[Master] Reduce titan loot

Recently our alliance had defeated a rare titan.
My problem us about loot. I have recieved a very poor loot or just a part of it. We hit the first tier of harpoons and unfortunately I didn’t recieved any titan parts. My performance score was about 464k, loot tier A+. Even if i recieved rings, there seems to be a bug regarding to the loot
It happend at 5:10 pm (GMT +2)

Did you join the alliance recently? When you change alliances, you get reduced loot.

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I was out of alliance, but i came before titan appearing, At the moment when the titan appear i was already in alliance

There few threads about reduced loot tier…
You probably killed another titan 20hrs before that one… That will give you reduced loot tier too…


Even if this loot is reduced, it is still pretty good. But maybe you recently leave an alliance, and come after killing prev titan, but before spawning rare, and game thinks than you should get reduced loot.

Or you killed another titan in another alliance before spawning rare, but do not pass 20 hour penalty.

2 Scenarios result in reduced loot:

  1. You joined the alliance AFTER the titan spwaned
  2. It has been <20 hours since you recieved your last non-reduced (full) titan loot.

Note that both are only triggered when you leave your alliance & join another one.

When you get reduced Loot, there are three things affected:

  1. You don’t get Titan Parts
  2. You don’t get the Rare Titan Rolls (Bonus Item, Emblems or Valhalla Coins)
  3. You get a reduced Loot Tier (not 100% sure on the formula for this)
    • Guessing it is: Loot Tier = (Normal Tier) / 2 rounded up.
    • In your case, A+ loot would be Tier 14 (on 11* titan)
    • So Reduced Tier = 14 / 2 = 7 (VII)

You can read more here:


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Hi Guvnor, I’ll try explaining here. Both rules are passed as the titan spawned after I was back and the last titan escaped (reduced loot). The rest of my alliance did not receive reduced loot. Here are the screenshots again.


When you left & rejoined the alliance, it triggered the 20hrs clause.

Since it was only 17 hours since the last titan was destroyed & you collected the loot for it, you got reduced loot.

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The last titan escaped, so that also counts for full loot?

From what I understand, yes that’s correct.

When they say “full Loot” they are referring to “not being reduced by the two listed scenarios”.

It sucks to get reduced titan loot by mistake!

For me, I’ve decided it’s not worth the risk. Better staying put to eliminate the possibility of reduced titan loot in home alliance.

After updating to v38, I noticed that I got reduced loot on a NORMAL titan, even tho I was present in the alliance when it spawned.
I heard there were changes to rare titan loot rules, but are there now restrictions to normal titans as well ???

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Version 38. No any problems with normal titan loot.

there’s a minimum required time between every titan kill, don’t remeber the exact number of hours right now. when did you kill your previous titan? went out mercing or helping?

20 hours for normal titan

But looks like they not changed info for rare titans after version 38


Here is your explanation. However there is one very big unclear part in this explanation which needs to be fixed and took me quite some time + serious help from the Russian Peer support forum to understand.

“…or if it has been less than 20 hours since you received FULL Titan reward in a different alliance” - this is what should be added to the ? to avoid misunderstanding.

What does it mean? It means that you can receive multiple reduced titan loots, but the only things that actually matter to get full loot are:

  1. Were you part of the alliance when the current Titan appeared? If YES, check 2
  2. Was your previous titan loot in a different alliance? If NO check 3
  3. Did you receive FULL titan loot in a different alliance in less than 20 hours?

If the answer to the first question is YES and to the second and third one is NO, then you will receive full loot from the titan you are currently facing.

Edit: All of the above info is true about NORMAL titans - not RARE ones.

Edited: Sorry, there was a third clause which should be met.


Very helpful reply thank you

However I’m not sure about the FULL reward part…in my situation I had been mercing a couple of titans before returning to my alliance, I had NOT received full titan loot

In other words I could have checked YES then NO to your questions, yet I received reduced loot

I do that all the time. For example, I kill a titan get full loot. Go out after 12 hours kill three small ones in three other alliances get three reduced loots. Go out again, kill three more and get three reduced loots…that may be going on forever. Unless I go in an alliance before the titan there spawns and kill it. Then I get full loot, provided it has been 20 or more hours after my previous full loot.

Edited above. Sorry for the misinformation. Now it’s fixed.

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