Titan Butcherz is recruiting. Fighting 12* Titans, all levels welcome. Join the friendliest crew in the game

Looking for a competitive alliance but not one that feels like a 2nd job. Titan Butcherz is for you. We’re a super friendly and helpful bunch, fighting 12/13 star titans and need you to help us grow. If you have 1800 cups, and an active player, please check us out!

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We currently have 2 spots open. Come by yourself or bring a friend, we’ll welcome all. Give us a try!

How are you on wars? What are the rules?

We use Dark tanks for wars. No coordinated attacks, just use all your flags when you are able. Wars are not mandatory, you can opt out, but if you are participating please use all flags. We are pretty good at using all flags, but we do understand if “life happens”

That sounds great! Only - I don’t have a great dark tank. I use blue or green tank.

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We still got 1 spot available for players looking for a fun and friendly alliance that is competitive yet chill. Check us out!!!

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