Titan Loot reduction when visiting

I apologize if maybe I ask a question that maybe sound stupid.
Yesterday I went to help for a rare titan another alliance when there were a few hours to go.

The titan gave to all the loot reduced.

I wanted to understand why and when the loot is reduced and when not.


For all titans, you should be in, before titan spawn To get proper loot.
My English is poor. So that’s it. Hope you understand what I’m saying. :blush:

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Thanks a lot :hugs:… Don’t worried… Your english is great… And in case i have the same problem :rofl: :see_no_evil: :hugs:
Thank you!!!

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As @Agl explained, if you arrive after a titan has spawned, the loot is reduced. This thread has a good discussion on the topic.


I summarised it on a different topic:


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