Titan team roster by color

The basics are already covered in other threads, including 2 vs 3 strong color use, stacking, Wu’s importance, dead hero’s tile color do not keep buffs, etc.
What I am looking for is best team comps suited for each titan (4* and 5* only) considering replacements of a 4* with a 5* like it’s the case with Azlar and Colen. Also, HoTM should be added for players that have them or will get new ones.
Not forgetting how important troops are too (going for 3 colors would require enough leveled troops).
The main issues are:

  1. Picking the right combo of the strong color and sinergy
  2. Filling the other colors to complement the team ( although Wu makes a part of this easier)
    Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Rigard, Tiburtus and Gormek seem to be the best buffers/ debuffers healers. Having hitters it;s easy to understand. But with so many options and the choice to go 2 or 3 strong color makes it difficult, also depending on the Titan’s skill (some require healing and cure from Rigard, some need healing +att/def from Krill when you can;t use Boldtusk, etc). And Wu part of most of the combinations. I just need help to make a list with the best posibilities and replacements that can be done, because bo matter how much i read the forum all i see it’s a redundant list containing “debuffer, hitter, etc”. Not to mention the sinergy and mana speed so that the team gets efficient, although some say tiles are doing more damage than specials.
    I consider this to be important because as a new player I need to know which are most used (and where), how to level up my troops and cover raids, defense (and wars), Titans and ocasionally the map (rainbow team with different variations).

So… here we go. I’ll start then edit with better examples. It’s mostly about sinergy since that’s not covered in other threads. I was really confused at first so maybe this will help others to understand how they can replace something in the team. Also situational teams depending on the titan skill where buff/debuff/heal come in.
I’ll try to add them here for a better view https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17vjVxGdQyRx7nE40lw6KRnZ_DWqGs-u53kHHK7fC4c8/edit?usp=sharing

My choices and options so far:

RED team / Blue Titan

____________ / Boldtusk / Scarlett / Marjana / Wukong
Where "____________ " could be Liana/Sartana
If I manage to get Marjana at one point (probably Grave maker too this month), it should look like this:
Tibertus (defense debuff since Scarlett is replaced) / Boldtusk / Marjana / Gravemaker (super fast mana, link element and extra dmg to green) / Wu Kong
Kelile would be an option too for a while with high dmg output and fast mana + DoT

BLUE team / RED Titan

This one has so many options I can’t pick. Sonya is a weaker Thorne, therefore an option if you can’t ascend another blue 5*, Grimm is a weaker Isarnia.

Grimm/ Isarnia (although she has slow mana) -% def enemy
Richard -% att enemy and hitter
Magni +% def nearby allies and hitter

The team would look like this:
Sartana / Grimm / *Alasie / Sonya / Wu Kong
Grimm already has ramming pulverizer so Tiburtus is out of the question. I would go for Sartana for extra tile damage or Boldtusk for buffs. And i can;t find a place for Kiril to have some heal, maybe only if i remove Sony to keep Grimm’s debuff, or let go of Sartana to add Kiril but then again, what do I replace when i get better blues?
Not sure if I would go with Isarnia instead of Grimm since she has slow mana and Grimm would probably be stronger and full ascended soon and i see Grimm and Sonya replaced by Magni and Thorne.

As i’ve said, this is the trickiest team having so many options.

GREEN team / Blue Titan
Tiburtus / Lianna / Caedmon / Elkanen / Wukong

PURPLE team / Yellow Titan

Kiril / Tiburtus / Rigard or Obakan / Sartana / Wukong
Thinking on using Obakan more because i already have healing from Kiril. Rigard situational for Titan DoT

YELLOW team / Purple Titan
Rigard / Chao / Joon / Wukong / Boldtusk
Rigard (until i get Vivica) for Titans that have DoT mostly

The final team should be:
Boldtusk / Vivica / Joon / Wukong / Grimm

Leonidas would fit well until this comp is ready. Maybe with troops i can go for 4 strong colors

Musts buff/debuff on teams:

Wu kong (yellow)
Boldtusk (red)
Grimm (blue)
Kiril (blue)
Tiburtus (purple)
Rigard (purple) (only hero besides Vivica that can clear status effects, like Colen’s fire)
Gormek (red)

Debuffers — No 5 can sweep away all buffs on your foes, but four 4* can: Sonya & Caedmon (Piercing Strike) and Melendor & Sabina (Calming Mist).
Defense debuff — Ramming Pulverizer (Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek) is useful not only for direct damage but for the reduced defense (and Wu Kong sinergy). Unless you have Athena, no 5 gives this same general debuff.

