Titan Lock / Skip Titan option / Let leaders prevent members from attacking the titan / Stop attacking Titan button / Disable or turn off Titan button

Titan Lock a feature that allows the leader or coleader to lock the Titan so no member can attack the titan once the leader or coleader decides that the alliance can not defeat the titan after a certain time limit/hp limit is achieved. if not a lock a big message in front of the titan before the team member goes in to attack the titan to get on last hit in.


Still worth hitting losing titans at times to get better tiers. I guess it wpuld be up to alliance leader but i find it very micromanagy

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on the bottom i say the feature can change to just a block message that warns everyone that the titan can not be defeated and they can hit the titan but not suggested by the leaders.

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  1. love your new icon!

  2. I don’t agree with giving an alliance leader that much power. (Already, if they tell others not to attack and this order is disobeyed, they can kick out the offending player.)


here we go again Rook. on the bottom i say it can be a message in front of the titan before another player hits. not an actual lock but could be if the leader or devs chooses. thanks thats the dog imma get when i’m old and everyone is gone lol.

I read your (entire) post. I’m perfectly fine with some kind of message board (which has been suggested elsewhere in the Forums before now). But I’m absolutely against a leader having the ability to shut out his/her own players from Titan attacks as you first suggested. I stand by my first post. Icon and all. :wink:


Hi guys,
my English is not that good, but I try to make you understand my idea.

We have the following problem in our alliance.
Sometimes there’s titans we can’t beat and our leaders demand to stop attacks on the titan.
But not every member follows the order!

And my idea is to put a “lock” on the titan to prevent incoming attacks. The lock may only be set by leaders and co-leaders and should disappear when the titan escapes!

Thx for reading.

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You can still get a few items from an escape titan… By enabling this feature you could keep some members from even using a single flag to get those ‘escaped’ rewards.

They won’t typically put effort into features that allow players to prohibit other players from enjoying the game. I recommend you find people more like - minded so you don’t have issues of people neglecting directions they’re given.

I wish we had a skip Titan button.

When we have Titan clock with 11 hour left but not half is killed, we know we won’t make it so us, leader have the very hard job to messages every so often the members to hold their hits for next Titan and most of the time, a lot loose precious hits. Even with the message board, not everyone read them so with a skip Titan option, a leader would just hit the button and the Titan wouldn’t be available to be hit no more. Clock will still run its time but no more asles to messages every hours or so.

Also a number beside each players for how many hits and harpoon has been used by them would be great. As a top 100 alliance we demand 5-6 hits per Titan. Or putting a number. Or leader settle alliance requirement with number of hits and when a player reach that number, a green light lighted up beside his name. Something like that would be awesome. :slight_smile:


It’s really nice idea with we would prevent keep those don’t read the description from random attacks.

The only problem with that idea might be with the time next titan appears (I still haven’t figured out how that works :smiley: ). But it’s a great idea, it kinda sucks to wait hours before getting the “escaped” loot. And there is a chance that some players might still hit the titan even though the alliance decided to let it go.

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Same as normally. It would just allow to lock in Titan until the timer run out and no one will be able to waste hit on him and save them for next

Exactly my thought. So tire to always have to message every 30 min or so

This is an excellent idea! I hope the developers really consider on implementing something like this! Id pay for it, just because it’ll make my life easier! :slight_smile:

I think this idea is excellent. I have some members who never seem to check chat and will hit to the end even though we’ve changed the description and posted in chat to hold hits

Hello everyone,

I’m the second-in-command of a family-like alliance. There is one big problem we are dealing with. If we realize that we won’t be able to take down the titan, one member of the leadership calls the members to keep their banners for the next titan. But everytime there is someone who doesn’t read the call or ignores it and continues attacking. These banners are missing when the following titan spawns. I’d like to have an admin tool that allows me to prevent members from attacking a titan.

Hey there,

I really like the idea, we used to have a similar problem and it was just crazy. Back then I had no idea how to do it, but the fact they’ve added a War “On/Off” button gave me hope the same could be done with titans.

It could be as simple as the war one, even more if we consider we wouldn’t be messing with any other alliance but our own, once you hit the button we wouldn’t have the option to attack the titan. Although people could exploit it and block every single titan, it’s not really a biggy since you can just leave and find a new Alliance (it’s currently happening with alliances rejecting every single war).



Hi, I also think this is a good idea, but in it’s absence our alliance has a couple of ways to (try) and prevent titan hits if we have called it.

Firstly all Leader messages in the chat are in yellow, so it is pretty easy to scroll back and spot them.

Secondly the first line of the Alliance Description states quite clearly if we are, or ar not, hitting the titan. As all of the leadership team can change the description any of them can call it. Also the alliance description is clearly visible on the Alliance/Titan tab.

Hope this helps.

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There are many reasons why a player might do that. Here are some of the reasons for me.

  1. Log on. Use flags first read chat second.
  2. Very ocd have to get a B score even on an escaped titan.
  3. I know my log on schedule and when I can hit, so if a titan spawns in the middle of my sleep schedule it would be wasted flags anyway.
  4. Sometimes you never know what can happen. Players level, really good boards, if you’re killing one level lower titan with 8-14 hours to spare, I figure my 3 extra hits at the start don’t really matter that much.
    Just the other side of the argument. Either way it doesn’t matter to me very much, but finding out the reason why your team members don’t stop hitting might help you figure out what you need to do to get them on board with the stopping when asked. Communication is the key, and will get stubborn players like me to stop when you ask.

Leave a messages and updates in your allience board and teach your members to
Read it everyday as they log on.