have any of the 1, 2 and 3 heroes of the same color, your journey for improved titan hits begins. So, the best heroes against red titans, Miki+King Arthur/Frida(has dispel and element link)+Athena(defense debuff up to -65%); against blue titans, Tarlak/Miki+Evelyn+Frigg; against green titans, Tarlak/Miki+Wilbur(has spirit link)+Falcon; against purple titans, Miki/Tarlak/Guardian Gazelle+costumed Vivica+Guardian Jackal; and against yellow titans, Miki/Tarlak+Kunchen/Tiburtus/Cheshire Cat(has the highest defense debuff among purples at -44% but only against yellows; easily killed and too squishy). What you need now are other heroes, preferably of the same color, that have high attack stats. If they provide additional buffs to your teams like attack, defense, crit chances, etc., or increase the damage potency of tiles, it would be a huge bonus. For blues, you may add Jott (for favorable tile damage increase) and Cobalt, Magni, or Lepus (for high attack stat) or Ariel (for her healing to minimize time using potions to heal heroes and for her mana regen bonus). For reds, it may be Ares (for his attack and crit buff as well as heal over time) and heroes with high attack stat like Azlar, Elena, Kong, Baldur or Scarlett. For greens, Ratatoskr (tile damage increase), Gregorion (crit bonus) or heroes with high attack stat like Margaret, etc. For purples, Kage is good due to high attack stat, especially when emblemed. For yellow, Inari is good due to high tile damage. I am getting lazy here as I may tend to forget other noteworthy heroes ideal for titans.

For battle items, minor healing potions, minor mana potions, arrows and banners are the basic. If you want to get fancy, you may use the potent/super healing potions, super mana potions, tornadoes, hurricanes, scroll of alteration, etc. The latter battle items are so good to be brought with you on titan battles but are very very very costly.

P.S. Sorry it is long. I thought I could make it short. I was wrong. I may have forgotten some heroes or battle items. Please search this forum for the proper guide or look for youtube videos on how they do titan attacks. You may check @JekylandHyde’s video on his highest titan hits.


Daily 14* - Minor and Regular Mana, Attack up Banner (Bear/Dragon/Titan) and Tornadoes

Record setting scores: Titan Banners, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Scrolls of Alteration

As far as I am aware, I have the highest single-shot on a 5.7M 14* (the largest titans) at +286K
And the second highest hit on any time at +424K

These might help:

How to get +100K hits:

How to get +200-+400K hits:

+424K single hit (2nd highest in the game. The highest is +428K

+286K single hit on a 5.7M 14*
286K Hit 14* Titan—Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


Those are some awesome hits, but I have to ask…

Your boards on those look so much better than at least 90%+ of the boards I usually get. Are your boards always that beautiful?

If so… would you like to trade RNG? :laughing:

Like… seriously? This was your starting board?

I would’ve probably wet my pants if I got a starting board like that.

Then you use most of those blue tiles, and get this…

Holy what the hell kind of steroids are you feeding your RNGesus??? And where can I get some?

I’m 100% serious. I’ve had a few decent boards in my day, but those boards you got in that one fight alone… that’s like top 1% of the top 1% of best boards I’ve ever seen personally.

Here I am calling it a “good board” any time I have more than 5 tiles of my chosen color.


I am using a lot of scrolls of alteration to give me beautiful boards. Luck can be created :wink:


Oh damn. I need to start crafting those. I’m sure I have a ton of titan parts by now.

I’ve scored over 90k on titan hits nearly a dozen times now, never once passing 100k :man_facepalming:

I’m sure I could easily pass 100k if I left my alliance to hit a smaller titan, but I’m not a merc. My best titan hit was just over 99k (was a very nice board, but not nearly as good as yours).

My best hits are almost always on red titans, thanks to Miki. Just wish I got more blue tiles.

Would definitely be worth it to craft enough scrolls just to finally pass the 100k mark at least once. Might help me feel like less of a failure.

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Scrolls of alteration, hurricanes, and tornadoes are the best items to combat bad boards, but all 3 are expensive and take rare materials to craft. He used all 3 in that video against a weak 3 star titan, so it isn’t surprising to get that hit. I can get routinely get 100k+ on 10 star titans with those items.

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I use tornadoes often when I have them, but they are so expensive, hard to find the mats to make them, and also unreliable. Oftentimes all they do is take all my bad matches on the right side of the board, and shift them into bad matches on the left side of the board LOL.

Alteration scrolls on the other hand… I think those are something I could really benefit from.

This is what I been taking lately. Why? Just because.
Anyways just want to see if I can hit titan with the most basic of items and still contribute properly with my teammates. Been almost 2 months, and the answer is a big fat yes.