@Elpis wrote this comment on title items that I find very useful:

[…] It depends from the color, the star, and even your own heroes.
From color perspective:

Red: have DoT, bring for sure green potions
Blue: defence reducer, overwrite it with a turtle banner
Green: attack reducer, use a bear banner or pump with mana your buffer
Yellow: blind, green potions for sure
Purple: DoT, again green potions
From a star perspective:

1-7* - Titans hits are quite manageable, arrows are somewhat still effective and you can survive quite easy with 4* heroes.
Always have mana potions and you can bring with you arrows and banners.

8*-10* - Titans hits are quite harder, arrow blind occur very rare and 4* heroes start to have some trouble.
Must have mana potions (always) bomb/axe, turtle/dragon banners, big potions or go all out (if you can) with tornado and timestops.
If you take timestops, you can most likely choose to leave at home green potions and heal potions.

Finally, it depends on your own team:

If you use Boldusk/Kiril, you don’t need banners but most likely mana potions
If you use Rigard, you don’t need green potions but again mana
If you use two healers, you most likely don’t need potion at all
If you use Joon/Justice/Hu tao you don’t need arrows.
If you use Hell/LittleJohn/Natalya/Merlin you can postpone the special attack and choose to leave at home green potions
Combine all of that to decide what bring in battle.


Best strategy is:
1 special buffer: Wu Kong.
1 special healer: Rigard, Vivica, Boldtusk, Kiril. (For every titan colour)
1 Defence debuffer: Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus & the best: Isarnia (that i have not).
1 with high Attack score.

Resuming: Wu kong and, possibly, 4 strong colours against the titan.

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Yeah, i’ve seen Wu is a must on a titan team, no matter the color of the titan
BT looks to be the favorite in the list. Vivica is kinda slow though (potions needed). Kiril as a replacement for BT. Grimm and Tiburtus are also very good, depending on the team comp, which i try to reach actually with this post. Unless is a high ascended hero, i’m not sure a healer can make it. I use Rigard to cure ailments (like Vivica does) and healing. The thing is I;m only playing for a week but i kinda got the gameplay. It;s just that I stil ltry to figure best comp. I almost know hot to comb ine the key skills/ dmg, i;ve read it all across the forum. What is lacking is to point the best options of the specific color (be it 2,3 or 4 of the strong color).
Although I might admit, your answer is closer to what i am looking for.

Using 4 of the same color would need also some troops to be efficient. And that would require ascending investement strictly for titans, while raids, map and wars needs other colors too.

Have you seen the grid i;m working on google sheets?

BT and Krill work somehow the same with healing and att/def.
In the end, i look for sinergy between the ones of the same colors since the fillers are quite the same as option for buff / debuff: rigard / tiburtus and Boldtusk/Krill and Wu as a constant.

I think the best set 4* rainbow titan attack team would be Boldtusk Tibertus, kasshrek Grimm and Wu-kong. BT and wu-kong would up Grimm and Tibertus ATK to about 500%. Kasshrek is probably the best 3 hero healer and BT is best 5 hero healer. Or have Wu Kong, Boldtusk Caedmon Tibertus Kiril. And u wouldn’t need healing potion. Making more room for items. Axe, 60% mana, bear banner and time stop = big hits.

I consider 5* too (and plan ascensions) since I have most of them. I’ll add my choices in a minute when i’ll edit above. Also, i need opinions using at least 2 of strong color (as for Wu i know it works well with ramming pulverizer)
So i’m not looking for a rainbow, but a 2-3 of strong color to max tile damage. Other colors still stun if they miss.
Not considering the items, that’s optional and situational (rush a mana with a potion, banners, etc).

But for newbs 5* hero’s are rare and a full set of 4* is most likely. But with with 4* level troops 3450-3500TP is possible. 1 to 3 of 1 color if you want to use 1 element. 4-5 of 1 color becomes negative too many tiles missed, and worst if your color doesn’t show up.
Having kiril Boldtusk and wu-kong would increase attack % by 200% add ceadmon Sonya Grimm Tibertus with 300%. 500% attack right there. Even with 2 attack hero’s u would see 30k per on titans.

I play for a week now. That makes me a newb? :smile:
The 3*/ 4*and rainbow was already discussed many times here on the forum. This helps me personally to know what teams to aim for titans and how to prioritize ascensions. Also it would be a good pointer to best teams for others too.
As i’ve mentioned before (in the writing and in the comments) Wu Kong is a must and I put a short list of the most useful fillers (buff/debuff/heal).